Knit your way through Field Guide No. 7, one fun pattern and one fabulous yarn at a time.

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  • Very cool. Also cool that u can now not only write about your visits to each other but wrote them off!! I’m envious of how much fun U guys are having!

  • I read with gusto, waiting for the Big Reveal of you in the Savage Heart (which sounds like it should be a bodice ripper novel) but will bide my time until you get it sewn….
    Reverse stockinette always weirds me out, too.

  • Your writing (and knitting) bring me so much pleasure. I want to make both of these things, but am currently knitting stacks of Bodhi Leaf face cloths and have adapted the pattern (smaller needles, slightly less increases and garter rows, and an I-cord stem instead of loops) to make darling sets of coasters. Oh the fun, and talk about “ease”!

    • Coasters. What a brilliant idea. Makes me want to join in the fun.

  • I am in the “How on earth did I manage before wonder clips?” camp as well! Besides being great for all manner of textile work, they are also great at temporarily clipping up hair that has escaped ones not-so-fashion-forward ponytail and is getting in the way while doing aforementioned textile work. I also love patterns that rapidly alternate between challenging and boring. The next baby to come along may just need the tiny version of that sweater.

    • They are simply the best.

  • Really cannot wait to see how your Savage Heart seams up! I’m resisting the urge to cast on until I finish Carbeth #2 but I just might. I already swatched and prepped my pattern!

  • Your Brave Heart Cardigan looks beautiful, I too look forward to seeing how it fits. I think the Reverse Stockinette dangers, especially when knitting in the round, are a topic worthy of a whole post. Think alternating skeins, working and resolving short rows, adding new yarn….

  • Me too—can’t wait to see how your Savage Heart seams up. I’m about halfway into the project but decided to wait on some additional empirical evidence.

  • Please tell us more about the Elliott tribute cushion. Is it an actual likeness of the late Elliott?

    • Yes, a couple of years ago I was inspired by the Spoonflower handbook, which had instructions for making a picture into a cushion. There is a Kermit and an Olive also. Every time I stay at Ann’s I laugh at them all over again.

    • And here’s a link to the post where Ann joyfully received her surprise Kermit and Elliott cushions in San Diego:

      Don’t leave home without them!

      • Tip if you are making a Pet Tribute Cushion: no legs. No dangly parts. Elliott’s turned out the best because he was so nearly spherical with no pointy bits.

  • I have found that tiny hair clips from the dollar store work well for holding seams together and you get 12-16 for a dollar. I have seen them in most dollar stores. I also use them to hold my loose ends in place.

  • Seems like a field trip to Ann’s fave LYS could have resolved the missing Wonder Clips dilemma. If they (gasp!) didn’t have any you could have continued on to a stationery store for tiny binder clips (possibly printed with tiny Savage Hearts) to use in a pinch. (Sorry, too good a pun to pass up!)

    • For me there is no Wonder Clips but Wonder Clips, and I knew I had a jam jar full of them at home.

  • Wish the teal dark would be in sweater pattern. Neck down rsglan

  • “The criss-cross doodly-doo” sounds like a step from a square dance — “grab your partner and criss-cross doodly-doo”!

  • Must. Have. Savage. Heart. Pattern. Now! What a great look/fit/design and all that jazz!

  • “Criss-cross doodly-doo stitch” is the most fun thing I’ve read all day! 🙂

  • I’m here to say that I love the term doodly-dooing. 🙂