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Juliet Bernard

Knitwear designer, teacher, publicist · Hertfordshire, England

Juliet Bernard has knitted since the age of six, taught by her German Grossmutti during summer holidays in Stuttgart. Her love of making led her to study textiles in the northern powerhouse of Manchester in the UK before joining a large, global textile company. Her early career saw her working with the likes of Paul Smith, Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano.

Following a five-year stint handling public relations for Rowan (which is when she met the Modern Daily ladies), she was approached by a UK publisher to help them launch The Knitter, a monthly magazine she edited until its fiftieth issue.

Currently Juliet divides her time between promoting and building knitting brands, writing her blog, designing and teaching (mainly Fair Isle), all of which involve knitting which makes her very happy. “Just imagine, I can go home in the afternoon, watch soaps, knit and call it work!” Her latest design: Rococo hat.

She lives in Hertfordshire, just north of London, with her husband, two very tall sons, two dogs and a cat.

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