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We’re excited about a new book that was published on New Year’s Day: I Knit New York (Volume One)It’s the first in a series of “Knit Like a Local” books from One More Row Press.

One More Row Press is a new venture from knitwear designer Kathleen Dames and independent yarnmaker Alice O’Reilly of Backyard Fiberworks.

The designer roster for I Knit New York includes: Brittney Bailey, Kathleen Dames, Kirsten Kapur, Xandy Peters, and Lars Rains, and the designs are a juicy mix of accessories and sweaters.

The vibrant location photography is by Gale Zucker.

And some local gal wrote the foreword. (OK, it was me. Gather round, children, and hear how rough we had it in the hard-knitting days of turn-of-the-millennium New York. So long ago that I still ate carbs!)

The jig is up! We cannot be objective; we love this book and the people who made it.

A Peek: the Jane Jacobs Shawl

We’re especially keen on Kirsten Kapur’s mosaic shawl pattern, Jane Jacobs.

Isn’t it lovely? The design really does evoke the symmetry of an urban park, and it looks like a blast to knit.

The watercolor schematics throughout the book (by Laurel Johnson) prove that an illustration can be useful and also charming.

Sneak Peek: Manhattanhenge Gloves

I-cord fingers. I’ve been enchanted by the thought of this technique, ever since Kathleen Dames used it for the Bonnie Gloves in Filament No. 1.

Mind you, I’ve never been at all excited about the prospect of knitting fingers for gloves. Teeny-tiny tubes, in the round, put me right off the whole notion.

But i-cord? I could knit i-cord, happily. 10 fingers worth would be no problem at all.

Well. Kathleen has used i-cord for the fingers of the witty Manhattanhenge Gloves in I Knit New York.

Bonus: chevrons, or ziggurats. So so cute.

But Wait: There’s More!

One More Row Press is offering a special discount to our readers on the ebook edition of I Knit New York (Volume One), which is available on To get $5 off the ebook, enter the coupon code OMRlovesMDK. (Aw! We love them back, but that doesn’t get you any money off the book.)



Update: Watch the Video!

Thanks to readers who let me know that Kristy Glass has released a video from the I Knit New York photo shoot. It’s a great showcase of some beautifully blocked knitwear, interspersed with fun chats with Kirsten, Alice and Kathleen, and footage of Gale Zucker working her magic on location  in New York. Enjoy!

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  • Discount code not working

    • Thanks for letting us know. The glitch has been fixed.

  • Thanks for the great looking pattern. It would be a stretch for me, but someday…

  • I love so many things today’s post. I have been a big fan of I Knit New York since I first heard about it. I downloaded it and am picking up my hardcopy at VKL. It is amazing. Everything is amazing! The patterns. The photos. The yarn. The layout. The illustrations. The articles. The reference to carbs! It’s the best! Can’t wait til VKL and the SNACKS at O’Lunneys!

  • I tried to download the shawl pattern three times – no joy. Please tell this Luddite what, if anything, she is doing wrong. Thank you.

    • I too have tried to download pattern. Hit download and it took me to a jacoby bridge download. I give up.2 more times, no luck. Order number 62658 and 62662

    • Just go through the whole order process as though you were buying something. At the end of the process you will see (on the left side of your screen) a place where it says “download pattern.” Click on that, and voila!

      • Thanks Judy! 🙂

  • Synchronicity. I just saw this on Instagram a few days ago and added the pattern to my favorites on Ravelry. Low and Behold: MDK read my mind. Thank you very much for the pattern.

  • Thank you so much for the pattern! I even have some Prairie in the stash that may work 🙂

  • I love this! Thank you!!

  • Thanks for the pattern! Not normally a shawl person but this has so much going for it – love the geometrics.

  • Lovely patterns. And as a companion to your article, Kristy Glass Knits has a behind the scenes video about the book. BTW coupon code not currently working.

    • Coupon code fixed. Thanks for alerting us.

  • I have done I cord gloves a la Elizabeth Zimmerman and I love the technique!! I cord is fun unless maybe an I cord bind off on a shawl with a million stitches

    • I even love i-cord in that form, it’s a bit of a thing with me.

  • Love that scarf and I’m casting on as soon as my log cabin Sommerfeld is done! I love mosaic knitting, especially planning the colors.

  • Coupon code is working now.

  • How did you know that I LOVE that shawl? Now I’m off to Rav to check out the rest of the book.

  • I’m kinda in love with all of it…

  • Thank you for the pattern. It’s lovely

  • Thank you for the pattern. It looks like a good one to use up the yarn left over from my Squad Mitts kit. Matching shawl and mitts!

  • Thanks for the pattern. It looks like fun to knit. I really enjoyed the video as well.

    I’ll never be a New Yorker, but I will become a KnitYorker :-).

  • I love this shawl. It’s simple. It’s beautiful. It’s simply beautiful! Thank you for the lovely pattern.

  • Thanks for the shawl pattern. I’m a big fan of Kirsten Kapur and mosaic knitting! Will definitely look for the book.

  • Love the pattern, not lovin needing to give phone number and address to download. Guess it’s not really free.

    Still love your website.

  • Thank you, ladies! Just in time to shop for the perfect yarn match @ VKL this weekend.

  • I’m cracking up that to prove your New York credentials, you called yourself a ”local gal.” Something no native would ever say. It’s like ordering a pop from the hot dog vendor — a dead giveaway even if you’ve been here for decades. Beautiful book.

  • Every time I click on each download the pattern link, I get the FAQ page. ??

    • All fixed!! Thank you for the free pattern.

  • I want that red leather jacket!

  • Thanks for the free pattern! Saw the sample & book at VKL today!

  • Thank you for the free pattern! 🙂

  • I saw the clip on Kristy Glass and have decided that the Chrysler sweater will be my 2018 Rhinebeck sweater. Unfortunately they didn’t have a sweaters quantity of my color at VKL, but Backyard Fiberworks will ship!

  • I’ve downloaded pattern and started shawl. Confused about what to do after the first striped triangle? Steps in the pattern are not clear to me. Maybe just me?

  • I can’t find the link to download the pattern, which looks lovely!

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