In Search of a Moisturizer

By Ann Shayne
May 7, 2019

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  • Aveeno daily moisturizer from the drugstore/grocery store. Basic and really does the job.

    • Aveeno has a pump moisturizer with SPF 30 in it. So easy!

      • Thanks for that! I need at least 30 SPF in summer.

    • Agree!!!! Aveeno all the way–and I have sensitive skin.

  • yeah Aveeno has done wonders for my aligator feet. I use Dr Hauska Light rose on face mainly because it smells nice. Otherwise I skip moisturiser and use a cheepo bb cream with built in sunscreen supdrug own brand.

    • Bb cream? Please tell me what that is,

      • BB cream is tinted moisturizer with added sunscreen. Not much different than CC cream, which is color correction cream, another tinted moisturizer. I put on BB cream when staying home, as it acts as sunscreen and foundation.

        • Dermalogica intensive

        • Thanks!

  • Steam cream – you can buy it on Amazon and I stock up when they have offers. It comes in beautiful limited edition tins, which are great for stitch holders, safety pins, buttons…

    • I like how you turned that into Knitting Content.

    • And that’s a new rabbit hole for tin collecting.

    • Steam cream is good stuff, isn’t it! Love those little tins.

    • Another vote for steam cream – it’s all I have used for about 5 years now. And the tins are brilliant for knitting notions. They also sometimes have a larger pump bottle which works out even better value than the tins.

  • The Ordinary from Deciem – Natural Moisturising Factors + HA. So, so good, and cheap too! There’s nothing like it.
    (And now I feel like I have given away a secret….)

    • I LOVE the Ordinary serums. I find they are all I need for moisture and anti-aging. The Buffet is my fave! A little goes a long way. Also love Clarins Beauty Skin Repair

    • LOVE The Ordinary. Turmeric cream from The Inkey List also great.

      For general info, a superb follow is Caroline Hirons. And a good read is The Little Book of Skin Care by Charlotte Cho.

      • Oil of Olay!

        • I agree with Beverly. I’ve been moisturizing since I read a friend’s Cosmo in the Student Union when I should have been studying for a test. I’ve always used something light with an SPF/sunscreen. The Oil of Olay Total effects with the sunscreen seems to be keeping my wrinkles at bay. I’m related to Most Moisturized Mom too, so I guess some of the emollient usage is hereditary?!

      • Wow, thank you, more things to be grateful to you for Max Daniels. Did I just spend an hour on Hirons blog instead of working? YES no regrets.

      • Interesting podcast with Charlotte Cho on Going Through It podcast,

    • I have just heard about the ordinary but have not tried it. Thanks for sharing your secret

      • Eucerin Daily Moisturizer with SPF – tried it as a sample in the dermatologist’s office 10 years ago and haven’t felt the need to change since! Wear it year round and only replace it with a stronger SPF at the beach. love it!!

  • CeraVe – cream or lotion depending on time of year
    Murad Soothing Massage Cream – it’s a lotion and my current fav. Check ebay for good deals on the “professional” size.
    original Creme de la Mer – come back to it every time I can vaguely afford it.

    • I love cerave am and pm.

    • Creme de la Mer – be still my heart! But I can’t justify the price – or can I?!!

      • That’s why God invented Duty Free! Creme de la Mer is always my souvenir when I travel through duty free!

    • My mum’s dermatologist recommended this when she had very, very dry and fragile skin. It’s unscented, a must for me.

      • My dermatologist recommends Cerave – but the cream in the jar. The moisturizer in the pump has been diluted to work in the pump and therefore doesn’t work as well. I find the remainder on my hands works well, too!

  • For the face, I like Clinique moisturizers. For the hands, I use one I got at Rhinebeck. It is Cats View Farm goat milk lotion.

    • I’m a big fan of all Clinique products. Have used for many, many years…more than I’ll admit here.

    • Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions All-Over Clearing Treatment because spots. It’s the only one that works all the time.

  • Mary Kay Timewise for my face. Cetaphil for everywhere else.

    • I use Cetaphil for the body too, and even the face if I’m really dry. It’s a bit heavy for the face but I find occasional use doesn’t clog pores or anything!

      • Second Cetaphil. I specially like the concentrated cream rather than the lotion, probably because in winter I have sandpaper skin.

        • Cetaphil and Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for colder months or if my skin has been wind burnt – a little goes a long way.

  • Bio elements for face and neck, Amlactin for body. But, when my supply of these are gone, I’m trying Trader Joe’s brand as I’ve heard great things about them.

    • Equafor by eucerin, over the counter but works on eczema. For extremely dry skin.

  • Aveeno absolutely ageless with spf 30 for daytime & Neals Yard Nourishing Cream for night time. I sometimes use Boots No. 7 products.

    • I’m also an Aveeno girl!

  • Right. Like with yarns, it’s about picking the right ingredients for the purpose. As a botanist, you’d expect me to be in favour of the plant-based, and I am. Plant oils are some of the best things you can put on your skin. They work with the skin to enhance how it already works as a barrier, and most importantly traps moisture in the top layers of the skin. You also want something with ingredients like aloe and glycerin that are hygroscopic humectants – they trap the water in the top layers of the skin where your body needs it to get on with critical repairs etc. Then you’ve got your pick of technical ingredients like hyaluronic acid (HA) which your body makes, but slows the production of as you get older. Then there’s the fancy stuff like peptides and a whole host of ‘actives’. Since I work in the industry, my shelves are full of moisturisers I’m either working on or get given, but the ones I’d recommend to a friend or my super-picky mom are few and far between. Liz Earle Superskin – great for sensitive skin and if you don’t like fragrance. Not ridiculously priced, but not cheap either. The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream is a classic and more affordably priced, and one of their best products is the Oils of Life Sleep Cream – gives you skin like a baby’s butt while you sleep. There are more expensive creams out there, but if you want something pretty natural and basic, these are a good place to shop. And both brands are super ethical, don’t animal test, and are made to the EU’s more stringent regulations when it comes to what’s not in them.

    • I’m with Jennifer – Liz Earle has been a life saver on my menopausal skin. My skin has become very sensitive, with dry bits and rosacea and the Liz Earle range has really helped. And The Body shop has always been my go- to for body moisturisers. And can I also suggest you make sure anything you choose is cruelty free?

      • Another voice for cruelty free. I love Dr Hausa and am using it at night right now because there was a really good sale on it at Whole Foods. For daytime, Mineral Fusion BB is great in winter. In summer, I do not use a daytime moisturizer because I live on the sweaty Gulf Coast.

    • For body, I dry brush my skin for exfoliation before I shower. Then after shower I use an oil. Currently using one by Trader Joe’s. But have also used plain grape seed oil in the past. You can’t slather it on like you do cream. But if you don’t use too much it is amazing. This is my winter treatment. In the summer I still dry brush but use Aveeno…I don’t remember which specific kind. It’s the one with the cadet blue top. For my hands I love Soy Crème Milk by Archipelago Botanicals. Feels so wonderful. Absolutely fabulous smell. I call it my purse treat. If I need something heavier I use Kiehl’s Hand Salve. And when I knit I use Little Bee Lotion Bar by Love+Leche. For my face AM I have begun using Daily Hydration Face Lotion by Shea Moisture. Got it at the drug store. I really like it. It’s light weight but really seems to hydrate well which I think is the point of a moisturizer. For night I use the Daily Hydration Overnight Face Oil. Since I am 39, and have been this age at least 20 times, I’ve used lots of lotions and potions. These seem to be working for me right now and all are relatively inexpensive. Good luck with finding what works best for you.

    • Thank you!

    • I’m so glad you mentioned Body Shop’s Vitamin E line! I use their gel cream on my t-zone and the facial creme on my cheeks. Have for years and it hasn’t failed me yet! I use CeraVe for body as I have lots of dry skin issues. Only just now getting into BB creams and am trying SuperGoop Tinted Matte SPF 30. It’s pretty light and seems to work nicely. I’m not someone who has ever worn foundation, so it’s nice to find something that doubles as sunscreen, which I hate putting on my face.

    • Thank you for this!

    • YES to cruelty-free!!

    • Thanks for the science behind your recommendations Jennifer! Peptides are amazing! I am trying Biossance plant-derived products right now and so far so good.

  • Paula’s Choice – I believe online only – been using for years …..

    • 2nd vote for Paula’s Choice! Love the “Resist” line for “aging” skin. My daughter got me started on A313 (Amazon) vitamin A with retinol that I use every night. Absorbs well and gives you soft soft skin in the morning!

    • Paula’s Choice all the way. Don’t test on animals, woman owned, science- based.

    • I am a Paula fan too! Currently using a retinol for exfoliating the dry stuff and the peptide booster to plump up my neck and eye area. If I want to look dewy I use the essential glow moisturizer spf 30 as sunscreen or resist smoothing primer serum spf 30 to mattify.

