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  • Thank you for this lovely piece. Alice Starmore is my knitting hero. I first met her in the 1980s at a TKGA Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I took a class from her and was immediately enchanted. I took classes from her at other TKGA conventions whenever I could. My first steeking experience was knitting the Wave Cardigan from her Book of Fair Isl Knitting. I cut my steek with no fear — if Alice said it would work, of course it would. I’ve knit every design in Aran Knitting, some more than once, along with many from her other books and from VY kits. I think it is safe to say that Alice made me the knitter I am today: I owe my love of fair isle, cables, and glorious color to her!

    • Alice is so generous with her time, insight and encouragement. It was a privilege to interview her

  • Wonderful article. Loved reading about Alice. Have always loved her designs. I am working on one of her designs right now.

  • What a lovely piece of writing about … well, just gobsmacking knitting! I’ll be looking at those photos all day!

  • Thank you so much for your very informative and inspiring article. I have learned so much about Alice and her work. She is truly gifted. And she uses and develops her gift. I am not at that level of knitting yet. I do aspire to it.
    Thanks again

  • Have some of her earlier book. Treasures. When I look at the pictures from Glamourie I just think Dear God, Such creativity.

  • HOLY MOLY the feathers.

    • I am knitting feathers at the moment – loads of them. They are quite addictive

  • I might need to make that Raven Poncho. W.O.W.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth! W.O.W. indeed!

  • What a great article. My DH gave me a St Ciaran kit for my birthday and I love every bit of the yarn and knitting. Alice’s patterns are nothing short of brilliant. I was bummed when she could not come to VKL NYC last year.

  • My stranded knitting days are over…too many repetitive stress injuries in my aging hands…I knit so many of those sweaters: both Fair Isle and arans. So much love! So much inspiration!

  • I’ve been looking forward to reading this since you told me about it on Sunday, Juliet, and it was well worth the wait! It’s always so interesting to learn about all the work that goes on behind the scenes of these fantastic books.

    • Thanks so much, Austen. i hope you are having a fantastic Wool Week. Maybe see you at the Spree?

      • Sadly, I’m already back in Halifax! Next time I’ll know to stay for the entire event. Hope you’ve enjoyed the rest of the week and have a great time at the Spree and Maker’s Market!

  • Thanks for writing about Glamourie. I am now obsessed with the look of the designs! Big wow!

  • Wonderful article! Such beautiful designs and breathtaking scenery, those adorable calves too. I must find one of her books and yarn.

  • It’s time for me to visit Scotland again. This summer I finished a Shetland Shawl UFO. The yarn was purchased on a trip to the Outer Hebrides.

  • Inexplicably, but fortuitously for us, Amazon is selling this beautiful book for $11.01. I think everyone should buy a copy before Amazon comes back to its senses. The photos and stories are an inspiration. And, yes, it contains pattern instructions for the feathers!

  • Beautiful, impressive designs in knitting. I am looking for a sleeved poncho, I believe I saw it here at MDK. Thought I saved it but did not. It was designed by a short woman so I think it would be perfect for me. It has sleeves which have a cable. The body has the shape of aCape, short. Any help, please?,