Cable Wizardry from Lucy Hague

May 21, 2018

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  • What a great discovery for me, and a very generous offer for a fabulous free pattern. Thanks!

  • I ordered Something New to Learn About Cables solely because of the Pleione design, but am enjoying the entire book!

  • Lucy’s blog post describing the thought process behind the technique is both fascinating and incredibly generous sharing on her part. Thank you so much for pointing me to it!

  • Wow! Beautiful patterns.

  • I started the Bain scarf after seeing it here during March Madness. It will be a birthday present to one of the most Celtic women that I know. I started a year early, and when I had to tear back a few times in the beginning, I was sure it was a good thing I had the extra time. Now, however, after getting the hang of it, I’m moving right along. Thanks, MDK, for showcasing this beautiful work. I love it!

  • I’m in lust over here. After about 60 years of knitting, I’m finally figuring out what kind of knitting I’m most drawn to (as in, like to knit), and it’s definitely texture. Colorwork, meh! But give me a good cable or lace pattern, or entrelac or linen stitch, or transparent (I’m looking at you, Shakerag top!) or Brioche and I’m all over it. These patterns are drool-worthy!

  • I fell in love with Lucy Hague’s patterns about six months ago. I have knitted two of them and have the yarn and patterns for several of the others. My goal is to knit all of them. I hope to meet her when I go to Scotland this coming Fall.

  • Thank you for pointing me in the direction of Lucy Hague’s blogpost. After reading it, I shared the link with my girlfriend and told her, “Okay, Lucy Hague was good before, but now she has completely blown my mind!”

    It has been a good while since I dehydrated myself drooling over her stunning Reversible Traveling Cable pieces. Once I saw hers, I stopped doing cables. Armed with ‘Illuminated Knits’ and her explanation of the technique, I am off and running.

    Just yesterday, after sharing another pattern with my girlfriend, she told me she would need a whole other lifetime to knit all her projects. Think I will now require TWO lifetimes; one for existing projects, and one for Lucy’s cable patterns.

    BTW, MDK makes it difficult to get any knitting accomplished. Too many good things to read are offered… JUST KIDDING, well, maybe.

  • A day in heaven could be described as the day I’m having today. Knitting and watching CSI reruns, while in bed with the dog