      • Another Paula’s Choice fan.

  • Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream. Moisturizes really well and has a nice creamy feel, thicker than a lotion. I have normal to dry skin and it works well for me.

  • TIMING!! Advice from a dermatologist led me to the following-

    1- Body lotion is applied after bath or shower. Towel lightly and apply lotion (Aquaphor) or Neutrogena Sesame Oil when still damp. This locks water into your skin and allows even distribution of cream.
    2- Face lotion- (Olay regenerust serum) applied morning and night, followed by a spritz of Evian aerosol water. Once again- this locks in water. Added benefit- the Evian helps applying foundation evenly. It’s also GREAT on flights to keep from drying out!

    Of course- the brand of lotion that works best can vary from person to person, as well as the demands of time of year or location. But the basics of timing/water always work! Aquaphor offers many levels of lotion choices, as well as a little miracle tube of ointment (always in my purse!) for cuticles, sore noses from colds, or little scrapes.Olay also offers a range of products, all of which have accompanied me through years of skin care, from basic lotion in my 20’s, to serum now.. I’ve tried all the pricey brands, but I’ve always returned to Olay.

    • Olay is terrific and practical. I have tried a lot of expensive creams courtesy of my lovely mother in law….Olay is fabulous.

      • Olay for years, with SPF

    • Forty years ago, I arrived to my dorm room at Indiana University to find a welcome basket full of goodies. Oil of Olay ( the basic lotion) was included. I’ve used this product exclusively ever since, then the sensitive skin formula (as soon as it was available). Disappears into my skin without any residue.

    • I’ve used Oil of Olay for years!!! I’m 61 now and my skin looks and feels great.

  • Jurlique for me. But my mum’s dermatologist swears by sorbolene and says anything else is marketing hype.

    • Yes to sorbolene! And a huge number of other creams are actually just gussied up sorbolene.

  • For day, I use Goodness Day Moisturiser (had an SPF15 variant this past summer). For night, Glow Lab Night Cream. Both non animal tested nd plant-based. I’m now starting to see the effect of many years spent under a Southern Hemisphere sun and these two products are helping a great deal. Never been big on hand cream, only use it if they are really dry – Kiehls make quote a good one.

  • I am hoping Most Moisturized Mom will weigh in on this. Seems like she would be your go to expert.

    • Every year Allure magazine comes out with a top picks list of beauty products. Clinique is usually rated #1. It’s great. Since turning 60, my sister & I have been using Dr. Brandt’s Hydrobiotic cream. Goes on like a cream, feels like water when rubbed in. It can be found at but is expensive. These two creams are my favorites.

      • My dermatologist recommended Vannicream products. No fragrances, dyes, parabens, nothing. Use the face wash, then the Lite Lotion on the face & the regular cream for body. I use 3 layers every day on my face. Lite lotion, Smashbox Photo Finish primer, & Clinique Super City Block w/a SPF of 40. Also throw away powder on your face if you’re what I like to call mature skin.

      • When I was in my early 30s, we moved and at our new home I had a call from the Welcome Wagon. (I guess that dates me! I’m 75 now.) One of their offers was to come to a presentation on skin care, done by a woman who gave facials and knew a lot about skin care. Because of that presentation, I started using Clinique moisturizer every morning, and I do not have the skin of a 75-year old woman. (Maybe 55?) Anyway, more recently I’ve been using Alba Botanica “Sea Moss Moisturizer” SPF 15 and I’ve been really happy with it. $10 for 2 oz, which lasts a long time. Be sure to shake it before applying.

    • MMM was my first thought, too.

  • Paula’s Choice online. See her for her ratings on thousands of brands.
    Cerave at the drugstore

    • These comments are a great resource – thank you!
      P.S. I would love it if you could ask your readers for their favourite sunscreens!

      • Face sunscreens: Epionce Ultra Shield Daily Defense SPF 50 and Elta MD (Clear, Daily, Tinted Daily…) both I learned about from my dermatologist and I love them!

        • My dermatologist recommended LaRoche-Posay “Anthelios 50” and I swear by it. I’m not good about putting sunscreen on my face (despite MANY skin cancers on my face already) because I think it’s usually too goopy, but this stuff isn’t! You can order it on line. It’s somewhat pricey, but a little goes a long way, so it lasts quite a while (if you’re as bad about putting on sunscreen as I am). In my elder years I’ve decided to spend money on whatever makes me happy (sparks oy), within reason, so I don’t mind spending $$ on skin care if it’s good stuff. Then I’ll be happy when I look in the mirror.

  • Another vote for CeRaVe!

  • I’m all Aveda! Loving all of their moisturizers and hair care products although I’m gonna look at some of the suggestions here like BB creams 🙂

  • Try the Ever line of products. No nasty ingredients and works worked wonders on my aging skin.

  • For my face – Oil of Olay (just the basic regular kind. not the fancy stuff) For my body – Vaseline intensive care. Both of these are easily available at groceries, drug stores, etc They are relatively inexpensive and work fine. And for my feet (or hands after working with a lot of fiber) Surgeon’s Secret bee’s wax moisturizing cream in a tube. I apply at night and then put sox on until it absorbs completely.

  • Face – Clinique, the yellow one
    Body & Hands – Lubriderm
    Cuticles and extra dry hands – Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream

  • Cetaphil for body. For my face I use an organic day cream from The Burren Perfumery in Ireland; it’s heavenly….smells beautiful, smells beautiful, light but full of moisture and reasonably priced. I stock up every time I go to Ireland, but you can order on line and it’s free shipping.

    • Oh, what a memory – I went to the Burren Perfumery many years ago – such a beautiful place! I’d forgotten all about it. Thanks for the memory 🙂

  • I love Le Mer cream, it’s a fortune but I use it as face and eye cream. No need for a special night or eye cream. It is a fortune but lasts a really really long time.

    • Me too. Have been using it for the last 30 years or so. I buy it at Saks by the pound when they have “spend some, get some”, usually results in a discount of $600-700. I have super dry skin and it’s the only cream that works. 16 oz last me +/- 18 months. I use Jergens Ultra Healing for the body and Aquafor for the hands in winter. Jergens can be purchased for a fraction of drug store cost on Amazon Prime. I’d give anything and everything up to buy LaMer, it’s that good for me.

    • Also a fan of La Mer but after reading Tish Jett’s book Forever Chic, I tried Eucerin Hyaluron Filler day and night cream. You can buy it on Amazon. I think it is only available internationally. Costs QUITE a bit less than La Mer and is a great product. I also use Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream in the winter. Great product as well.

  • CeraVe is best I have found. It comes in a tub with a pump which I love. I use it on my face and body. Also, pure unrefined Shea butter is great for heels.

  • My current fave is Farmer’s Face Cream available through Daughter of a Shepherd who also has some great yarns. I’ve used various Dermalogica Age Smart products for many years and have yet to get a product that I’m not very happy with.

    • Love Daughter of a Shepard ! The foot cream is amazing. My feet get so dry that they crack and bleed; her foot cream is the only thing that has helped!

  • BOOM by Cindy Joseph. The BoomSilk…for the entire body and especially nighttime face cream. The Nectar and Cotton for daytime. I have rosacea and this stuff does not irritate my skin. Very soothing and softening. Best thing I have found.

    • I agree, Susan! Boom Cotton works best for me, and their Scrub is gentle and smooths the skin.

    • I love BoomSilk! I keep it in the refrigerator, and it dissolves instantly on my skin when I use it. Love it!

    • BoomSilk is my favorite

  • I’m 63 years old. I cleanse my face with “Zum Face Gentle Facial Cleanser” that gently cleans your skin with a light soap but mostly natural oils. Using natural oils to cleanse your face was recommended by a dermatologist and it works.

    Afterwards I use a “light” application of “Badger Organic Baby Oil” that also contains natural oils and extracts of Calendula and Chamomile.

    I use the same regime in the morning wearing a liquid makeup over the baby oil. My skin has never looked better.

    I also use Zum body soap all year and don’t have the problems of dry itchy skin.

  • I have trouble with face creams because they all make me break out in what the dermatologists call Adult Acne and what I call a Youthful Complexion. But I put stuff on my eyelid area because otherwise it gets crepey. The best I have found for that is Burt’s Bees.

    For everything else: Cetaphil and Aquaphor. Aquaphor is like a miracle cream (like Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) but you have to use it when your skin is moist, like right after washing your hands.

  • EltaMD Daily. You can get it from Amazon. It’s the best.

    • My dermatologist recommended Elta years ago and I still use it.

  • I like DHC products in general and their Olive Leaf Milk in particular. Their CoQ10 cream is nice too.

