A Year of Techniques

By Arnall-Culliford Knitwear


Learning something new! Here’s a year-long festival of cool projects from the knitting world’s brightest stars. With knitting experts Jen and Jim Arnall-Culliford as our fearless leaders, these 12 clever projects let you try out a new skill and create distinctive projects you’ll be glad to give (or keep).

This print edition is 116 pages, with 12 patterns (see below for all the designers), dozens of step-by-step how tos, and tons of hints and tips.

Sharpen your game, learn from experts and cook up a bunch of very neat projects.

Please note: The print edition includes a download code inside that allows you to download ebook patterns to your Ravelry library. (For the ebook-only edition, tap this link to Ravelry.)

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A Year of Techniques is already an amazing phenomenon: knitters far and wide have embraced this program, and the scarves, socks, blankets, and mice are popping up all over.

This is a truly clever program for knitters who want to learn something new. It’s the brainchild of Jim and Jen Arnall-Culliford, a flat-out brilliant team. Jen is one of the knitting world’s superb technical editors and teachers, and she is the calming, steady star of the series free video tutorials. Jim is the producer (and pattern designer) making it all happen.

The Game Plan

Imagine this:

 Each month, you’ll learn a new technique. But rather than a bunch of swatches and test pieces, you’ll make a cool, small project—a handknit we’ll be glad to have, glad to give.

 Each project comes with a free tutorial video that shows you how to do the technique of the month. See the videos here.

 You can order up the beautiful yarns for each project from MDK—a palate cleanser amid whatever other knitting you may be up to. A great bit of fun to receive in the mail—a skein of this, a batch of colors. (While kit supplies last.)

• Work projects as you please, in whatever order you like.

The Techniques

Jen says: “We have a selection of nifty cast ons, some colorwork techniques, and many ways to make your knitted fabric three-dimensional. We hope that having worked through A Year of Techniques with us, you’ll be inspired to continue to develop your skills in the areas that most interest you.”

You’ll learn:

  • Helical stripes
  • Intarsia
  • Judy’s magic cast on (both for starting closed tubes, and as a provisional cast on)
  • Knitting on a border
  • Garter stitch grafting
  • Pinhole cast on (also known as Emily Ocker’s circular cast on)
  • Reading cables from charts
  • Short rows
  • Afterthought heels and thumbs
  • Mastering dominance in Fair Isle knitting
  • Turning a heel
  • Steeks

Our Fearless Leaders

The words that come to mind about Jen and Jim Arnall-Culliford are: Cheerful. Cool headed. Supersmart. To take lessons from this pair is something we’d jump to do. Now, we don’t even have to head to England to learn with these very special teachers.

The Designers and Patterns

With this gang of knitting designers, you can be sure that the patterns are inventive and surprising.

Jen Arnall-Culliford, Hyacinthus Armwarmers. In demand as a meticulous editor of knitting patterns for others, Jen is sometimes tempted into creating her own designs.

Bristol Ivy, Brambling Shawl. Known for unusual construction, Bristol’s designs are always heaps of fun to knit.

Ella Austin, Alex the Mouse. Ella has an incredible talent for colorwork, which she often uses in her irresistible knitted toy designs.

Romi Hill, Talmadge Cloche. Stunning the knitting community with the beauty of her lace designs, Romi has an instantly recognizable, gorgeous aesthetic.

Rachel Coopey, Antirrhinum SocksEntertaining to knit and amusing to wear, Rachel’s sock and accessory patterns exude joy.

Tin Can Knits, Little Tern Blanket. Famous for their baby-to-big sizing, extensive tutorials, and colorful designs, Tin Can Knits is the creative collaboration of Emily Wessel and Alexa Ludeman.

Martina Behm, Wood Warbler Cowl. Martina’s patterns are the magic combination of moreishly easy to knit and interesting in construction.

Sarah Hatton, Yellow Wagtail Scarf. Working often with Rowan, Sarah has created many iconic designs, often featuring beautiful cables and texture.

Woolly Wormhead, Ruschia Hat. Hat architect extraordinaire, Woolly combines never-ending creativity and clever constructions to make her patterns hard to put down.

Jim Arnall-Culliford, Hedera Helix Socks. Jim is somewhat bemused by the turn life has taken of late—editing and designing knitwear wasn’t where he thought his chemistry degree would lead him!

Ella Gordon, Shaila Mittens. Shetland Wool Week Patron in 2016, Ella is known both for her wonderful colorwork designs, and for her extensive collection of vintage knitwear.

Mary Jane Mucklestone, Oorik Tank Top. Mary Jane has a deserved reputation as an inventive stranded colorwork specialist.

If you’ve read this far, c’mon! You’ll nail the pinhole cast on! You won’t believe your own genius! We lifelong learners have a lot of learning to learn!

Visit our dedicated A Year of Techniques page here for videos, our posts, and shop kits!

Please note: The print edition includes a download code inside that allows you to download ebook patterns to your Ravelry library. No digital files will be provided via MDK.