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  • A cardigan version! This short person would knit that in a cardigan …. the whole look changes.

    • So totally agree.

  • Cannot wait to see the modeled shots! I’m attempting to finish one more sweater before casting on the Carbeth cardigan but the struggle is real.

  • Kay! Your new sweater is lovely, and I’m so glad that you resisted (the clever yet potentially calamitous) temptation to steek it. I enjoyed the prompt to think of my first set of dishes, not china, but something that makes me smile (and weep) when I see it in the vintage shops.

    • Nell—it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who gets misty over dishes at vintage shops.

  • Kay, your sweaters look so pretty on that blanket. I’d leave them lying around like that for a while, as decoration. I too was thinking about steeking my Carbeth, pretty much as I finished each round, so it took me about two minutes to decide to switch to the Card version.Sleeves stay the same, and I’m fine with ripping back my 6″ of the body and doing that over.

  • I answered the call of the Carbeth Cardigan. Finished the neck of Carbeth the First and cast on right away. This has been fun, thank you ladies for the inspiration. Will post swan dance photo when it is dry.

  • How chic that your knitting matches your quilt.

  • I purchased the pullover edition pattern of Carbeth immediately after seeing the gorgeous photos on Kate Davies’ Instagram feed. Then, after much considering of yarn options, I ordered the very same yarn shown in her pictures. While waiting for the arrival of said yarn, she came out with the cardigan pattern which I promptly purchased as well. Yesterday, the yarn arrived. Thank goodness it’s knit night at my lys. I’ve got some swatching to do. (Just kidding. I’m not waiting until tonight.)

    • I’m also thinking of ordering the yarn, but am a bit apprehensive that it may be quite rough/itchy – similar to Icelandic – as you have some in hand, what are your impressions? Thank you in advance!! (a very new, but smitten knitter!)

      • I wear a lightweight tee with sleeves cut off under my “itchier” wools. Too many yarns not to be able to wear:)

      • It is always hard to know how one person’s soft/rough/itchy will compare to another’s, but Buachaille is *not at all* like Icelandic wool!

        Right this minute, I have in my hands a skein of Buachaiile (in Ptarmigan) and a skein of Cascade 220 Sport (in color 8505, a “natural”). They are spun differently, with Buachaille having a bit more thick-thin nubbly-ness to its twist, and straddling the line between sport and DK in thickness.

        However, when I closed my eyes and mixed them up and tried to pick the Cascade, I couldn’t do it. So I feel fairly confident in saying that however you feel about Cascade 220 Sport (NOT the superwash variety) is how you’ll feel about Buachaille. And no patch on Cascade, but Buachaille is, in my estimation, a more special yarn (see Kate Davies’ blog for the story of its creation). And the colors are absolutely gorgeous!

  • Gosh, that looks simply gorgeous! So glad the blocking gave you the fit you like. Personally, I find “negative ease” a rather nonsensical term.
    My first steek project will probably be a washcloth knit in the round. The idea of knitting an entire sweater (which, for me, would be a large project in every way) and wondering all through the knitting process just how well the steeking would go….well, I need less drama in my life 🙂

    • OMG, thank you for this comment, Quinn! I am intrigued by the idea of steeking but actually TRYING it was off the grid for me–until you said “washcloth in the round”– angels sang! PERFECT way to attempt this!

      And yes, this carbeth is gorgeous!

    • A washcloth – what a brilliant idea for a steek-phobic knitter!! Thank you for suggesting that.

    • Try steeking an old swatch, or a thrift store will sweater (be sure it’s wool!). With all that to work with, you can test out different methods for Steeks till you find your favorite, and feel comfortable enough doing it to transfer that knowledge to your “good” project.

      • Oh prefect! All the fun and drama of steeking without the messy emotional attachment of using my own knitting. Off to the thrift store just as soon as the snow clears!

  • Your sweater is so beautiful Kay!
    I must stay on my diet so Carbeth can be on my needles!

  • I bought the Shibui yarn for the Carbeth sweater but prefer the cardigan. Will there be enough yarn for the cardigan?

    • Check the cardigan pattern for yardage requirements. We have yet to knit the Carbeth Cardigan in Drift but the yardage worked out well for the pullover.

  • Your Carbeth pullover looks great. The cardigan is on my wish list. I love Poppies on Blue! For 30 years it was my everyday China. I had purchased some place settings before I was married and luckily my husband liked the pattern! We finally bought new china a few years ago when we moved to a new house. The plates had started to fade and the pattern is now discontinued. But, I have saved some place settings and serving pieces for my daughter’s first apartment!

  • L-O-V-E your Carbeth. Just joined the body and sleeves on mine. Bought the cardigan pattern the minute it came out and have to resist buying new yarn to knit it. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Swan dance? Why not the Carbeth Funky Chicken? (Your Carbeth looks amazing. Meanwhile, the Big Floral Damask Thing was last seen doing the Frug around the Fashion District…!)

  • Congratulations! It is so quietly beautiful, and I’m glad that the neck blocked out nicely. Finally, I LOVE “positive ease, the only kind of ease I like.” Moi aussi!

  • I am nearing the neck band – but I don’t think I’ll make it to the finish line before tomorrow night. I actually brought it to work today because I had a webinar to watch and decided no one who was scheduled to be there would care if I was knitting. And I’m meeting friends for drinks after work – I’m thinking I can knit there, too!

  • I finished my Carbeth using stash yarn. I had more left than I had used. And, I had more in another color. Sooo, my next Carbeth is going to be a dress!

    • LOVE this idea. Please share when your frock is finished?

  • I resisted the Siren Song of the Carbeth until last Sunday, when I succumbed and ordered two slightly different green shades Berocco Vintage worsted to make one. (Vintage is only 40% wool; a bulky 100% wool sweater would have been so warm I couldn’t wear it. Such is each one’s comfort temperature.) So, that was Sunday. On Monday I went to the doctor to have my shoulder, which still hurt from a fall 3-1/2 weeks ago, looked at and discovered that I had broken a bone in said shoulder. Haven’t knitted a stitch since; doctor’s advice, after issuing me a sling, was if it hurt to do something, Not To Do It. And it is a bit painful to knit ::sob::

  • Spanxian. Heh. Looking forward to seeing your modeled FO!

    Carbeth Cardigan?! Off to check it out…

  • Just bought Carbeth sweater pattern and then saw the cardi version…hmm, I may be making both versions now (impossible to choose between them!)