    • I’m a DHC fan too – Olive Virgin oil for daytime (and have for 20+ years) and now Extra Nighttime Moisture at — wait for it — night. This pure olive oil moisturizer is so wonderful for sensitive skin.

  • I use the Face Pudding from the Lo Lo Bar company. I like the basic but they have a few enhanced with special oils. A jar lasts 4+ months and they have a great Black Friday sale where I always stock-up. Reasonable price compared to many and works great.

    While ordering, try a few other things. I love their lip balm and soaps.

    • Both my husband and I use the Bar Maid’s Lo Lo Bar Body Bar for our hands in the winter. It works like a charm on dry, cracked, chapped hands…..and on the plus side, you can resume knitting immediately after application. I also keep a bar in my dressing room in the winter time for my feet. Other than that I’m a Clinique girl and have been for years and years!

    • I love the Face Pudding, have been using it for years. I use the Amazing formula. And I love that it’s made by a small family business. Anne, you may have seen their booth at TNNA.

    • Lo-lo is the best! Face pudding is awesome – I use it at night. I always have one of their lip balms in my pocket and I use the bar for everything else. Lo-lo bar pretty much healed my excema (on feet) I use it every day and even if I skip a day my feet never stink. I also use it as deodorant. I have really sensitive skin and it is one of the only things that doesn’t irritate. And it is of course a must for hands – especially if you are spinning. Added bonus for me is that they are local (Western Washington).

    • !!! Yes !!! to Face Pudding! Discovered it at Vogue Knitting Live 2019 NYC. Foundation doesn’t rub off like pencil eraser bits when using this cream… and the price is right.

  • Olay Total Effects 7 in One Moisturizer plus mature therapy. Good for “mature” skin. Available in drug/grocery stores

  • I’m 60+ and like RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer With Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 or Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle cream with sunscreen. Neither will break the bank, are moisturizing without feeling heavy and have sunscreen —- my primary objectives when trying moisturizers. I wish the Neutrogena had SPF 30 (it is 15) but still a good barrier.

    • As a 60+, I use Roc with retinol in the PM, Olay regenerist serum in the AM, CeraVe sunscreen 50SPF outside, and when I had a horrible attack of exzema on my hands this winter, Eucerin original healing cream. Drugstores love me.

  • My dermatologist recommended Vanicream (comes in a big tub with a pump) and DML Moisturizer Cream with SPF 25 (can get both on Amazon). I have been using them for years. For my hands I usually use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fast Absorbing hand cream. For feet I use Deep Steep Candy/Mint Foot Cream. I rarely use body lotion, but agree with KnittingNiki – Aveeno boy lotions are nice.

    • My dermatologist also recommended DML moisturizer Cream about 25 years ago, and he was renowned for his text books on dermatology. I still use it and at 79 have excellent skin and few wrinkles. Of course, staying away from the sun, using a tinted moisturizer only (with SPF, of course), no more heavy makeup for me, and good genes help too. I also live in New Hampshire, a moist climate — especially this spring with only occasional visits from the sun.

  • I have sensitive (and menopausal) skin. I like Tilvee and TheSpaDr products.

  • Cerave on my face, and Nivea on my body.

  • I am a big fan of the L’Occitane de Provence shea butter line of products. I use the face cream, lip balm and hand cream. All are great, but honestly the hand cream is really THE BEST for dry winter hands! The Divine line is too spendy for my budget but I have enjoyed using all the samples I’ve hoarded, haha! All their products smell amazing. For body lotion, I usually buy Vaseline Intensive Care or Nivea at the drugstore and then it sits in the bathroom and I forget to use it. I have to be more disciplined about that. 🙂

    • The Shea butter cream is GREAT for taming those hang nails and dry cuticle that distract when knitting . Love that the little tube fits neatly in my knitting notion bag.

  • Any CeraVe product. I have used high end moisturizers and nothing beats their moisturizing cream (my daughters love their AM and PM products with SPF) and for night time their purple line–Renewing Night Cream and Skin Renewing Gel Oil which I add during the winter months.

  • I am prone to mild eczema on my scalp and face. I want to keep it a the mild stage, so I am very careful about what I put on my face (as well as my shampoo and conditioner), and i skin test a new product several times before adopting it. I am going more for the hypoallerginic without a lot of fancy botanicals and exotic oils because those ingredients are not tested in medical laboratories. Right now I have been using Gold Bond body lotion in the Eczema formulation ,on my face and body both, right out of the shower. I follow that up, in the warm weather season, with Neutrogena Sun screen, and a tinted moisturizer made by Revlon called Photo Ready, essentially the same thing as a BB cream; it has 30 spf.

    The rest of me gets the Gold Bond lotion all over, except for my feet which get A&D ointment under a pair of cotton socks before I go to bed.

    The Environmental Working Group maintains a website that reviews lots of these products for both environmental safety, and safety and efficacy for the user. Its worth checking this site out occasionally to read about the products you are choosing.

  • I have psoriasis and swear by Nivea Essentially Enriched 48 hour lotion.

  • (You’ve certainly found the perfect party ice breaker, ha.) For what it’s worth, I remember Iris Apfel saying that she washes her face with Cetaphil and then moisturizes with it, too, as per her M.D.’s suggestion. I’m a fan of all forms of CeraVe. Here’s a can of worms: now our sunscreen is purportedly bad for us. I guess I’ll stay inside and knit!

  • Kiehl’s! I use Rosa Artica Lightweight (the other one is waaaaay too heavy so make sure you get lightweight). I’ve used Kiehl’s shampoo and face products for a good 25 years and have always been happy with them. They have a wide variety of products and are generous with samples if you want to try something out. It’s not cheap, but the large jar lasts me a year and I use it like it’s going out of style.

    • Kiehl’s all the way. Been using their products for years. Am 81 now and people regularly ask me about my face care. It’s true about their generous samples and i have returned only one item after all this time, due to a botanical.

      • I’d agree re the samples. They even load you up with them at their duty free outlets at airports.

  • Obviously, this topic gets a lot of thought from many, so its not just me! I am a 67 year old living in Canada. For my face I use Boots No 7 in the milder months and Clinique cream (not the yellow one) in winter. For my hands I love Trader Joe ultra moisturizing hand cream but can only get it if I go to the States, so L’0ccitane Shea butter hand cream is just as good but far more expensive. I see a few suggestions in the comments that I plan to try. Thanks, everyone. And thanks, Ann, for broaching this important topic.

    • I like the Shea Butter, too. Will look for the trader Joes next time in us!

  • I like original Eucerin Creme for the driest, roughest, chapped hands. It’s very thick and consequently a pain to apply but does the job and doesn’t feel greasy.

  • Avocado oil….I stick to natural stuff 🙂

  • Genesis Hand and Body Lotion (YoungLiving). I love this on my face on my hands anywhere. At night it is soothing in day it help me remember I forgot to moisturize my face. I have dry skin, but its light and still lets your skin breath

  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

    • Isn’t this stuff great? I’ve used Neutrogena for decades, but the Hydro Boost line is especially nice.

    • I LOVE this stuff. I use products from this line on eyes, face, & body. And when it’s super dry in the winter, I really wish I could take a bath in it.

  • For the face – Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. For the eye area – Clinique All About Eyes. For the body – anything that smells great. Always in my knitting bag for hands – Trader Joe’s Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream: it’s inexpensive, non-greasy, not overly perfumed, and does the job!

  • Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar for the face. Bliss Spa Body Butter for the rest

  • Once or twice a year, I go to LUSH and buy a big tub of Dream Cream and a big tub of Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. I take them home and mix them up – in varying proportions according to the season. 60/40 in the winter 80/20 in the summer (DC/RA). That’s it. On in the morning and at night. No chapping or cracking in the winter and smooth in the summer. I love it. And I love the fact that LUSH will not test on animals.

    • Love me some Ros Argan

  • Another Aveeno person here. Positively radiant daily moisturizer, which includes SPF15 – enough for the wilds of the mid-Atlantic anyway. I supplement with whatever smells nice that someone is selling at my local fiber festival.

  • I love Aveda products for my face, as I am sensitive to the scent of most other products. Aveeno lotion for body, Eucerin cream for itchy patches, Lubriderm for hands, and LoLo bars for cracked skin. Lots of great suggestions here, thanks everyone!

  • I would encourage you to seek out an esthetician that works out of a dermatologist’s office. I had the same questions/feelings that you’re having. I went and had a facial and she recommended products that work for MY face. The only stipulation I gave her was that they were required to be credulity free preferably vegan. The backbone of my lotions and potions is SkinMedica Rejuvenative Moisturizer and I top that with eltaMD UV daily SPF40 (tinted because I hate foundation makeup). I tend to have dry skin as a general rule. If you look those products up online you will find they don’t have pretty packaging which I took as a sign the company is more interested in what’s in the bottle. Good luck in your search and I think I speak for others in that we would be interested to hear how your search pans out.

