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When deep midwinter is upon us, what do we crave?

A knitalong!

We announce with all the cheer in our hearts that the month of February is going to be bright as we embark on a month of sweater-making.

Last year, many of us Banged Out a Stopover. This year, we’re bewitched by a new, simple, beautiful pullover, and we think it will be a ton of fun to make this together.

Our mission: Véronik Avery’s Hadley Pullover.


It appears in Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide No. 2: Fair Isle.


It knits on a size 8—that perfect, fast-knitting needle size.


The yarn is Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter, a worsted-weight yarn we have long admired yet (incredibly) not had the chance to play with.

It is knit in the round, bottom up. The clever parts are very clever. The zen moments are many.


If you’ve followed the designs of Véronik Avery, you know that she is a master of the perfect detail, with juicy bits that make her garments refined, inventive, and (top of our list) flattering.

Is it ambitious to make a sweater like this in a month? Did the Flying Wallendas use a net for their seven-person chair pyramid? We think not!

Bang Out a Hadley: The Details

Who: Every knitter who wants to play around with a brand-new pattern, beautiful yarn, and fellow enterprising, curious knitters.

What: Hadley Pullover, featured in Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide No. 2: Fair Isle.

When: Needles up on Wednesday, February 1. Superloose finish line: Saturday, February 28. We may well not hit the finish line on the 28th, but we do love a deadline. In fact, we don’t do much without a deadline.

Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter. If you’d like to order up a batch of yarn from us, this is where you’ll find our kit, fresh as a daisy and ready to go. When you order now, you’ll have yarn ready to go on February 1, the glorious day when we begin our Hadleys.

If you’d like to use your own yarn, that’s great. Part of the fun of a knitalong is to see what happens when a bunch of intrepid knitters take on one project together. You have the rule followers, the rebels, the innovators. Welcome, everybody who looks at a pattern and says, “I’ve got another way to do that.” Welcome especially everyone who has yet to try stranded colorwork, a shaped pullover, a sweater at all.

Skill level: You’ll probably want to have made at least one sweater. Then again, who are we to say? If you can read, you can make this sweater. We’ll help.

The Discussion: We’ll have a superspecial area over in The Lounge (“Bang Out a Hadley”) where we can all swap notes, show and tell, and generally carry on about our progress. Our forum moderator and all-around brainiac teacher Nell Ziroli will be in the mix, giving encouragement and tips along the way.

The Prizes: We will be lobbing out wonderful surprises to folks who are posting in The Lounge, showing photos on Instagram and Facebook, pinning on Instagram, and subscribing to Snippets, our (soon-to-be-Pulitzer-winning) weekly newsletter. The hashtag will be #bangoutahadley.

Bottom Line: We’ve had this sweater in our hearts for a while now, waiting for the day when we could make it. FINALLY! There’s something alluring about knowing that we’ll have a new sweater in a few weeks. And something great about knitting with like-minded souls. On to the high wire we go! No net!


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  • Here in the UK we are bereft – no shipping yet from MDK – we long for the day when parcels will arrive from that glorious place – the MDK shop!

    • Hello Heather! We too long for the day when we can deliver the bounty of MDK to the UK. Until then, our dear friends at Loop in London stock the beautiful Brooklyn Tweed yarns. I bet they’d love to set you up.

      • Thanks Ann, but the books – the books!! Are they at Loop?

      • I am also in the UK and have been on the website. This yarn is prohibitively expensive. It requires 5 colours, 4 of which will only use a fraction of the skein I would need to purchase. Help. Would this knit to Aran or double knit? I would love to do this protect with y’all. Exciting

        • Ann, thanks for that link. What a great site! I just learned about it in The Lounge but hadn’t visited it yet because you know it would have been so much work for me to type in a new window…..

        • Yep, with you on this one. But gives me the chance to browse more yarn so I’m totally into that!

          For my version, I thought I’d go for a grey MC and white/cream contrast, turning it on it’s head for a lo-fi version.

        • Totally hear you. This pullover will be gorgeous in a lot of different yarns. Ideas for substitute yarns here:

          Gauge for Hadley is 18 stitches and 29 rows = 4″, so it’s an aran weight project.

    • I’ll help you Heather; if you’d like.

      • Thanks Lori, it is the books that I would like, but I don’t think they are available in the UK

  • Woo Hoo! I’m not a big knit-along knitter, but I sooooo want to knit this sweater.

    • We can sit in the back and act like we’re not into it.

      • Oh, Ann! That is so spot on!

  • Great minds think alike! I was planning my own Bang Out a Hadley in February. Now I don’t have to go it alone!

    • It’s a harmonic convergence! Or something!

