A Big Welcome to the Designer of Field Guide No. 9!

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
November 7, 2018

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  • Excuse the muffled fangirl screaming – this just made my day!

  • Wow! can’t wait for this one in my mailbox!

  • This is exciting

  • Wonderful news! I am a longtime fan of her work and am currently knitting (and loving) her AMAZING Geiger Cardigan!

    • Oh my gosh, Geiger! Nobody does a big one-patch cable like that. (I can’t think what else to call it. It’s like one big cable that doesn’t repeat.)

      • I’m just putting the finishing touches to my Geiger. I’m thrilled to be keeping company with Wendy! Even just the seams on Geiger are a revelation – it’s full of little details like that.

  • Wahoo! Can’t wait to see what Norah has cooked up for us MDK-ers!

  • One of the cleverest designers out there. I’m a huge fan, and am chagrined that I’ve been pronouncing her name incorrectly all this time!

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Wow! Her designs are truly amazing. I can’t wait!

  • Sigh……………….Norah!!!

  • Eeeeeee!!!! I can’t wait!!!

  • Looking forward to seeing both books. Norah is in a greatness category of her own.

  • CANNOT WAIT! I’ve already asked my LYS to reserve a Field Guide for me.

  • I love the title…and totally appropriate!

  • Thrilled to read the news – Norah is major!!!!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait woo hoo. Huge fan here!!

  • I’m plotzing.

    • Me too! I expect I’ll be verklempt.

  • I can’t wait!!!

  • Gasping out loud here! This is THRILLING news!

  • Will it be clever Norah or whimsical Norah? hmm….

  • I guessed who it was from the tease in your email…could it be…Yes!
    Very exciting!

  • Can’t wait!

  • No hyperbole when it comes to Norah. I too am a fan, excited to see what she’s got for us!

  • So excited!

  • Ecstatic about this. I just finished and wore my Geiger to Rhinebeck. This design is over-the-top amazing and my favorite knitting experience to date. Can’t wait to see the Field Guide! Thanks for bringing us more of Norah!

  • Wait!!! WHAT!?!?! Yeah! Nora! Cannot wait to see what she’s created this time! Christmas is coming early, lafies!

  • Mind. Blown. I cannot wait!!!!

  • I am a HUGE Norah fan, I have several of her fascinating and amazing designs. I can’t wait to see what she’s come up with for Field Guide No. 9.

  • You guys go from success to success.

  • Can we preorder Field Guide #9?

  • This morning I booked off the back of Norah’s cardigan, Geiger. What fun it’s been. With two sleeves already done, I get to stay one of the fronts now!
    I’ve made several other items of Noraj’s design and own Knitting Nature. Now i can lon forward to FG#9!

  • Can’t wait, such a fan of Norah’s work!

  • Soooo-weeeet!!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • Way back when I bought knitting magazines and to declutter I tore out the patterns I thought I would want to knit some day fast forward…okay only to the early 2000’s and I was looking at patterns and bought a book or two of Norah G’s and then looked at the clipped patterns and darn I was a fan girl before I even knew I was. She is so clever with her patterns. So count me in!

  • Love Norah!

  • Oh, I absolutely love her!! ❤️

  • yay!

  • Heard about this at my knitting group today and caught my breath. O.M.G. I’m so excited!

  • Fangirl… so excited!!!

  • Woo-hoo!!

  • i hope you have a large first printing. it’s going to go fast!


  • Nora is my absolute favorite. I know anything that she designs is wonderful! And, she is wonderful. When she was at Berroco I was lucky enough to win a drawing from them and she was the one who called me. I’m not usually a groupie but I was willing to make an exception in her case. I even blurted out this made my knee surgery from the day before feel much better and she chatted about that and wished me well. I can hardly wait for next week!

  • Hi MDK- I’d like to know if you are planning on making blankets (or a blanket) for the victims of the Tree of Life synagogue shooting, like you did for Tia Coleman and a few others. I think they could use a little extra warmth this winter; that someone cares about them. I know it’s the time of year when knitters are thinking of holiday gifts, but I know that in New York (where I live) there’s been an increase in anti-semitism. This is unacceptable. Though one blanket might not be much, I have a feeling it would be greatly appreciated. Please give it some thought.

    Btw, your articles on Tia’s blanket brought tears to my eyes, the finished product was so beautiful!

  • Norah is an amazing designer

  • Look forward to it!

  • You should sell the set together. Would make a great Christmas gift. Just saying.