    • I agree with you completely! I spent 30 years as a dermatology nurse and there are many skin types and skin issues. My go to for over 20 years is a morning serum (Skinceutucals, SkinMedica some of the best)followed by Elta sunscreen and/or Revision Tinted sunscreen which also has antioxidants. At night I use SkinMedica Dermal Repair cream. Also use a hyaluronic acid most days.
      Good luck Ann!

    • I too went with my esthetician’s recommendation and have been very happy with Skinceuticals Day Moisturizer, small dab is all I need, and EltaMD face wash and sunscreen-tinted or not. Sun protection is the biggest skin age prevention step. Don’t forget those hands.

  • I use a serum from Celtic Complexion with Ponds at night, philosophy tinted moisturizer with SPF daily

  • Many years ago, a dermatologist recommended Vaseline: it has been my facial moisturizer ever since. The trick is to use a very small amount, and I love the way my skin feels afterward

    • I think Cybill Sheppard also uses Vaseline! I think because her grandmother did too.

  • The last time that I went online to buy my go-to moisturizer, recommended by my dermatologist, it had an asterisk on it. When I clicked the asterisk, it said that it contained an ingredient that was banned in CA. Well, if CA doesn’t like it, neither do I!! So now I go all-natural. I use Face Pudding from Bar-Maids (bar-maidsDOTcom). I use the Magic one. It’s the only moisturizer that lasts all day for me.

    • The only thing I know about those CA warnings is they seem to be on everything! Which doesn’t mean They are wrong, but recently because of a specific product (can’t recall which) I began to have suspicions. But I am NOT saying they’re wrong. Just confused about their criteria. I mean, sunshine should have a warning too….

      • Yes!!! Although, it might be the petrolatum. Which is illegal in the UK but legal here (maybe not CA). But it’s just a form of petroleum jelly.

  • Oil of Olay. As the old ads used to say, my sister introduced me to it and I’ve used it for over 40 years. Tried others, always went back. And, if it’s good enough for Raquel Welch, it’s good enough for me!

  • For busy knitting hands treat yourself with Shea Moisture brand Raw Shea Butter Body Lotion scented with frankincense and myrrh. It’s a bit “incense-y” but umm! Very rich, super ingredients list. Little ggoes a very long way. No affiliation just gaga over the product.

  • Another CeReVe user here. Also: Loccitane hand cream tubes, Weleda skin food, Trader Joes Head to Toes Balm, Trader Joes Argan oil or The Ordinary Squalane oil at night.

  • At the risk of sounding snooty, the French know how to do skincare. I love City Pharma in Paris, and Nuxe is my preferred brand. As much as I would love to use this as an excuse to jet off every time I run out, that’s not exactly realistic. However, I’m always at the ready to bribe friends and family if they are heading that way. So far I haven’t found a reliable online source – so if anyone else knows please cue me in.

    • Hi – can buy in many Canadian drugstores – like Shopper’s Drug Mart. Try and see if they have it in their online shop. Good luck.

      • oooh Brenda thanks – they do indeed have it in their online store

    • I LOVE Nuxe! They pulled out of the US market a few years ago and I was very sad. So now, when either my husband or I has a business trip to Canada or Europe, I have a Nuxe list at the ready.

  • I keep trying expensive stuff that comes with promises but I usually just use Lubriderm spf15. It takes a minute to soak in but my skin feels less tight immediately.

  • DHC has great cleaning and moisturizing products. Currently using Astaxanthin collagen for day, and Q10 cream for night. A small amount daily is all you need.

  • For hands, I love the hand wash and hand cream products from Aesop. For the face, I just discovred the CeraVe products at the drugstore after years of more expensive products. Using a serum night and day have been a huge help. Am still looking for the perfect moisturizer with SPF – most are so draggy. And for the body, I like argan oil.

    • Kiehls ultra facial cream with SPF 30 is gorgeous- I use t all year round as my regular moisturizer- also for hands as I cannot let the sun anywhere near my ski .

  • It seems that the reason there are so many moisturizers and “wrinkle creams”, and many work well for so many folks, is because of individual variation. Try some of the recommendations and one will work well for you. I use Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel as needed during the day. Hot & dry days, a few times. I use Shiseido Wrinkle Resist 24 at night. For hands, several times a day, I use Udder Cream. Many years ago at a class on Embroidery, some of the others were using silk thread on a silk ground fabric. They used the Cream, and started working right away. I have used it since then.

  • I highly recommend California Baby’s products. I use their Super Sensitive body wash/shampoo for face, shower, and hair, and Super Sensitive lotion for face, hands and body. Their products are plant-based and organic. I used Neutrogena for decades before I found these products and liked it, but my hands especially have been so much better with California Baby.

  • I make it – super easy and best I’ve ever used. Friends all say the same. I’ll bring some to sewaunee

  • For face: Clinique Moisture Surge
    For Hands: Kniepp Hand Cream, Burts Bees Milk and Honey Body Lotion
    For Body: Cetaphil Daily Mousiturizer or Body Cream (“the tub”)

    Sephora has a new Sephora brand facial face system that is great and at a reasonable price. I would recommend that as well.

  • Zents moisturizer is the absolute best EVER! Check out their website for more details. I have been using their products exclusively for about 18 months.

  • Erno Laszlo for my face and Aveeno for body.

  • mountain rose herbs facial wash, and wild rose facial oil. Coconut oil for the rest of body. Thanks for the topic!

  • Marcelle Multi Defence Lotion
    Oil free
    SPF 15
    Comes in convenient pump
    $20 for 150 mL which lady me about 4 or 5 months.

  • When it comes to anything I put on my face, I make sure it is a non-comedogenic product. My face seems to like Mary Kay botanical effects #3, as the product does not seem to leave a film. I too would like to find the perfect product, and have enjoyed reading all of the suggestions.

  • Cera Ve. It’s what my dermatologist recommended, and I’m allergic to everything, and it gives me no problems. It leaves a protective barrier on the skin. No noticeable fragrance. Available at most drugstores. Good stuff, and affordable!

  • I use Eucerin Q10 creme – not greasy, blends in well, feels light – a new jar smells like pudding. Otherwise no fragrance.

  • I’ve fallen in love with the skin care from Beekman 1802. Goat milk based. I can knit right after using the any of the body creams or lotions with no residue on the yarn. I also like their products for the face. You can purchase through their website but can usually find deals in HSN and/or QVC. You can even watch the goats through a Goat Cam on their website.

    • Love Beekman 1802 whipped body cream! I also find pure Shea butter works well on my body as I have super dry skin. For my face I have always washed with Cetaphil face wash and used moisturizer after. Could be kielh’s or any that I have handy.

  • My dermatologist suggested that I use Cetaphil cleanser and lotion over 20 years ago. While I occasionally stray (because who knows – might be missing out on the greatest thing since sliced bread), I always go back to those products.

  • I make my own goat’s milk soap (luscious!) and my own all-over moisturizer (divine!). The moisturizer has several nice oils, shea and cocoa butters, glycerine, honey and beeswax. I don’t think I’ll ever buy soap or moisturizer again.

  • I have used Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturizer with White Tea and Origins HIgh-Potency Might-A Mins for years and various people have said I look young for my age – 73. For what it is worth, both of them also smell good, but not heavy smell. All that said, I am feeling more than my age anticipating a total knee replacement in the near future. On another topic, I am currently knitting my fifth Moderne Baby Blanket!! My grandson loves his and calls “her” Blankley!!

  • Since no one seems to have mentioned it, an American set of products — Paula’s Choice. Not tested on animals, unscented, far less hype than most. They have face washes, serums, moisturizers and sunscreens to suit most needs. Buy online, generous sampling and return policies. I have used them for decades.

  • Coconut oil for face, body, hands — it’s light, smells good, absorbs well, has no toxic additives

  • Beautycounter!!! I’m loving the Countermatch. And the sunscreen is top notch. They are a B Corporation working to improve the safety of the products we put on ourselves. They appear to be an MMM but I’m told they are not. Their sales team is very well-informed. They have a couple brick and mortar stores — Denver and SOHO I think. I’ve been using it over a year and am very happy with it. Check out their Never List; very interesting and eye-opening.

    • Philosophy Hope in a jar…plus SkinCeuticals eyecream , . but I also used Origin’s A Perfect World for years until my local shop closed.
      My grandmother’s perfect complextion was all down to Ivory soap. A little drying for me since menopause.

    • I love BeautyCounter! The Dew Skin tinted moisturizer, cleansing balm, and overnight peel are favorite, but I love all the products. I use the more intensely moisturizing version because I live in a dry mountain climate.