  • I’ve been obsessively searching the lounge for ideas for a yarn substitution. I would love to knit with Brooklyn Tweed but $150 is out of my price range. Halp!

    • I’m looking at a couple of possible subs at KnitPicks: City Tweed Aran/HW or Wool of the Andes Tweed. WotA is a little lighter, I think, but might work, and the color palette looks pretty good to me. I’ll probably choose a dark MC because I fear light-colored clothing for a variety of perfectly reasonable reasons. Materials would come in around $50 depending on the size you want to make.

      • I just need to choose the same color as my cat because……. cat fur.

        • THIS, the truth of knitters who are owned by cats!

    • How about Cascade Eco and Eco+? These are aran weight I think and come in huge skeins of almost 500 yards and are often on sale in online yarn stores. Right now Craftsy has them for @$12.00. I’ve used this yarn a lot for kid’s sweaters and have found it miraculous for the crazy cheap price. Thick and soft and springy.

    • Yarn Sub can help you find a good substitution!

      Go here:

      Patons Classic Wool Tweeds is a good, affordable substitution for Shelter. It runs around $8.00 per skein, with around 200 yards per skein. I’ve used them together in garments, and they work and play nicely together.

  • What if one potentially started one’s Hadley, because, well, of ignorance? Might this person join along? Asking for a friend, you know…

    • Ohhhh, you got me! I was going to wait until I finished the Wolf River pullover to start on Hadley, but, hey, two KALs in the same month is do-able.


      • Is this even a question?

        • Lol

    • One would probably have a great time, get stuck for a moment on some thing or other, then get help from one’s fellow knitalongers. One would find it all pretty satisfying. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

      • Ah. And one who started prior to the official start might still join in said festivities without condemnation?

        • Judgment-free zone. Sometimes one needs momentum. It’s like the Americas Cup–the yachts cross the start line at full speed.

  • This sweater has been calling to me, but I couldn’t figure out why (except for it’s obvious gorgeous was). When I saw the kit pictures, it immediately struck me – it’s a subtle version of a Hudson Bay blanket.

    • Of course! And one could even go all the way and make it an upfront Hudson Bay!

  • Yay!!!!! I’ve got some Cestari Mt. Vernon on order for this. Can’t wait!

    • Well that’s going to be lovely. Can’t wait to see how this looks with that beautiful yarn!

  • I will be an excited spectator and part of what will likely be an enthusiastic cheering section! Huzzah!!!! (practicing)

  • Yarn ordered: MC Sweatshirt, CCs Plume, Almanac, Sap, and Homemade Jam.

    Can’t wait! Great, fabulous, wonderful idea! Other knitting will just have to wait! Or get done in the next two weeks!

    I’m a little excited.

    • Oh wow…if I hadn’t already purchased the colorway I did, I would have to copy you and get yours…that will be Gorgeous. :D!

  • Hmm, would Lopi work? Or perhaps at that gauge too toasty for Central Virginia? Turns out the teen doesnt want the Stopover I stocked up for after making mine; been considering banging out another one of those. Not that I don’t already have a lovely green cardigan on needles …

  • I did not know this was coming and I bought the pattern and the yarn last week. How nice!

    • There are no coincidences … ; )

  • I am so down for this, though probably stash diving for yarn (handspun if I’m brave). Joining a group will make completing it much more likely. Thanks for starting this!

    • (deep curtsy) Handspun..! Yes. 🙂

  • One of these days, I will actually cast on my first sweater. However, until #takeFebruaryoffandknit becomes a thing, I will have to watch from the sidelines.

  • I had so much fun Stopover-ing last year, that I long to join in again. However, my February is already committed to “bang out the 8th month of pregnancy” which is… not an ideal time to knit yourself a pullover? At least, not if you want to glory in triumphant modeled photos (and let’s not even consider the various nursery sewing projects I have lined up…)

    Since I live in a place that largely skips winter, it was too warm to wear my Stopover by the time it was done (*cough* sometimeinmarch) — but thankfully, large-gauge Lopi is magic and I got in some solid wears this past fall when I was less capacious than I am now. It would still stretch around me these days, I think, but the length has become comical.

    So I will also follow avidly from the sidelines and cheer, and hope that there is a February knitalong next year, too (and that I’m not too overwhelmed with childrearing to participate!).

    • Congratulations–that is “almost” as exciting as a Hadley pullover!

      • Thanks! And yes, important to keep these things in perspective 😉

  • I’m in! In fact, I ordered yarn from Brooklyn Tweed (I wanted to use different colors) a few days ago. I’m so glad you believe in loose deadlines – I came closer to finishing on time with my Stopover than I ever imagined – but I can’t promise that with this one!

    • Don’t keep me in suspense, what colors did you get?!

