Cockleshell Cardigan: Faster than Childbirth?

By Ann Shayne
April 23, 2018
MDK Field Guide No. 6 is a special joy: patterns by Amy Christoffers, yarns by special folks

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  • It’s so sweet! Might have to make it for the gift stash. Thank you!

  • It’s such a great knit – fast, clever and rather satisfying, too.

  • gosh, leave it to Amy to figure out something like this! Amazing and so pretty to boot. Right to the top of my preferred Baby Knits it goes. Thanks Kay and Ann for midwife-ing this one!

  • Thank you! This looks awesome!

  • I just heard the new Royal Baby is here. Better send one off to the palace. Blue, I think.

  • I’d like to see this in adult sizes

  • You are a riot!!!!! Thanks for the good humor – what a way to start the week!!

  • Awww, I miss your writing! I’ve been reading the blog like, forever, and I have a yearning for the good ol’ days when it was just the two of you writing back and forth. (Note: I’m still here.) Both of you are such GREAT writers! I’d love to see more.

  • I must not have had enough coffee…if you fold it and seam up the arms and sides, where does the head go?

    • the three-needle bindoff is only up the back, leaving the fronts open.

      • I still can’t see where the head goes.

    • Uh oh!
      (No, seriously, it looks as if you don’t seem up the whole back it just half of it.)

  • It’s lovely and clever! Where can I buy the pattern? I can’t find it alone. Thanking you kindly.

    • The pattern is available exclusively as one of the four patterns in MDK Field Guide No. 6: Transparency, in print/ebook and ebook editions.

      • Oh thank you for letting me know!

  • Why not an adult version? Maybe not so bulky…

  • I am about to start the cardi – directions say to get gauge in Rev St – this is not described in the pattern (or I didn’t see it) What is Rev St.? Thanks, and can’t wait to get started on this for baby shower at end of Aug.

  • It looks so lovely, would love to make it, for grandson, but cannot afford pattern.
    Any other way that I can try to knit this ?
    Ashamed to ask, but that’s how life is being presented to me.
    Thank you.