  • Eucerin products because they don’t make me itch. And they are easily come by and don’t break the bank. Of course now that I realize Dr. Oz is promoting them, I might have to switch brands. Just the thought is make me itchy…

  • Green Beaver extra dry skin body lotion is the Best. Hand cream. Ever.

  • This has been a great discussion. I am an Olay girl. Have been using all their skin care products for years and like all of them. I especially like that their face cream has SFP 30.

  • ROC daily is my favorite!

  • My husband makes one on the stove. Shea butter, bees wax, and olive oil, decanted into small wide mouth jars. He makes one version where the olive oil is infused with ganja. This topical cream helps with inflammation and muscle pain. Good stuff.

  • Both dermatologists in our family recommend CeraVe products. I use the am/pm lotions and the pump bottle of Daily Moisture lotion. They also recommend Aquaphor for almost everything—I use it on my hands, feet, and for any skin problem.

  • In case there are other pale ladies with adult acne out there, this is what I do. In the summer time I absolutely positively must wear SPF 60 to 100 sun block, I like all the Neutrogena sun blocks, especially the Sport Face. They have plenty of moisturizer in them, so from May until September (honestly until I can’t stand it any more, sometimes August and sometimes October) that’s what I use. They have a ton of chemicals in them and make me nervous, but I want to be the first one in my dad’s family to never get skin cancer. Oh, and I carry an umbrella, if possible.

    Winters I use Nourish Oil Free from Trader Joe’s. Not very exotic, but it keeps my skin from getting a painful, itchy rash from wind and cold along my jawline. Hasn’t made me break out yet.

  • Great fun reading everyone’s comments. I have two things to say: nothing beats slathering vaseline on my hands at night and covering them with two pairs of cotton socks. The other thing: i don’t like to feel a lotion on my hands during the day. I volunteer at a barn where we help handicapped kids ride, and my hands are raw because Im a retired nurse and I scrub scrub scrub after cleaning the horses and stalls. So I had a lotion from bed bath and beyond years ago, that turned to powder and I loved it. I can’t seem to find it. I wish I could

  • I use Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream. I love it. You will also want to find a good Vitamin C serum like Skinceutical.

  • Clinique’s DDML–have been using it since the late 70’s. I do not have a single wrinkle…not bad for a 60+ year old knitting broad.

  • Years ago I worked with a woman who had beautiful skin and looked much younger than her 60+ years. She told me she had used Cetaphil moisturizer for years so that’s what I decided to use. Cetaphil and drinking lots of water are working for me.

    I stock up on jars of Cetaphil moisturizer cream at Costco when on sale and use that as body moisturizer. I use Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer (with SPF) regularly and recently bought Cetaphil Daily Hydrating Lotion to try. I also like Cerave PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion, but often forget to apply it before bed. None of these are expensive and I pick them up at Walmart or Target.

  • I have Rosacea so I only use Acure sensitive skin products…people are usually surprised to hear i’m 70 but i don’t think it’s the moisturizer or even good genes, i think it’s because i’m more of an indoor girl than an outdoor girl.

  • I use Eminence bright skin moisturizer. Totally changed my skin. I had crappy break outs all the time and I’m old. A dermatologist gave me a jar and I’ve had beautiful skin ever since. I use the face wash too.

  • Aveno doesn’t work for me, nor did any of the many I’ve tried from Costco. The only one that actually works for me is ironically or luckily Jergens, the Ultra Healing version. It’s about $8 for a giant bottle and it keeps my hands from drying and chapping all winter. In the past I’d have a huge problem with my skin drying, cracking and bleeding. Since I started using this, I’ve had no such. problems. Same for my husband, he swears by it too. We both apply after showering

  • I make my own facial/body cream with aloe, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and a tiny touch of grapefruit essential oil. I make my own lotion and lip balm too so I know every ingredient in it, no preservatives except a germocide.

    I loved reading through all of the responses. Who knew there was all that to choose from?

  • I love the reassurance that I am not the only one semi-obsessed with this question.

    I’m in the midst of perimenopausal skin that is all sorts of effed up. After trying quite a few things, I can recommend Moon Valley Organics Herbal Heal balm (for anything, but especially for dry and red cheeks/face) and Ayla Beauty’s custom samples kit. Ayla will ask you thoughtful questions and then send a lovely little box of smart options for you to try.

    For knitting hands, I am newly but obsessively in love with Knitter’s Wrist Relief from The Farmer’s Daughter. I use it all over my fingers and hands.

  • Hiya Ann,

    Please take what I say with this proviso: my redheaded skin is very dry, so there is a lot (in the oily persuasion) I can put onto my face with only positive results. That said, I love Evan Healy’s Argan Intensive Facial Serum with Frankincense. As for the rest of my body, I’ll use whatever is cheapest since I need to slather it on to get some dryness relief. But my favorite for smell and consistency is Jergen’s lotion, the original Cherry Almond scent.

    • I love Evan Healey for the face-the oils mixed with the toner!

  • Aveeno is my go-to daily moisturizer.

  • Yesterday on CNN there was an article about how certain toxic ingredients in sunscreen are found in blood a few hours after use. As a metastatic cancer patient for almost 14 years, I have taken this to an extreme and simply do not put anything on my skin I wouldn’t eat. Coconut oil and olive oil are my favorites.

    • I’m 100% with you – I make all of my face and body lotions (except for Avon’s Moisture Therapy hand lotion that I use at work to keep it non-greasy) and use only natural ingredients. The olive oil based body lotion completely cleared up my mild eczema!

  • A friend and fellow knitter (who is in her 60’s but looks 10 years younger) recommended DHC products. I had never heard of them but tried them and my skin loves them. I also use their double-cleanse method which consists of an olive-oil based cleanser and their soap. Getting to a single brand for all of my skin care helped me simplify – and I was able to toss out the box of discarded products that did not work for me, which had been lurking under the sink for ages. The website is in case anyone wants to check them out. They are a Japanese company but ship from a US location.

    • I’ve used DHC products on my face for over 20 years – Aren’t they great?

    • I am a DHC woman as well. Velvet Skin Coat anyone? Four free samples of your choice with every order and free samples in the catalog. I have a drawer full of samples which I use when traveling.

  • I have rosacea and sensitive skin, so I prefer something that is light and non-greasy. I also stay away from lotions with combination broad-spectrum sunscreens, since the ingredients can irritate rosacea. I use Vanicream Lite Lotion and Mary Kay Botanical Effects Moisturizing Gel.

  • I’m 66 and live in super dry Colorado. As my budget has changed, I have tried using cheaper brands with negative results. There are only 3 products that are worth the price. The besr moisturizer for my face is Bobbi Browns eye cream, and the vitamin enriched face base. It doesn’t feel greasy and the eye cream vanishes. The ONLY mascara I will use is Lancome. After 40 years, it doesn’t end up under my eyes. All are obnoxiously expensive and worth the price.

    • I stopped using mascara years ago because of that. Then was told Lancôme is best. Still all over my face! I envy you! (However a Lash boost product has made my lashes grow long again – but I need to find a cheaper brand. Also need to remember to use it! It only works if used. Such a Bummer.)

  • I was SO happy to see this topic raised and so many enthusiastic responses! I just moved from 20+ years in ultra-dry Colorado to soppily humid Texas, and my skin doesn’t know what it wants me to do for it. My heavy moisturizers are clearly inappropriate here. I’ve noted a number of options from all your wonderful answers, and I look forward to trying some of them soon.

    Thank you!

    • I just did the opposite, moved from TX to NV! My lightweight moisturizer definitely doesn’t cut it out here, but just in case it works for you, it’s belif’s Aqua Bomb. I still use it when I’m visiting family in the south. Not the cheapest but if you have a Sephora near you, they will gve you a free sample to try for a few days before you buy.

    • I’m a Wyoming girl who lived in Louisiana for 15 years. Marula oil works for me in all climates. I used to use an Estée Lauder Perfectionist lotion and it looks like the current version with sunscreen is lightweight.

  • I have rosacea so I needed something that wouldn’t irritate my skin. I have been using Oil of Olay’s Total Effects Fragrance Free SPF 15 for years and it must work because I get some lovely compliments about my skin. It’s not that expensive. Don’t buy the CVS version of this. It’s missing a major ingredient that’s really good for your skin. I apply it in the morning.

  • THANK YOU for starting this discussion! I have recently retired and need to look at my expenses and am looking for a GOOD reasonably priced program of skin care. At first my esthetician’s advice was Dermalogica products, but now I’ve stopped getting regular facials and I think she has changed her allegiance. I’ve been an Estee Lauder consumer for years, but am I paying for the marketing?! Also no one has mentioned serums for under moisturizers. HELP!

    • Paula’s Choice and the Ordinary have great ranges of not too expensive serums. Both online. has the Ordinary with reviews by product and free fast shipping over some $ amount.

