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  • Thank _you_ for all the great suggestions. I am currently totally entralled in a couple of things on Acorn TV. I love Acorn! The Australian, very well-done soap opera, A Place to Call Home is an epic. It would provide many lazy Sundays entertainment. It has six long seasons of episodes. I am also enjoying Blood, which is an Irish original for Acorn. Did father kill mother?

    • I have been adoring Acorn too for the last 1 1/2-2 yrs. and gifted a 1 yr. subscription to my sis-in-law for Christmas. Currently watching Blood too and not only have to look away at times, but have actually stopped for a few days b/c I can’t take the suspense. Other Irish ones that I liked – Acceptable Risk and Striking Out.

      • Thanks for the new suggestions, Julie! I have taken a break from Blood as well for a few days. It is an immersive experience.

  • Yes love Acorn..especially the “Brokenwood ” series !! Happy knitting.

  • I watched Sabrina with the original cast, the other night and fell in love all over again. I adore all of your posts and most of the suggestions. I’m having surgery on Thursday and the hospital allows for electronic devices. I’m only going to be an inpatient for 2-3 days but any distraction will help.
    May you have a wonderful new year ❤️

  • Happy New Year to you both,love your site and seeing you in Knit Stars 3

  • It’s Sunday? Ack!!!!!!!!!!!!! @@,./’;,./’;

  • The dog bed is so fabulous! (Not to mention dog and jacket, of course.)

  • I’ve enjoyed the recommendations all year. Thank you! And yes, what is that sweater Olive is wearing? Is that a belly band with buttons? Love it.

    Happiest New Year wishes to all!

  • I don’t feel so bad about all my nights on the couch in front of the TV now! I have gotten a fair amount of knitting and stitching done.

  • At our house we’re enjoying (via DVD) the CB Strike series – based on Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling)’s detective. Highly recommend!

  • I signed up for BritBox a couple of months ago so that I could see Olivia Colman in The Rev, and now I’m still poking around and watching this and that. I don’t watch a lot, and I can’t knit while watching (audiobooks are ideal for my knitting), but there always seems to be One More Thing to watch before cancelling.

    • Isn’t Rev wonderful? Funny and depressing at the same time.