“Housesitting” by William Brewer

By Ann Shayne
May 12, 2019

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  • Poem-A-Day is the best! Such a great way to start your day. And I like the way they use the weekends to publish older, public domain poems. I don’t usually listen to them, but just listened to this one and caught all sorts of inner rhymes and alliterations that my eyes missed, so I may add a listen to my morning routine.

  • Happy Mother’s Day Ann!
    Happy Mother’s Day Kay!

    Sending love and hugs.

  • Lovely. Thank you and have a happy Mother’s Day.

  • Well, poetry is one of the most individual tastes, I think. This one doesn’t speak to me.

  • I had a poetry app on my old phone … it was lovely. Listening aloud is such a different experience than listening in your head …. maydays I’ll go and play Whishaw reading Keats (audio from “Bright Star”) on this gray and rainy mother’s day in the tri-state area.

  • Thanks so much for bringing Poem-a-Day to my attention. I had a subscription to Writer’s Almanac for many years – it, too, would send a poem a day to your email inbox. But it was discontinued due to Garrison Keillor’s demise and I’ve missed it horribly ever since. Looks like Poem-a-Day will fill the gap.

  • Panhala is another service that sends out a poem every morning, accompanied by an always breathtaking photo. If the visual arts are your thing, this might be just the poetry source for you! I’m hoping Poem a Day comes on some other platform besides Twitter, as I don’t tweet.

    • I get it as an email every morning. Another non-tweeter here (non-twitterer?)

  • Thanks for this! Another short-but-lovely literary Twitter account is A Small Fiction. They tweets are funny and dark-humored and, as advertised, very small!

  • Just skipped another holiday….
    IT IS easier for me since I am on my grieve journey..

    Just keeping life simple….deb

  • I’m aware that I am missing something but I refuse to learn how to “tweet “