Idea: Make 2018 Your Year of Techniques

By Ann Shayne
December 27, 2017

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  • I have been working through these projects and videos and I can not recommend them highly enough. I also love that you point out that getting the bundled kits from Jen is the best deal if you are a bundled kind of knitter. You resisted the temptation to only recommend your own shop and I admire that so much in what feels like an increasingly profit driven world. Kudos to all of you at MDK!

  • I got the book for Christmas as well as the yarn for the warbler cowl (from your shop!), so I think I will start with that. I’m very excited to finally be joining up with this group! The book is very inspiring.

  • Just need to clarify (differing opinions among friends), this is the only “Year of Techniques” avail for 2018? Or there will be a new (different) “Year of Techniques” released in Jan 2018?

    • Yes, A Year of Techniques may be back for another round, but not in 2018. Good point of clarification!

      • Clarification to our clarification: there are still 2 months left in this series. The January and February tutorials and projects are included in the current book, and the videos will be here on MDK as well as on Arnall-Culliford Knitwear.

      • I am a little Relieved as this is turning out to be two (maybe three?) years of techniques for me!

  • I liked and made two of the patterns: the Hyacinthus mitts and the Little Tern blanket and I was able to use yarn already in my stash. The hat was pretty nice too. I may make that some time for a gift.

  • I loved this year of techniques, the things that I have learnt have rekindled my love of knitting. I am now going down roads in techniques that I never knew existed and knitting the most exciting garments with beautiful yarns that I never knew existed. I am definitely on board if there is another AYoT. Thanks MDK, Jen and Jim.

  • I just purchased the 5 Field Guides. How are they different from A Year of Techniques?

  • For the record, this is not just for things you don’t know how to do. I consider myself a pretty savvy knitter and I’ve learned something new from each of these projects. There were a lot of things that I could do that I wasn’t always super confident doing (provisional cast-on, I’m looking at you). This book is a great resource.

  • I’m in for 2018!