    • Argan oil for day. Kiehls Midnight Recovery oil for night

  • I love BOOM specifically the BOOM Serum and the BOOM Gold. Serum is a little heavier, Gold is perfect for daytime.

    • For face, also a BOOMSILK fan. All their products are great and their new organic line should be really nice. No fragrances and not overly costly. Online only. Elsewhere, Trader Joe’s Lavender hand and body. For sunscreen La Roche- Posay Anthelios 60 face and body in a tube.

  • Avene. The entire range is wonderful. The moisterizing mask is genius.

    • I use their antirougesurs jour creme on occasion. Most of the time though just using Dermol shower lotion all over in the shower keeps my skin as healthy as it gets.

  • For knitting hands and body, Gold Bold Healing Cream, no fragrance. I’ve tried everything and I’ve never found anything better, but I have super dry skin. My dermatologist suggested it.

    For my face, Argan oil. It’s fabulous. I also put it in my hair.

  • I used to work for a melanoma nonprofit, so whatever you use, please use sunscreen or buy a moisturizer with sunscreen in it. I also don’t wear make-a-muck, so I can’t talk about that stuff, I just use Oil of Olay face moisturizer with sunscreen and Lubriderm with sunscreen on my body.

    For knitting – when my cuticles get fussy and catch on the yarn, I keep a very fine grit emory board in my notions bag and will run it over the offending cuticle to soften the area and rid my finger of that catching little you-know-what.

  • OH. Also – the very best moisturizer for all people, all skin, is to stay hydrated. Water is your friend.

  • I am a dedicated user of Neutrogena Moisturizer with SPF. Sold at all grocery and drugstores, this stuff has been my go to for almost 20 years. No irritation, no wrinkles, no sticker shock.
    My little sister is a Nurse Practitioner who owns her own Medi-Spa. I don’t even use the expensive stuff I can get from her for free! She has way more wrinkles than I do…possibly because she plays outside all the time and I knit :0 ) But I will use this Neutrogena until they discontinue the product.

  • KEYS Luminos Hydrating Facial Moisturizer

  • I second this! Aveeno is awesome. The only thing that works for me! And I have dry skin from my thyroid.

  • CeraVe if I need serious moisturizing, especially at night or if I’m going outside and it’s windy. But if I’m going to do some stitching (of any kind, especially cross stitch), then Hawaiian Moon Aloe is spectacular as it does NOT leave residue that will get onto my yarn/threads

  • Vichy is another favorite of mine. Their Aqualia Thermale Riche (I think… French isn’t my thing) is an amazing!!! facial moisturizer.

  • Vegans and vegetarians look away – Render Skincare. Tallow based moisturizer with 4 ingredients (3 if you use the unscented). Ethically/sustainably produced by a woman owned small business. Comes in completely recyclable/reusable glass jars. Makes my 58 year old skin look and feel great. It’s the best.

  • I make my own because I’m allergic to most OTC items (thank you propylene glycol) but Aveeno and CeraVe are safe for me to use and do a good job when I’m out of my own.

  • At Madrona Fiber Arts in February I encountered a vendor who hadn’t caught my eye before and thereby discovered Lo-Lo-Bars (“Head-to-Toe Moisturizer”). I bought one in the Bergamot fragrance and can’t say enough about this product. Over the years, I’ve used many fine quality, natural products but this lotion bar is a step above. It’s different and fun that it can be used from face to feet, held in one’s hand like a dis, leaving those hands ready for any knitting project! I’ll sum up my enthusiasm by saying since Madrona I’ve restocked the bar and also tried their face pudding and cuticle cream. Not disappointed. The Vancouver, WA company is called Bar-Maids.

  • I’ve been faithful to Clinique products since college in the 70s. I switched from DDML original yellow lotion to the yellow gel when I moved to the deep south. Since hitting sixty I’ve found that using their pink Moisture Surge gel at night gives me the best results. I use their different daytime moisturizers depending on the season and whether I’m going to be at work or outdoors for the best part of the day. I also change products as the humidity (deep south) increases in the spring and summer. Right now I’m using the daytime turnaround moisturizer in the blue tube. in another few weeks I’ll switch to DDML gel for the summer. for my body I alternate between different pump bottles I buy at the grocery store. I haven’t got a favorite brand for overall skin care. For my hands, in the winter my finger tips crack and my nails split. The best product I found for that is Burt’s Bees Hand Salve in the tin. It goes on thick but rubs in nicely. It saved my hands during a winter trip to Denver.

    • For cracked fingertips, the best thing that I have found is Nexcare Skin Crack Care. It’s a little bottle, looks like clear nail varnish. You paint it over the place, it doesn’t sting. It forms a coating that lets the cracked skin heal underneath.
      It’s not sold here in the UK so I buy it from the US and have it sent. I knit all the time and this stuff is an absolute necessity for me!

  • Eucerin Advanced Repair Light Feel Hand Creme. SUPER fan of LimeLife by Alcone facial products.

  • for face- The Wonder Seed facial moisturizer- hemp oil base, so great cruelty free moisture that nourishes the skin(and smells gently delicious) and would be good for rosacea, if needed. Or, rosehip oil applied after shower- great stuff.As menopause brings renewed acne, tea tree face oil has been a boon. bodywise- Skin Trip (coconut based moisturizer) or Burts Bees fragrance free for dry skin 24 hour cupacao stuff- it’s genius for long cold winters. For hands- Desert Essence lavender or Wonder Seed lavender. both smell lovely, and my cooworkers are forever borrowing:) Thanks for the tips on other things to look in to,everyone!

  • Ann, are you going to summarize? Will there be tables and pie charts?

    • I feel a spreadsheet coming on . . .

      • oh excellent! maybe with a column for “only available in the US”

  • Rosewater and glycerin. Sprayed on head to foot every morning while still damp from the shower. On my hair, too.

  • Neutrogena Hydroboost line is fantastic, available at plenty of stores, and quite nice even for fairly sensitive skin

  • I itch a lot and have been using the Shikai borage line of products, though I haven’t tried the face stuff. Cruelty free and unscented.

  • Astral moisturizer is the best

  • Dr. Natural liquid Castile soap has almost totally taken away my need for moisturizer that didn’t work anyway. And it doesn’t bother my eczema.

  • CeraVe-absolutely amazing! I recently switched and have bought most of their line. You can find it on amazon and in target (not as much selection). Great price points too!

  • Erno Laszlo for face, Avene for body. Wonderful stuff both of them

  • I found that changing my face wash had a much bigger impact than my moisturizer. I had good luck with a now-discontinued Ole Henriksen oil-based cleanser, but after it was discontinued I got a sample of Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing balm. It is stupidly expensive, smells a bit odd, but dear god it makes my skin feel and look insanely soft and dewy. Thank goodness a little goes a long way…in the morning I finish with a hyaluronic acid and at night I use belif’s True Cream Moisture Bomb.

    For the body, Sol de Janeiro’s Bum Bum Cream cannot be beaten. Super moisturizing, absorbs quickly, smells ridiculously good but doesn’t trigger my allergies, and keeps my keratinitis pilaris under control.

    • Agree re cleanser means more. The best one ever for me was discontinued… will never not be mad about that. Friends I’d known for yrs had suddenly begun saying they never noticed what nice skin I had…..

  • I use Dead Sea spa magik super hand cream, and their day and night moisturiser. Marvellous!!!!

  • No joke – Trader Joe’s Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer and TJ’s Antioxidant Facial Serum. There’s no sunscreen in the formula but my 66 year old skin never looked better. Been compared to La Mer. And the price is right.

  • I use a shea butter by Evan Healy. Its heavy, but you don’t need much. One jar lasts about four months for me. And it doesn’t have a ton of ingredients to be skeptical of.

  • I’m surprised that no one is using squalene oil! It’s cheap, cruelty free (assuming you use the one made from olives) and amazing, even on my sometimes oily skin. I use it on my face, neck and hands. This is the one I buy:

    During the day, I use Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, which has SPF 30 (zinc oxide, not chemical). It’s mid-range, not La Mer, not drug store and lasts well.

    • I like squalane oil too! Mine is by The Ordinary from Deciem.

  • I use Mary Kay bee’s wax night cream and Cera Ve (with the blue lid) for hands and body.

  • For hands, you cannot beat Gold Bond. I helped myself to a squirt in the ENT’s office one time, thinking, “Hey, he washes his hands after every patient, it might be good.” Girl, it will rock your world. And it lasts through at least one hand washing.

