How She Got Her Ease On

July 27, 2018
Field Guide No. 7: Ease is a little getaway you can carry in your bag

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  • I can so relate to the comment about “I can’t knit that because that’s too hard” And having just finished knitting my first article of clothing, I look at it and see the wabi-sabi errors here and there! So critical of myself

    • You’re on the right path if you’re calling it wabi-sabi. Put it in a drawer for a week, and the next time you wear it you won’t notice those little old things anymore. This almost always works for me.

    • Just remember that no one (not even you) will look at your finished knitting as closely as you looked at it while knitting – so if anyone sees errors they are probably too close. You finished it – wear it with pride!

  • I think we’re all too prone to self-criticism. I tell my friends “Stop it!” But I have a harder time telling myself that….

  • Julia will always be a favorite of mine!

  • …sigh…
    The perfectionist is the person who exclaims, “Oh, no! I’m not a perfectionist, see that mistake!”
    Be gentle with us….

  • As a fellow Bread Loaf alum (and recent MFA grad), I just want to give a shout-out to Julia. I totally get what she says about writing and knitting. When I feel stressed about writing, I escape into knitting, which engages a different level of creativity and allows me to feel productive in a concrete, practical way. Interestingly, there were LOTS of knitters (of various ages) in my MFA program. That creative drive will always find its way to the surface, whatever the medium…

  • I “don’t make” mistakes. I just leave proof it’s handmade. 😉

    • I’m with you.

  • Okay, this was the shortest time between reading about a thing and casting on a thing. (THIS IS WHY WE KEEP BIG STASHES!) I’ve been stalled on the sleeves on a fingering-weight sweater so I’m off to cast on the Hiro. Thanks for enabling me.

  • My life has changed with age. Children are adults, the spouse is on wife #3 and a highlight of my day is MDK. Many Thanks from a happy, single old bat of 65.

  • Great idea to adapt Diebenkorn paintings for knitting. We discovered some years ago that he actually grew up in our house in the Ingleside in San Francisco! So exciting. The most exciting part was having his daughter, granddaughter and foundation staff over to see the house while the Matisse/Diebenkorn exhibit was at SFMOMA.

  • The Bodhi Leaf is my new purse project. After I knit the first one, the pattern was set in my brain. Wait until you see the cute project I am creating with them.
    Took the book with me on a boat this weekend…friends, water, knitting…the epitome of ease. We got in the middle of a downpour though. Thankfully, I ordered the print and digital copy of the Field Guide!
    Be well! Regina

    • As I taught my children, and now my grandchildren AND my husband, I explain that “rip-time” is part of the process, even if it’s just stitching “backwards” to undo an accidental yarn over. And if we don’t catch it, and the decision to fix it is pondered and weighed against letting it go, it is an example of our growth and learning.