In Case of Self-Care Emergency: Don’t Break Glass

January 17, 2018

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  • Knit, knit, and knit some more.
    Knit your heart out.

    • Yes! No matter how bad a day I have had, knitting helps me so much. I lapse on a lot of my other self-care, but never knitting.

      Social knitting too – no matter what happened during the day, what I am still stewing over, etc., my weekly knit night cures all ills.

  • These articles have been so great to read. I need to clip and save them all.

    Elementary is slated to return in April!

    • NOOOOOOOOOO! What will I do until April?!

  • Saw this on line recently…a weighted blanket. Google it. It’s 15 lbs and when you are under it it feels like a complete body hug. Therapists actually use them on their patients. I was so enthralled with this idea that I bought one and love it! 15 minutes under it and I am refreshed. It is literally like the weight is being lifted off of me. There are even instructions to make your own on Pinterest.

    • Got my husband one for Christmas and you are right. It is AMAZING.

    • Wow, I have to get one of those. I used to lie under the mattress when I was upset!

  • Practice gratitude-it always works to change your mood & get away from bad feelings.

    • I keep a gratitude list; it works great. Sadly, sometimes I struggle finding an actual moment of gratitude on a particular day. In those cases, I write down something good I did. Like, being kind to a stranger, helping someone on my staff, doing my husband a surprise favor, etc.

  • This is so great … so many helpful ideas, at a time when I really need them! I just shared it with my “Tribe” (my widows group).

  • Great list! Your second and fourth bullet points always work for me. Sometimes you need to discuss things with someone else because left to your own devices, you’d set yourself on fire.

    • Yes!!! My son was recently in a car accident and through no fault of his own is left with a long road of recovery. A very good friend visited, grabbed me by the shoulders and told me it was OK to be angry and yell at me. Until that time I was coping with managing the family, but it broke me. I didn’t realise how angry I was and that it was OK for Mum not to stay strong all the time. I yelled at her, everything that I was thinking and feeling, followed by a big hug. Good to go again….

  • I can’t wait to try the tapping…

  • I deep clean and organize like a crazy lady! Give me a vacuum cleaner, storage containers of all shapes and sizes, and a label maker – then watch out! I can’t control my daughter’s cancer, but I can take control of my home…and that works just fine on some days! And it helps to get all that pent up anger out of my system!

  • I like to wear as many hand knits as possible, especially if I have to leave the house. It reminds me that I care for myself.

  • Another rejection of candy-coated affirmations, Jason Headley’s H*onest Meditation app is brilliant. Here is the iTunes link: but it is also available on Android.

    Fair warning: there is lots of very creative swearing. But I am a creative swearer myself and it really works for me!!!

    • I am not a swearer by nature, but this is absolutely brilliant. I may have to buy the app just to support the concept.

    • LOVE!!! Thank you, Jennifer 🙂

  • Good list! My sister is a huge proponent of tapping. I keep thinking I’ll try it. You are nudging me further.

  • Chocolate is my drug of choice. Pampers me, satisfies my desires, changes my mood. Can’t believe chocolate isn’t on other’s lists, too.

  • It’s great to read this because when I’m in that place I think 1. I’m the only one who experiences those dark places (eg something terribly wrong with me) and 2. It’s never going to end. So reading an article like this and knowing there’s something on the other side of this are two things that can help me.