Lazy Sunday: Bodyguard

By Kay Gardiner
December 16, 2018

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  • I have watched all, except for Endeavor and the Americans and really like them all. I’m wondering if you also have the Acorn TV subscription – LOL – love that!

  • How about that hunk Richard Madden!!! He’s fantastic! Gorgeous! This is one of my favorite Brit TV shows. I also highly recommend River!!!!!

  • Loved the Bodyguard…! It’s a good one.

  • Ok…. help out an old Senior here who doesn’t know how to find this show. Netflix? Does it cost $$?

    • Yes, it is a subscription. Maybe $12 a month. Worth every penny.can watch on a laptop, tablet, smart TV or phone.

      • With our $12-$15, we still get the disc in the mail. Hubby slides it in our VCR and watches his movies on the TV. There’s a great selection. Meanwhile, my son and I watch our selections on our computers.

  • We just watched the first 2 last night. I agree, excellent!

  • Thank you! Will have to try this one out. And this old senior and hubby actually subscribe to Netflix. Yes, it costs around S12.00 a month but not hard to unsubscribe if you just want to try it out temporarily. At least it used to be. Things sometimes change. Worth checking out.

  • Loved that show! Richard Madden is very good in this role.

  • That’s $12 as in twelve dollars. Hope the accidental “S” didn’t confuse anyone.

  • Just had wrist surgery Friday, complete with hard cast – no knitting! Binged the whole thing, very good watching!

  • I loved the first episode so much I decided to not binge it but to savor it one delicious episode per week.

  • My husband and I saw Bodyguard and also loved it. Best thing about it is that it’s not predictable. (At least, not by me.) Here’s another fascinating and suspenseful one to watch: Little Drummer Girl.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, sounds odd but I love those types of story lines, not sure if they have it US though. I love all your books and I keep missing your free shipping. In advance could I get your next date, is there is one before the holiday? I put things into the cart get called away and never get the chance to complete my order. PLEASE ADVISE.

  • Bodyguard is fabulous. Couldn’t stop watching.

  • It’s a good series – enjoy!

  • The first two episodes rachet the tension up so high, it’s almost unbearable! Richard Madden is great in this role, better than Robb Stark in GoT ( and he’s looking rather good…).

  • Oh that was sooo good!. Up next: Killing Eve.

  • Funny, I just watched Episode 1 last night! Good suspense and acting, I am looking forward to the rest. Bonus: I don’t need subtitles to figure out the dialogue as I often do for British shows.

  • It only gets twistier with more surprises! I loved it!

  • Wait ’til you see “killing Eve”. Some great British TV in the last few months.

  • I’m having trouble finding “Killing Eve” or “Little Drummer Girl” on Netflix? Where are they?

    • Little Drummer Girl is on AMC

    • Killing Eve is on Hulu.

    • I just reserved the first season of Killing Eve on DVD at the library. It’s free from them, no subscription necessary.

  • I loved the Bodyguard, especially the male lead. It’s a good story and very sexy. Great knitting watching!!

  • Loved the Bodyguard…. sad it is done.

  • Egad! We’ve just been watching Keeley Hawes in “The Durrells in Corfu” on Amazon. What a change of character! Looking forward to watching this one soon!

  • I watched Bodyguard by myself once, then watched my husband watch it .It was one watching him react to the twists.

  • Thanks a lot Kay! Now I’m hooked on Bodyguard….

    • Just so you know – i watched all six episodes this week and only got about 6 rows of knitting done!!!!! WOW, great show!!