Telegram from Norah: She’s Off!

February 4, 2019

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  • i guess that if Norah is planning a cropped version, so can I! yippee!!
    (she says as she is discovering that her available denim yarn is not enough for a full version…)

    • Ben, I’m gonna need some photos of your WIP! xo

  • Can’t wait to see how Norah’s version looks halfway through!

  • How fun that Norah is banging along with us! (and how nice to hear that “the first few rounds require concentration”, if that isn’t affirming I don’t know what is!) Knit on!

  • I love your yarn choice, Norah; the colorway is gorgeous. Your photos are making me want to buy some in the worst (I mean best) way. Thanks for being here and sharing your bang out progress. It makes it extra special.

  • I can’t wait to see her finished sweater.

  • Jealous!! ((:@@,./’;,./’;

  • love this! thanks for sharing your comments and picts!

  • Lovely cable design.

  • Ooooh a cropped version! I have plenty of yarn for my Liberty Tree but maybe I will make a second one. I am sure I have some worsted weight in a random quantity somewhere in the stash…..

  • I’d love to see the whole tablecloth! It’s gorgeous…