Aretha Franklin

By Kay Gardiner
August 18, 2018

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  • Thank you for this. I’ve also been listening (and crying) to Sirius channel 49 for non-stop Aretha tributes and music. What a loss, but what great gifts she’s left us all.

    • Thank you for this. As with everything, you are giving us graceful gentle guidance on how to do this.
      I cried for the better part of Thursday. The loss of Aretha Franklin was something that hit me unexpectedly hard.
      Thank you for the music.

  • I also want to thank you for posting this tribute to such a great woman and an incredible artist. She was the greatest and I feel such a tremendous loss. Thank you.

    • Ditto.

  • Aretha was perfection.

  • “Chain of Fools” was my anthem through my divorce—the power and grace in that voice made me feel as if just maybe I would be able to make it through. I’m 56, and it seems like Aretha was always there.

  • Thank you! She is so uplifting, something i can def use now. Tho I’ve seen precious few concerts I was lucky enough to see her twice. I’m not quick to stand up and dance, but with her I awkward was.

  • And do look at/read the piece in today’s NYT about Aretha and her wardrobe. It’s in the Arts section today, but re-branded on the website under ‘fashion.” (I hate when they change the title of the article .. makes it so hard to find.)

  • Part of the soundtrack of my life. She’ll always be a Queen of soulful singing. Grateful we have her music that will keep going and then, so can we.

  • Such a huge lose. Her voice touches my soul with every note and range of emotions. I’ve been adding her songs to my Spotify faves playlist. Her music will live on in all her fans. RIP Queen of Soul

  • This was a beautiful tribute. Since hearing the news I’ve been reflecting that I can’t remember a time when Aretha wasn’t around. Every one of her songs evokes a powerful memory of a significant point in my life. I’ll be listening to the playlist and knitting through the tears this weekend.

  • Alexa has been playing her voice since I got home last night.

  • Being here in The Motor City area of The Mitten State we are truly saddened and we will miss our Queen of Soul.

  • Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys posted this beautiful song on his Facebook page yesterday–it’s an impromptu duet with Smokey Robinson. I think it totally captures her genius and the feeling she could put into song lyrics. Absolutely gorgeous, and this was a tremendous loss for all of us who had her music as part of the soundtrack of our lives.

    • That was beautiful. Thank you.

  • Walked into my local bulk food store yesterday singing “Do Right Woman” at the top of my lungs (radio phone in in the car had been about people’s favourite Aretha song). Nobody even batted an eye, just nodded and smiled and understood. I love my community.

  • Aretha has been a major part of the soundtrack of my life. sending love and sympathy to her family and friends.

    who hasn’t been inspired by “RESPECT”?

    and replace “sisters” with “knitters” and belt out ‘Knitters are doing it for themselves’.

    (Annie Lennox is a distant cousin of mine, i’m sure she won’t mind.)

  • Last night’s episode of In the Soul Kitchen with Harry Duncan on KCSM was an especially fine collection of recordings beyond the beaten path. What an amazing artist to have such a depth of wondrous recordings beyond the 20 or 30 songs that are her canon. Anyway, the In the Soul Kitchen 8/19 episode will be up on will be up for 2 weeks and I highly recommend it.

  • The New Yorker magazine has an incredible drawing of Aretha on the cover this week