Self-Care Summer Camp

June 25, 2018

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  • My summer project is all about finding time to can or freeze our garden produce. This year especially new jalapeno sauces and or jellies. It’s not a leisurely stroll, like my knitting, which can be comfortably tucked away until the creative juices flow..but is a full blown race against time as the veggies and fruit rippens. There is a certain satisfaction when it’s done and even more in mid winter and you open that blackberry jam. Yum almost sounds like a mantra.

    • “Yum” is an excellent mantra! This reminds me of how much I used to love putting away groceries with my dad, who would say, “Oh I feel like a squirrel! Ready for winter!”

  • When I was a kid I went to the camp fire girls summer camp in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. We had company, good food, crafts and activities, and lovely streams tall trees, all kinds of nice things. However, there was a little homesickness to get through but after that the two weeks flew by. The bus ride up and back was long, 7 hours to and from San Francisco, but that was nice too. We sang songs, stopped to eat our bag lunches.

    Now all grown up, I’ve just returned from the first Mason-Dixon Knitting getaway. It was so wonderful and relaxing to meet people who are so interested in knitting who have skills at all different levels, to be in a lovely and quiet place, and to be nourished by well prepared and delicious food. I feel as though I found myself again.

    • I’m still basking in the afterglow of the knitting getaway too! Definitely one of the year’s highlights.

      • So glad this happened! May it continue.

  • I’ve been itching to do something new this summer that also isn’t super-time-consuming and will pull me away from my usual leisurely summer crafting (knit, crochet) and reading. My 11 yr old stepdau and I recently saw a book that introduces very basic yarn dying and we found an indigo dye kit online. We’re looking forward to trying some yarn dying this summer when the right weather and mood strikes us, and we may pull in 1-2 other friends. We’re going to have ‘summer camp afternoon in our backyard’ one of these days!

  • When I retire, I will offer this camp. I have the location locked down!

  • Ugh, the attic, You just reminded me. And today would be the perfect day, as it’s going to rain. (It’s just the box room, and I can do it in a day — have to, as the only place to put stuff is all over the bedroom including the bed.) But the grandkids are coming over for the day, so alas, we’ll have to go to a movie instead. Too bad.

    • Judy, what’s the difference between an attic and a box room? I thought they were the same, from the hand-me-down English novels of my youth…

  • Accountability camp sounds deadly. But so useful! I dream of the days when I could just ride my bike and read all summer. (After chores, of course.)

    • The eternal pendulum! Sometimes the chores just have to wait… 😉

  • Max Daniels, you have penetrated my atmosphere once again with your genius!
    Just yesterday a woman approached me about starting a “group”….
    ”Uhhhhhhgggg, a group of whaaaat?” I thought.
    I played with changing the name from group to….crickets…..I chose to put the idea on a shelf until a concept was powerful enough to allure me – enter YOU!
    Summer Camp, Accountability, Get-it-Done campers…Yesssssssss!
    This I can do and WILL do, perhaps gather campers interested in clutter clearing their closet, night stand or home. Marie Condo style? We could play with what truly “Sparks Joy” and support one another in saying goodbye to all that doesn’t!

    • LOVE it! Report back if it pleases you 🙂

  • I love to go to camp! When my grandsons were younger, there was always a week thatbwasnt covered by their day care/preschool and camp. I would go down to stay with them. We’d do crafts, cooking, go out to lunch, and take a field trip to the local Lego store to buy new toys. My daughter eventually began to call it Camp Mama. This year they’ve been busy, so Camp Mama is on hold. They’re 14 and 12, so they are busy.
    What I need to take the place is a knitting camp or a ukulele camp. With campfires and arts and crafts and Smores. Also, I could also be happy at a laying around and reading camp. With a pool.

    • And lots of singing camp songs. Forgot that.