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Dear Kay,

NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts are such a snack-sized way to discover music. They really do take place in the office of All Things Considered host Bob Boilen. It’s kind of hilarious, the premise here. Every office should have tiny desk concerts. Memo to self: why don’t we have tiny desk concerts?

Noted knitwear designer Laura Nelkin (recently a visitor to Nashville) (recently an audience member at the Ryman Auditorium) (Punch Brothers superfan) sent me a link to I’m with Her, a trio of silvery voices that makes for great listening. Laura’s link rabbit-holed me into their Tiny Desk Concert.

Thanks, Laura!

Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, and Aiofe O’Donovan all hang with Chris Thile from time to time on his radio show Live from Here—what used to be Prairie Home Companion.

These women put this group together in 2014. Such talent! They make it look so easy.




  • Love them! Seeing them in Tarrytown this fall with the adorable Brother Brothers, also so great. Check out The Transatlantic Sessions for hours of more listening with these talented women, and others including Roseanne Cash. Happy musical weekend!

    • Will you be going to the Flying Fingers yarn shop just next door before that Tarrytown concert?

  • The woman wearing the glasses looks like Clara Parks 15 years ago…..
    Thanks for sharing this delight.

  • That is some gorgeous music right there….

  • thanks so much for sharing! love this and have shared with friends. back to knitting now.

  • I watched the video and loved it! I played it for my husband and 15 minutes later we saw the Punch Brothers on CBS Saturday morning! What a coincidence and now I’m happy to say I have two new groups to love! Thanks!

  • “Small world” commentary here. I went to college with Laura Nelkin’s mother. We connected at a college reunion a few years ago where I, of course, was knitting. She casually mentioned that her daughter is a knitwear designer, I looked her up, and the rest is history.

    I’m looking forward to listening to this music.

    • Lol Judy! What a lovely small world we live in! I can just see my Mom casually mentioning me….. :)!

  • I LOVE “Tiny Desk Concerts”…don’t get to see them as often as I should..,then I binge watch. This one was great! Thanks.

  • Oh… a Tiny Desk! Off to knit and listen now! I am obsessed with Natalie Merchant’s Tiny Desk performance…. and now I pass that onto you!

    ps I just got tix to see I’m with Her in November!

  • Oh, LOVE this. Thanks for sharing.

  • So thankful for this. Perfect casting on music for a summer Saturday night! I went down the rabbit hole, too, and then invited some friends to join me. Inexplicably, there is no Toronto date on the tour….

  • I really enjoyed the video. These young women are very talented and have beautiful voices Thank you for bringing them to us.

  • Oh, yay! (Did you know that I’m their publicist?) Come to Lincoln Center Out of Doors on August 1 to see them. They’ll be on a bill with a few other wonderful artists for NPR Music’s “Turning the Tables: 21st Century Edition” concert. It starts at 7:30.

    • Oh, whoops: re: my Lincoln Center concert mention, I thought I was addressing this to Kay. Apologies, Ann.

  • I love Sarah Jarosz of whom I learned several years ago on the NPR Sunday edition. As I recall, she was about to embark on her journey to music school. Thank you so much for re-introducing me to her.

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