It’s Here! Field Guide No. 7: Ease

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
June 28, 2018

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  • Love the new field guide! Placed my order, along with a set of euroflax minis. I’m going to a wedding in a couple of weeks and needed just that little extra handmade gift for the two nature lovers that are getting married. The timing couldn’t be more perfect!
    Oh – and that SHAWL!!!

  • Oh that afghan is a thing of beauty! Ordering the guide, but have a question about the yarn. I normally dislike knitting with cotton. Is there anything about the Rowan that is different in the hand and the FO than most cotton yarns?

    • Denim is very much like any cotton yarn in terms of how it feels to knit with.

      • Thanks! Definitely want to make it, but may look for other yarn.

  • So nice to wake up to this, just purchased, downloaded and wow I love it already…. those little leaves are such perfect summer sewing, ok so is that denim blanket, and those shawls!! Such a perfect way to start summer ( in Boston) congratulations to all on this issue!

  • I love the Afghan but how do you add the cotton to the denim when you know the denim is going to shrink? How about the bleed of denim on your hands in the summer warmth?

    • It all shrinks together, no problem at all. Any cotton yarn will shrink with hot machine washing and drying.

    • The blue washes right off your hands.

  • Everything is beautiful! Very excited to pick up Vol. 7 to add to my collection!

  • All of a sudden I’m ready to ditch my current projects and cast one something new. But which one to do first???

    • The Bodhi leaf washcloths are quick and so you feel less guilty ditching your current project. I knit one up and then went back to my Shakerag top.

  • Aw, man – I haven’t even wound the Sylph for my Shakerag!

    • Cmon Mary Lou pick up the pace

  • You’ve done it again! All of these designs are so appealing.

  • I’m about to start my Shakerag but now the question is – ” What to do? “

    • There are no wrong answers!

    • If you make the Shakerag, you can wear it while you’re knitting your next project. Just sayin’!

      • Ok, Pennie, so there IS a right answer!

  • Wondrously clever and fun patterns! Beautiful projects! Great yarn. I have been wanting to try Rowan denim, and that blanket is the best project ever. It is simple yet very sophisticated (when I first saw its picture I was reminded of the I Ching). Thanks to Julia, and of course to MDK.

    Ease is easy to love.

  • Oh boy, Julia, that cotton blanket is tempting!

  • Y’all should be so proud – a beautiful new book and an amazing collection of Field Guides.

  • Yes, yes, yes!!! I love all of these so much. Ordering my copy right NOW!

  • I loved the little Bodhi Leaf wash cloths, and had to cast on – I’ve completed 5 so far, using Rowan cotton I had in my stash. Might also have to try the linen mini skeins recommended in the pattern (MDK of course) which I have on hand (“sea” colorway). (As “Smurkland” said – less guilt involved in being unfaithful to current WIPs because they’re sneaky quick!)

    Here’s a link to my Ravelry project page:

    Thanks to Ann and Kay and Julia for these brilliant books and patterns!

  • You’ve absolutely nailed what I love knitting in the summer – easy, beach styling that provides a simple extra layer for evenings at the beach or in the backyard. The sea breeze poncho is fantastic – that pattern looks like ocean waves. And when you live in New England, no matter how hot the day gets, you can almost count on wanting a warm layer most evenings. I want to wrap myself in the cowl, the shawl, the blanket – all are gorgeous. This is all going to interrupt my current WIPs!

  • I was delighted to get a sneak peak at Shakerag, and want to make everything in this Field Guide! Every design is tasty, and just right for summer knitting.

  • Love the sea breeze cowl. Could I use tat pattern to make a shawl?

    • Of course, but the pattern is written in the round. You’ll have to convert it, and it is a stockinette pattern essentially so you’ll need something like a garter stitch border to guard against the curl. But sure, you can do that!

  • sorry, but I really do think there is at least one mistake in the picket fence pattern. For example,
    “Second B Stripe
    —— Row 1 (RS): With B, purl to last
    14 sts, drop B and leave it there;
    slip remaining sts in row purlwise
    without working them.”

    I’m pretty sure this has to be a WS row.

    I stopped here on my first square.

    • Nina,

      You are correct. Second B Stripe, Row 1 should say WS not RS.

      THank you for catching it. We will issue an errata as soon as I’ve knit the rest of the way through a mini square to make sure I don’t find another problem.

      All best,


  • How do you buy the complete field guide?

  • I would love to make several of these Leaves, but am really not interested in any of the other patterns in the book. I have seen comments on Ravelry which express similar wishes. Also many state that the leaves are a bit small for wash clothes. Would you please consider revamping this pattern, to incorporate different sizes and make it available as a single pattern , that would be amazing!!