      • It came today! The main color is Fossil, just like the sample, with Almanac, Faded Quilt, Camper, and Blanket Fort for the colorwork.

        • Oh! That will be so lovely! I can’t wait to see those in this pattern 🙂

  • I have never participated in a knit along. How does it work? I am a very basic knitter and think I could learn a lot by doing this. Thanks!

    • Basically you just knit the pattern and have a whole bunch of online friends to help you if you need it. (And sometimes there are surprise prizes for almost no reason at all)

  • YAY! In the words of my four year old, “CAN I COME TOO? CAN I KNIT A HADLEY TOO?”

  • Oh boy. This is really compelling. I need a change from all the pussyhats…..

    • Compelling. Yes. That’s the perfect word for it.

  • Well, I got the kit today so, well, I guess I’m in! Completely terrified, practically first time sweater knitter who may not make it to the finish line but I’ll go down knitting!

    • You’ll be great! And good timing, lots of help in the Lounge, since we’ll all be knitting it together! 😀

  • I have practiced swatching 4 different yarns-KnitPicks WOTA Tweed, Patons Classic Tweed, Plymouth Encore Tweed, and a small sample of Shelter. There is absolutely no way I can get gauge of 19sts x 28rows on size 8’s and even size 7’s. Part of the draw was the quicker size 8 needles.

    I have the book and pattern and size 37 is the smallest so I can’t even go down in sizes to make it work:( Anyone else try yet?

    • I got gauge using Shelter on size 6s. Also, I didn’t think about this until I had done three (!) swatches , but since the sweater is knit in the round, I should’ve been swatching to mimic that, so I had to do a fourth one. Just sharing for awareness and to save anyone else some time! If you haven’t tried this yet, you might find it changes your guage (because of the all knits instead of knit/purl stockinette).

      • i’m on #6’s in the round too!

  • Way back in 1963, before most of you were born, I learned to knit and started with a sweater….I didn’t know better and a colleague helped me through. I wore it proudly for several years although I’m sure it wasn’t a real fashion statement. I went from that to a cable sweater for my husband and then on to my favorite from that era, a Fair Isle cardigan. By then I’d switched cities and was teaching in a new setting, but another colleague guided me through the design. Alas, I then had babies and a new house, started sewing clothes and curtains fora new house and knitting dropped away for a few years. I started up again, knitting for my boys when they started school…sweaters and vests. I went back to work part time and the final project took me two years…started for one son, almost finished for the second son. It lay fallow from 1972 to 2012 when I finally put it together, found cute buttons and gave it to my grandson!!! In the past year, I’ve begun knitting again and am making my way through quite a stash of yarn and kits that I wonder if I’ll finish in my life time. I look back and wonder how I could have been so brave and hopeful about starting new projects. I’m a lot more cautious about jumping into the deep end now. I love the Lounge and the conversations. I don’t talk much but I do listen as I re- build my confidence. I’ll be following this knit-a-long with interest and longing. Have fun everyone!

    • Oh, I wish we had a ❤️ button!

  • Woo hoo! I knit my Stopover in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter…. and I have leftovers that will serve nicely for the small bits of color work in Hadley. I need only buy the main color and maybe one other to make all the various colors play well together. This will be a great way to get through the doldrums of February. 🙂

    • I want to join the fun. But, would it completely ruin the look if I do not do the ribbed, tall collar? I don’t want to overheat, and much prefer a short, rolled edge collar…
      Anyway, I’m excited, as I have the sweater quantity, and just need the contrast colors. 🙂

      • I’m with you, Ingrid. Not keen on the tall neck/collar. I’m thinking of modifying it to a mock turtleneck so I’m glad Ann says there will probably be a panel discussion at the very least. Also, I’m using different colors: cast iron (MC), hayloft, embers, and snowbound. I don’t want to get too fancy with the fair isle motif so I eliminated one of the color choices. This KAL could not have come at a better time. I’ve had knitting ennui since the new year and this is perfect to spark my fire again. 🙂

      • Much collar discussion to come, I am certain. Follow your bliss!

  • joining the knit a long — purchased different color (but online shopping is deceiving) not so crazy about the color I chose. ugh….. an expensive sweater to not be crazy about the color! just going with it and maybe I’ll change my mind. BTW the color “Camper” looked to be a Rose color online, but it’s a bit more drab and has red in it — i’m definitely not a red person. maybe a gift for someone?

    • Can you exchange for a different color?

      • Yes! I’m using charcoal for the body and red, gold, orange and acid green for the contrast.

        • Oops. I didn’t see that you were replying to a comment…

  • This will be my first knit along and I’m super excited!

