Announcing: Something New to Learn About Helical Knitting!

By Kay Gardiner
October 26, 2018

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  • I had done a tiny bit of helcal knitting from another book but when I bought and read Jen’s method in Year of Techniques, it was a hallelujah moment! Her helical stripe method is the absolute best for alternating skeins of hand dyes, and was THE solution to alternating skeins on my Weekender sweater that was a reverse stockinette garment but knit with the “knit” side out. I am curious to see the new e-book and see how she sorts out patterned stitches with this method.

    • Marlene, that is so clever!

      • Yes! Helical striping is the answer to my confounding problem of a sweater’s worth of hand-dyed indigo yarn that is beautiful but the skeins don’t so much match as coordinate. Now….to pick the pattern….

  • I love the way that knitting can have these ‘aha’ moments for us. When someone teaches an easy solution to something that you’ve simply accepted as unavoidable (jogs, seams) – it feels like the best kind of unventing!

  • What yarn does MDK recommend to complement Zauberballs?

  • Have yet to wrap my cognition around how helical stripes work, but I’m wondering–when making the honey cowl (helically), do you use two ends of yarn to avoid the jog? Yes?

    • Yes, that’s correct. 🙂

  • Am I correct in understanding that there will be no hard copy book? Tnx.

    • Yes, that’s correct. It’s ebook only this time.

  • This is much too fun! Thanks for bringing it to my attention ❤️

  • I first heard about helical stripes from Grumperina 10 (!) years ago:

  • I love the helix knitting but still do not like the start and stop”