  • I use Bare Minerals Skin Perfection tinted moisturizer (SPF 30). If I need more coverage or want a matte look, I put their Mineral Veil over it. I also use BB cream if I run out of the Bare Minerals or am economizing. At night I use Nivea Night cream. For hands, I use Nivea Hand Cream, the original with the red cross on the package. It has healed some blistering burns on my hand without scars. I have sensitive skin but am allergic to allantoin (from comfrey plants) that is in so many sensitive skin products so am super careful about what’s in any product I use.

  • I have classic pale sensitivity skin and after many years of trial and error I have established shea butter based products are best. Therefore I use
    1. Liz Earle cleanse & polish
    2. Liz Earle supper skin moisture
    3. Bare Minerals BB as primer/sunblock
    4. L’occaitane hand cream
    And because I live in a very hard water area moisturizing shower gel from a pump dispenser so it actually lathers.
    Over the past few years I’ve had constantly changing hormone and drug levels, these products are designed to meet the needs of may skin types and have served me well. I know they are not the cheapest but I save money as I don’t need lots of products and I know I am not allergic to them.
    Good luck in your search for comfortable nourish skin Pamela

  • I usually use Origins but some of their products are VERY strongly scented, so you gotta smell first. Currently obsessed with Penny Frances Apothecary serum–it smells so nice and makes me feel virtuous. (Clearly scent is important to me! A nice odor makes me more likely to actually use a product rather than just store it in the cabinet for years.)
    And I echo what others have said about hydration–best moisturizer I have might be my Nalgene bottle.

  • Beauty Counter moisturizer appropriate for your skin. But for the really nasty eczema-dry spots on my legs and arms, I use Aveeno and Gold Bond products for eczema and also Cortizone 10 itch creme. I do live in Colorado at 10,200′ where dry skin and itchy spots are a problem.

    • Oh, and Beauty Counter Dew Skin tinted moisturizer is the bomb!

  • Truly magical are bee creams from !! Monkey Business Farm produces its bee creams locally in Weston, MA. All their products are wonderful, but my go–to favorite for knitting hands is the intensive care cream – super natural (do check the website for all the good things bee’s wax can do..) and every dime of profit goes to a fabulous charity – cf below for a bit of description.

    All profits made from the sale their bee creams goes to Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers, a national non-profit 501(c)3 organization that trains and places Capuchin monkeys with people living with physical and mobility challenges.

    Through the generous support of donors and volunteers, Helping Hands is able to provide these specially trained service animals and lifetime support free of charge to recipients all across the United States. When Helping Hands monkeys are ready to retire from service, they are placed in loving, supportive homes where they receive special care after a lifetime of giving it, along with close medical supervision.

    Their website is extensive & informative – beeswax is a multipurpose ingredient often used in skin care products. Naturally produced by honeybees, its properties provide skincare products with both cosmetic and medical benefits. Beeswax is anti-allergenic and great for sensitive skin –
    its anti-inflammatory and intensive moisturizing properties provide a fantastic remedy for dry & itchy skin.

    All I know is, I’ve never found anything to equal it at ANY price!!

  • EWG certified Qet Botanicals and Sally B’s Skin Yummies

    • I know I’m a day late and you certainly don’t need one more comment, BUT I had to pop in and vote for my favorite – Tacha. If it was good enough for the Geisha for the past 200+ years, its good enough for me! I love all of their skin care products. Fascinating back story to this lovely, pure, high-integrity product.

  • Cerave is my go-to brand. Moisturizers should have emollient, humectant, and occlusive ingredients. Put them on immediately after washing your face or body, when skin is still damp. Avoid products with fragrance. The dermatologist “Dr Dray” on Youtube does a great job of recommending products. She will tell you when something is BS, too expensive, or potentially harmful. (Eye creams are best ignored. Use your regular facial moisturizer!)

  • I let out an actual guffaw when I read the part about “” that being my opinion on that subject as well. Consequently, I could also use a suggestion for a moisturizer that actually works. Containing sunscreen would also be a plus since have more than enough sun damage to my skin already. I’ll be watching the replies.

  • Cetaphil: Rich Hydrating Night Cream – I use this for night and day; Moisturizing Cream for the body.

  • I recently found out about Weleda Skin Food light. LOVE it. I wash my face at night just to put a new layer of it on.

    • Coconut Oil – extra virgin and first pressed…you can use it all over your body, some say it imparts natural sun protection, you can eat it, cook with it, use if for shampoo, and buy it just about anywhere for little money. You can add essential oils if you like scent. It’s great for travel.

  • Eterna27, an oldie, but goodie by Revlon. It’s hard to find where I live, but Amazon has it.

  • Algenist Power. No scent, absorbs immediately. First one Ive ever bought a second of.

  • I’m definitely bookmarking this page. Trying out these suggestions should keep me busy for the next decade or so….Thank you everyone!

  • Just the original Oil of Olay. For me it’s still the best.

  • As a nurse, my hands were scrubbed until raw and cracked. We RNs found pure lanolin mixed with water, hydrous lanolin in a tube carried in our pocket, spackled in the hand cracks and allowed skin to heal from the bottom up. This also reduced the microbe hiding hand skin surface area. We squirted about an 1/8th of an inch onto the BACKS of our hands, then rubbed those backs together across the raw knuckles until the brease melted in, only finishing with the palms. (Yes, one does look like a dufous rubbing hand backs together.)

    But most other lotions contain a stinging alcohol and don’t bridge hand skin cracks. A nurse who washes constantly without intact skin has more skin surface area because of all the surface cracking. And, it hurts. I buy lanolin for nursing mothers’ sore nipples but, ah, stay with using it on my hands. BTW, lanolin is removed from wool! And yes, you can wash with disinfectant skin cleaner immediately again and your hands will still feel better.

  • Hard lotion! Made from beeswax, shea butter, and either coconut oil or almond oil. I’ve made my own, and it’s a fairly common offering from handmade soap makers. My favorite is the lavender scented hard lotion made by my friend Jami at Dancing Bee Farms:

    Why it’s great: there’s no water, just pure moisturizer. It’s not water soluble, so it doesn’t wash off your hands the second your hands touch water. Basically, it stays in your skin for much longer than typical lotion does. It doesn’t make your hands feel slimy or slippery, and you can knit immediately after application without gunking up your yarn. It is hands-down the best moisturizer I’ve tried. Also, because it’s solid, you can toss it in your purse without worrying about what happens if the container accidentally opens – you won’t end up with lotion covering your stuff.

  • Pretty much anything from Dr. Denese gets a thumbs-up from me!

  • DHC (olive oil based products from Japan) for cleaning my face. Neutrogena “healthy skin enhancer” as my no effort daily moisturizer/make-up (basically a tinted moisturizer with SPF, but it doesn’t come off on your clothes, unlike some others.) I recently became a big fan of Glossier skin care thanks to a much younger and hipper friend. Their “Priming Moisturizer Rich” makes my skin very happy at bedtime.

  • Avoiding the sun as much as possible is the best ‘moisturizer.” Period. Can’t be said enough.

  • My 75 year old mother who looks 60 has always used Oil of Olay and Zest soap. I use Clinique yellow stuff (dramatically different moisturizing lotion) the once I year when I bother. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • I love DHC products for my face — but for a facial sunscreen, I love Coola’s mineral matte tinted sunscreen. For my hands, I use lots of things, but have loved LoLo bars, and DHC’s olive hand cream.

  • One Love Organics Coconut Dew for my face. Little Seed Farm body oil for the body. Hand Chemistry (pink) for my hands. I am the driest, crispiest person ever and now I am finally adequately moisturized.

    • I use Suntegrity 5 in 1 tinted, moisturizing sunscreen. SPF 30 and UV Chemical cal free. They also have a moisturizing face sunscreen that is untinted.

  • My Mom started me on Oil of Olay when I was sixteen. Still using it at 66. Just changed to the whipped formula in the last year. Have been getting compliments on my skin for decades.

    • Avon Vitamin C serum has made a huge difference in the brightness of my skin. Get lots of compliments. I tried another Vitamin C brand and it just didn’t work as well. I use Rodan & Fields am and pm, but it’s getting too expensive. I have always been told I look much younger than my real age, but now I am starting to get lines in my face (marionette lines)…any suggestions for that specific issue? Oh and I drink tons of water.

      • I used Rodan & Fields for about a year, also Advanced Dermatology, but found both too expensive for the results they gave for my skin. Several months ago I started with GoPure vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid, & vit C cream in a.m., and retinol serum & cream in p.m. And, oh yes, the eye gel feels wonderful, too. My 75yo skin has never felt or looked better. No rosacea outbreaks and no more makeup!

  • Ann-when do you want to start the eye cream thread?

  • My go to product is Cerave. AM and PM moisturizer and Hand Therapy. Please, please read labels. Remember your skin is the largest organ of your body. ANYTHING you put on your body is absorbed into your body in 30 minutes.

  • I want to know the one that MMM uses!

