Summer Shawl Time Starts Now!

By Kay Gardiner
May 3, 2019

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  • Kudos on proper spelling and usage of “hootenannies.”

    • Now I’m wondering how else you could spell hootenannies.

  • I love the colors in the new shawl. Could you list them for me, as I’d like to use the same colors?

    • Click on the Ravelry link and the colors are listed. They’re so lovely.

      • Thanks!

  • When you live in the northeast US, summer shawls and wraps are an evening necessity. Bradford Road has been calling to me since March Mayhem!

    • Shawls are a necessity in over-air-conditioned Texas as well!

  • I love this one! It’s been talking to me since I saw it during March Mayhem.

  • Oh the pattern, the colors, the yarn!!!! I need a knitters version of “had we but world enough and time” To a Coy Mistress of knitting temptations?

  • Dear Kay, I don’t have the budget for a Ft.Tryon in Mohonk Light, as tempting as it is, akthough maybe one day in a less luxurious yarn. After all, there are some days when you just want COLOR! Which brings me to your Kaffe Fassett shawl as pictured in the new Vogue. My eye jumped there immediately. I do love Kirsten Kapur. She is wonderful and your post is about her shawl. But just had to give a shout out about the Vogue article and didn’t know where else to place it.

  • Looks like the colors I want are gone. I’ll have to wait until they’re restocked.

  • Wow — the colors make it.

    I’ve knit two of her (early) patterns, had gauge, and ran out of yarn. Made me kindof leery …. but I know I will dip my needles again. Experience has also taught me that some yarns are skeined “underweight.” Sadly, it isn’t like sewing where I can buy an extra half a yard …. but I am cautious at times, as who likes to play yarn chicken?
    Also met Kristen, once, in a yarn store in Morristown, now sadly defunct (Trillium?) (it was on a NJ Wool Walk). She was lovely.

  • After the eye catching headline “Summer Shawl time starts now” scrolling down and seeing the Ft. Tyron shawl…I ran out the door, with my iPad to make it to my LYS before they closed Saturday afternoon. Knowing I would NEED this for my Sunday relaxation…
    The staff all assisted with yarns colors and winding everything!!! I’m pretty sure i was like an addict getting a fix… but the yarn, the colors, the promise of a light summer project were all worth it.
    Thank you!!