Ask Patty: Custom Yarn

April 26, 2019

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  • A little math will also give a general guideline for predicting gauge when combining yarns. Add the gauges of the two yarns, and divide by 3. So 6 plus 6 ( DK) is 12, divide by 3 is 4. Worsted….
    And then swatch…

    • Thank you for the extra tip!

    • So glad you added “and then swatch”, because things like DK or Worsted are SUPER broad categories. (Like Worsted can be 16, 17, 18 19 or 20, DK can be 21, 22, 23).

    • Thank you!!

      • For the great math tip!

  • Thanks so much!!! Wonderful information and so helpful.

  • I really love and appreciate these posts. Thank you!

  • Fantastic and Brilliant! Always enjoy your posts, Patty. So informative.

  • Thank you Patty for the striped rib tip, it made my day! Sure going to try this on my socks striped colour ribbing.

  • Another brilliant (saved!) column. Thank you!

  • Dear Patty, I bow down to your magnificence. That is all. Carry On.

  • Bonne Marie Burns of Chic Knits has a handy gauge chart and formula for combining two or three yarns.

  • Thanks, I learned A LOT!!!

  • It’s so enlightening to learn something new (well, new to me) and reading your column today was just the ticket. Thanks Patty! Your insight and style are simply the best.

  • Patty, you’re a knitting genius! Thanks again for such great tips!

  • Hi Patty!!!
    Love, love your tutorials….they are all so absolutely brilliant! Thanks for your in depth explanations they are always so valuable!

  • Ooh, the modified PFBL may have solved a problem for me! I put two yarns together by chance on my kitchen table, and they looked so pretty that I felt I must make them into something stripey. However, one is a worsted-spun fingering weight wool & alpaca (smooth and somewhat string-like) and the other was a rustic woollen-spun woolly wool (likes to bloom with blocking).

    I realised that I needed to increase my stitch count and go down a needle size to accommodate the thinner yarn, and vice versa for the thicker one. But I could not work out how to increase unobtrusively on the first row of the new colour. The e-loop was the best of all the ones I tried, but I think you have bettered it.

    Please tell me, Patty, is there a modified KFBL? If not I’ll change colours on the wrong side 🙂

  • Fab tips thank you. I’ve been knitting for more years than I can remember and am still learning.
    Today I learned about changing colors without the blips and your wool gauge tip.
    Thank you so much.
    Even although I’ve been knitting years I am always striving to improve.
    I just hope I remember the tips!!!

  • I LOVE this tip for approximating what needle size to use when mixing yarns together!! Thank you!

  • K across on the right side (or P on the back) and go back to rib with the new colour! I’ve done this and had the previous colour showing, but never again. You are an amazing divergent thinker and I just love your solutions and the humour in your columns.