Jon Batiste

By Ann Shayne
January 26, 2019

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  • I watched Jon Batiste being interviewed by Anthony Mason last month and was just blown away by his grasp and love of music. And I thought I was a musician!

  • Loved that video, such a beautiful morning song, thank you!

  • I enjoyed this ,Thank you!

  • Yesss. I heard his interview with Terry Gross too. So impressed. Thank you for reminding me to download his new album this sunny Saturday morning.

  • Isn’t he marvelous? We are blessed here in New Orleans with musical dynasties like the Batistes, Nevilles, and so many others who have a deep knowledge and passion for music. They innovate while –or perhaps by–honoring and weaving différent music traditions to create rich, layered music.

  • Yes, he’s fabulous. This was a great start to Saturday! Thank you.

  • I heard the Terry Gross interview with Jon Batiste, also. It was wonderful. Loved how he took off on his favorite children’s song and improvised it in so many ways.

  • Just lately I listened to one of his music CDs, “Hollywood Africans” and found it so easy to listen too. I do recommend it.
    (Borrowed this CD from the library!)

  • Agree great interview & amazing musician!

  • I must hear more. Also, totally irrelevant but—I love a snappy dresser. That yellow suit makes me think of Sonya.

  • I believe!

  • This is truly a great interview. I heard it a few weeks ago, and have listened 2 more times since!

  • Thank you! I have the biggest creepy granny crush on the amazingly talented Jon Baptiste, He’s the main reason I watch The Late Show (sorry Stephen)

  • I got rid of my TV after the election since I prefer to read and listen to NPR. Terry Gross is my favorite beautiful I never have left her interviews without learning something wonderful. Thanks so much for bringing her to attention

  • Love this so much!

  • Thank you! My husband is from New Orleans and regularly plays piano so I’ve come to love love love NOLA music. Thanks for sharing. Happily knitting.

  • He also did a new version of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” for The Atlantic podcast which will give you cold chills. They filmed a video of how he did it, and his thought process, and the man is a genius!

    • I second that recommendation!

      • I third it!

  • Loved the video!

  • Dear MD-knitters,
    Please please more of these. I enjoyed listening to them.
    Marianne from the Netherlands

  • I love that superlative! And your take on it!

  • I saw him perform with Wynton Marsalis at the Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley last year. It was a great concert!

  • He’s 1,000% right about Bach. Made me like him even more.

  • love this!