Field Guide No. 7, Home of the Sea Breeze Cowl-Poncho and other intriguing knits from the mind of Julia Farwell-Clay.

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  • Gorgeous! I may have to knit up a blanket in this pattern.

  • Love it!

  • FINE. Now I have to make one of these. (Love it.)

  • Looks fantastic! I just casted on my Parallelogram Scarf – I’m several Field Guides behind – but this Cowl is definitely on my list. More Cowl/Less Poncho for me as well.

  • Not only that, but the CCDDR is staggered! This is quite an achievement. That yarn does look buttery and luscious.

  • So pretty! Too often we read a pattern and give up before we even try. Can’t let the dread of a few rounds of CCDDRs stand in the way of a fun to wear cowl! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Bonus neck upgrade! Hee!

    • I have a bonus neck upgrade, too, and I’m thinking about seeing a plastic surgeon about it.

      • 😀

      • Very funny

  • Your cowl is beautiful! I’m still easing my way through the Picket Fence blanket, but this cowl is going to go on my list of future projects.

  • It turned out beautifuly!

  • I think it’s very interesting and looks cozy. And you are right about not flattening that interesting part. I’d like to know more about the dress you are wearing under it. It looks pretty interesting too.

  • I love it as a cowl! Wise choice. I want to reach out and touch it and sqoosh it too

  • Oh how I LOVE this! The color, the pattern…I think I may need to make one too! It’s stunning!

  • I just got my yarn yesterday , I love this pattern and hoping those lovely twists aren’t too much of a challenge! Also like just the cowl idea, I’ll have to decide, thanks!

  • What an awesome mod, Kay! You look fab.
    I have a small photo of JL on the BR wall that I say hey to frequently.

  • Gorgeous! So many patterns, so little time!

  • I love the blue! I have the S&C sweater yarn (fire engine red, a color that I do NOT wear often enough) and the pattern (well, the whole Ease field guide, actually). I did a dog-sized swatch of this pattern, I found the CCDDR a little tough for sliding over my circular needle joins, and I admit I put it aside. Because summer knitting is all about ease, amiright?
    I’ve been stockinetting steadily for the last few weeks, but I think it’s time to try this one again. Perhaps a different set of circ’s, with a join that is in itself a little smoother. I’ve just got to get back in the groove, as Rhinebeck isn’t so far away and this would be a fun FO to have there!

  • I love this stitch pattern. I used it for my Tilt Shift Wrap (poncho) a few years ago. The cool thing about wet blocking it flat is that instead of the Criss Cross Doodlies undulating, the stockinette between the doodles takes on the undulation. It’s scallopy! You can see it in the closeup photo on my Ravelry page:

    Enjoy your squishy cowl!

  • Love it! Sort of shadow box-esque with texture.

  • I love MDK because of how excited you get over stitch patterns and accessories! This one looks intriguing!

  • Awesome!

  • “Criss Cross Doodly Doo.” Love it!