  • Great starter of projects, notoriously bad finisher. This is the thing for me-I’m in

  • Does anyone have some ideas for a non wool replacement? I made a sweater along these lines a while ago in bamboo and while it was pretty and soft it did not hold shape. A lower budget is also important 🙂

  • Love this! Perfect follow up for my Stopover. Question: is the ease built into the sweater or do we size up for positive ease? My needles are itching…

    • Approximately 2 inches of ease is written in. All of the numbers are in the description on Ravelry. It’s going to be a great KAL!

  • Hi there MDK,

    How much yarn (in total) is required for the colourwork portion?

    • Haley’s Small project noted –
      There are 33g – 39g remaining of the contrast colors. 33 is Tent (green)

      The yarn was not weighed before knitting, darnit.

      Shelter has approx. 2.8 yards per gram and is in 50g skeins.

  • Can I finish with a different neckline? I don’t like roll the tight necklines. If I could substitute, then I’d give it a go! Any suggestions?

    • I’m planning on making a lower and more open neckline. Look at HaleyKnits version on Ravelry. I might go lower.

  • Oh boy! First Sweater, ever. Maybe I’ve lost my mind?

  • how do i join the knitalong? I have the book with pattern & I’ve ordered the yarn…….

    • Just go to The Lounge — you’ll easily see the topics for the KAL

  • For a few boring reasons, & great disappointment I must admit that knitting a Hadley is not for me, at least not right now. Instead, I’m hoping the Hadley KAL momentum will spur me to finally knit This hoodie vest- type thing which has a bit o’ stranding in LOPI! I’ve been wanting to try both lopi & stranding for ages, & I’ve been eyeing this pattern for years.

    The designer told me it would be complicated to make the sleeves longer, but I bet folks in The Lounge could help me do it if I decide to go that way.

    I’m hoping making a sweater will cheer me up & help me get some of my knitting mojo back.

  • I just ordered yarn! Can’t wait!

  • This is an insane thing for me to do at this moment in time, so of course, yes, I really want to do it. I think I’m going to do it. I’ll probably do it. Probably.

  • Hi, I’m joining in from Sydney, Australia and because Brooklyn Tweed yarn is hard to find here (and postage from the US is expensive and takes a while) I am trying out Morris Woollahra 10ply (

    I have knit two sweaters before and have never done any colourwork. My first sweater turned out too large but that was before I found out about swatching. I have since read Amy Herzog’s wonderful book, You Can Knit That (inspired by Franklin Habit’s review on the MDK site) and have learned to swatch and made a cute Buttercup Mini Vest in the right size. I was planning to make the next pattern in the book but I am putting that aside for the knit along.

    Being a baby knitter, I am going to need a lot of advice! My first question is that I have knit a swatch of Woollahra and I am bang on the gauge on the yarn band which is 18st / 24rows over 10cm on 5mm needles. I am guessing this means I will end up with something larger than the pattern size if I don’t change needle size. 18 vs 19 stitches doesn’t seem like much but I am worried about the 24 vs 28 rows. Is it more important to match stitches or rows for gauge?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

    • Your yarn choice looks great. I would recommend going up one more needle size to see if you like that fabric. And don’t forget to block the swatch. The row gauge does matter quite a bit in this garment. The color-work pattern and the depth of the yoke are both row based. That said, the silk and cashmere will probably allow this wool based yarn to drape a little more and open up with body warmth.

  • I need a another sweater, and it just so happens that I have an SQ or Shelter in Sweatshirt in my stash. My contrast colors are Long Johns and Button Jar from stash and I ordered Almanac and Thistle. So excited to start this. I have been wanting a Shelter sweater for a long time and am excited to have this as a motivation. Thanks.

  • Can’t wait yarn should get yarn today!

  • I’m excited to be doing this knit-along. It’s my first! I’m using Patons Classic Wool in Dark Grey Mix for the main color and some leftovers in my stash for the other four colors – turquoise, ivory, currant and a dark purple. I may opt for a crew neck rather than a turtleneck. Can’t wait to see everyone’s finished sweaters!

  • Got my kit, needles, swatches, and inspiration. Here we go!

  • I want to sign up but I can’t seem to find the spot to do so. It’s February 1. Is it too late?

  • My first KAL! Very excited but know it’s going to be really ambitious to be done by Feb 28. Also going to try Valley Yarns Amherst with all the leftover scraps of Shelter I’ve got from various projects. Would have LOVED to use it for the main body color but my kids have to eat. 🙂 I’ve never used this particular yarn so I hope it plays nicely. Looking forward to the adventure! I need a pick me up!

  • I just bought my kit- now I need it fast so i don’t lose much time!! 🙂

  • I live in west central Florida. I’m new to stranded Fair Isle knitting but willing to give it a try!

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