  • When I lived in Colorado (where 15% was humid!), I started using Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream. It’s purportedly what the Queen uses! Now that I live in truly humid Tacoma, I use it as a nighttime hand treatment — slather it on and wear cotton gloves to bed.

  • Try Beekman 1802 body cream in a jar…made with fresh goat milk! A little pricey but I’ve tried everything trying to get rid of those jagged cuticles and my ugly heels!! Honestly it really works

  • When it comes to face cream, I have stuck with the original Clinique Dramatically Different for years. I have now upgraded to Clinique Moisture Surge. I put that on first followed by La Roche-Posay gentle sunscreen with a SPF of 60! Purchased at Walgreens. I am a little bit of a dainty doily in that I am allergic to some active ingredients. My face looks bruised and swollen and it is not a good look. No retinol or the other stuff for me.
    In a pinch I have used Nivea body lotion for my face. My Mom has used Jergens her whole life and has the most supple skin ever. Hand lotion at my desk is currently Trader Joe’s Lavender hand and body lotion. It leaves no traces on paperwork or hand knits.

  • I took copious notes from the comments. All which remind me of a convo I had yrs ago w a chemist who worked for a lotion company. She said they are all the same, find what works for you.

    I’ve found as my budget changed I would bump up. Then my budget dropped so I went down. Following the lead of a California cousin with great skin & much sun exposure, it’s Olay products for me. The cheap ones. With added sunscreen. (Tho I do miss these me sais quoi of thr slightly higher-end product days.)

  • Avon Vitamin C serum has made a huge difference in the brightness of my skin. Get lots of compliments. I tried another Vitamin C brand and it just didn’t work as well. I use Rodan & Fields am and pm, but it’s getting too expensive. I have always been told I look much younger than my real age, but now I am starting to get lines in my face (marionette lines)…any suggestions for that specific issue? Oh and I drink tons of water.

  • Clinique 72 Hour Moisture Surge is my favorite miracle in a jar!

  • IT Confidence In a Cream. I’ve been using it for years and like it, really like it. Ulta and QVC sells it or you can order from Amazon.

  • I have hyper-sensitive skin (which after reading thru the comments I realize is menopause related – thanks all who mentioned this!) and there are a lot of products that I react badly to. I used Perricone for many years (which I didn’t see mentioned at all), but they recently re-tooled the line and discontinued the products I liked the best, so I’ve been searching for replacements. I’ve found a couple serums from Mario Badescu (which I also didn’t see mentioned) that I like, and couple weeks ago finally tried La Mer, and of course since it’s uber-expensive my skins loves it.

    • I buy from a small, local Michigan company called Bee Lovely Botanicals. They have a Royal Jelly, Green Tea, Vitamin B3 Face cream that I use at night. It’s luxurious, organic, and all natural. For daytime, I use a sunblock moisturizer: Body Butter by Supergoop.

  • Another vote for CeraVe, including the cleanser, also recommended by my dermatologist. My face feels so good after using it!
    For my hands I use a variety, glad to see that Gold Bond Eczema formula got some love already; it is good stuff. Surprised no one mentioned Skin Food from
    Weleda, fabulous! I also love Nature’s Gate Papaya for hands and body, again, my skin feels so good and it has a light, pleasant fragrance. I started using it years ago on my baby boys .

  • When I was in Ireland about 4 years ago I stumbled on the Kenmare Soap Company. The store is a tiny little store at the back of a court yard. You wouldn’t know it was there except there is a small hanging sign on the street. I have rosacia and have struggled to find a moisturizer that combats the flaky skin I get without irritating my skin. They have a product called Nettle Balm. I have used it everyday for the last four years and it is wonderful. I bought the 200 gram tub for 20 euro and I still have not used it all. It only takes a little dab for my whole face. The balm was originally formulated for treating eczema.

  • No one mentioned Nivea? But not the American stuff the European is so much better! I use CeraVe Wash and it’s all I need somedays.

    • I would recommend checking the Healthy Living app for skin care products. You can scan a bar code and it will rate the product for its chemicals. Skin is very absorbent so the more chemicals the worse for you. I would recommend 100% Pure or Beauty Counter.

  • No.7 Products are great for the face. The advanced serum is their secret! It keeps your skin really smooth and makes wrinkles much less noticeable. It is pretty affordable and a little bit goes a long way. I don’t use their day cream with sunscreen because I am allergic to most sunscreens. In the winter I use the night cream instead. In summer I just use the serum. I use neutrogena sunscreen only when I am going to be outside for hours. My secret to great skin is to supplement my diet with Collagen Protein. It really makes a difference! I use This supplement I started using it to heal internally and noticed that the texture of my skin became much softer and moister and all the mild eczema spots healed up and went away completely.

  • Chiming in after the fact, but Savor is a wonderful brand. I use their Raspberry Serum mixed with the moisturizer and it’s amazing. A little plumping and very moisturizing. All of the products I have tried, I really love!

  • I’ve been using Origins Make a Difference+ (even before it became +) as a middle layer between serum and my bb cream for decades, literally. It’s amazing! Fantastic consistency, beautiful scent and keeps the skin smooth and subtle.

  • I have sensitive skin, and about 8 years ago discovered Alchimie Forever from Switzerland. Their “Kantic Calming Cream” is simply amazing; my daily and nightly moisturizer. Blueberries and grape seed within, and meets the needs of my aging skin. In the winter, I add a dollop of Beauty Counter Rejuvenating Night Cream to hydrate a bit more. (I cannot use more hydrating moisturizers as my skin is intolerant of them).

  • For my face, I used Clinique for almost 25 years, switched to L’Bri (aloe based and the company is local for me). I’m 50 now and people think I’m 40! Hands: I swear by Vaseline’s hand and cuticle lotion (pink tube) and order in bulk from Amazon. Body: used to use Aveeno, but felt there was an icky film, now use Suave Smoothing, so cheap but fantastic. Love Adonis goat milk lotion when I can afford it. L’Oréal is great for facial serums and lotions too, I mix it up with the L’Bri brand.

  • Oops, Dionis goat milk lotion, not Adonis! Feels SO refreshing and no greasiness at all.

  • First thing is to start following Caroline Hirons. She’s a skincare goddess and has the best advice. I started double cleansing several years ago (no more foaming cleansers) and it’s made a huge change in my skin. Currently I love belief Moisture Bomb, Drunk Elephant and Kate Somerville.

  • I am experiencing horrible prickling skin after a not-terribly-hot bath, and thought “Oh! MDK just did a post about moisturizers, maybe I should read it!”
    290 comments. 290!!
    I’m going to have to take it in chapters! 🙂

  • Ahava everything facial moisturizers and eye cream, body lotion, hand and foot creams. I have used ahava products since discovering how soft my skin felt and other than the eye cream and moisturizer that I used at night, they are light, absorb quickly and don’t feel greasy. I can use the hand cream, then go back to my project and the yarn slips through each stitch, not oily or sticky. I recommend anything from ahava, oh and the light fresh scent is yummy too

  • Udder cream. No scent and it works all through dry cold NH winter.


    Listen to episode 6 Beautiful Builders – 30mins and quite interesting, especially the bit on what to put on your face. Personally, the Ordinary is great for cheap products, also love Avene (french company) and Oil of Olay Regenerist. Use SPF during the day and also a tinted moisturiser from Aveda with SPF for extra coverage.

  • Rene Guinot Creme 888, anti-Vital . It’s a lifelong favorite, now available at Amazon .com

  • This is a subject near and dear to my heart, inspired, long story, by the college admissions scandal. I have not read comments so if this is a repeat of what others have said, forgive me. For mature (ahem) skin, simple is best, nothing with fragrance, and one that has anti-aging properties. My personal favorite right now, Cerave PM (i use it in daytime with my own sunscreen) some folks like the Cerave AM, but it is tinted because it contains sunscreen and I am too fair for that. Cerave moisturing lotion. Or cream. Cerave all the way friend. Cerave. Just trust me on this. If you dont believe me, check out a gal named Angie, who is a 57 year old youTuber , with the handle, HotandFlashy.

  • Also, neutrogena hydro boost gel. and olay regenerist, the purple jar without fragrance.

  • Elemis Marine Cream. I use so many Elemis products I should be wearing a billboard for them.

  • I know I am late to this party, but two months ago I started using Trader Joe’s Antioxidant Serum and their Gel Moisturizer. WOW, OH WOW! Seriously amazing, and under $10 each. Last week my dermatologist asked me what I was using! My skin is soft, smooth, brighter, and my make up goes on great. And I live in CO where it is so dry. (And I just turned 65 – my skin looks better than it has in years.)

  • I get Indian Meadows Herbals Love Your Face moisturizer from my natural food store. It’s made by a small herbal business in Maine. Once I tried it I never went back. You can order from their website: