Thoughts on a Pop-up Shop

By Ann Shayne
November 28, 2017

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  • Wonderful how “a Tootsie Roll guy” will do a great job dispensing peppermints, if it is to help his little girl make a success in her first pop up shop, and how a sweet kitty holds the fort by keeping watch over a beautiful handknit in progress. 🙂 ❤

    • He remains very supportive despite his resolute loyalty to woodworking.

      • He sounds like my kind of guy!

      • Are you talking about Pappy or Kermit here?

  • You always make me laugh! Glad it was a success. I couldn’t be there in person, but I did manage to shop with MDK last night. Nothing quite like buying my own Xmas gifts for the family to wrap. At least I’ll get what I want. Oh, and I’m a Tootsie Roll kind of gal, but gladly would have passed out mints to help my knitting heroes!

    • Thank you for shopping with us, Ingrid!

      My presents for me are so weird, I have to wrap them myself. Does Hubbo want to give me four pairs of black tights I got at TJ Maxx? Maybe he does!

  • Oh how I wish I still lived in Nashville. I might have camped out overnight to await the shop opening! What fun to see Jennie…another super creative, talented friend/USN connection. I taught her brother in second grade. XXOO

    • I love that you have such long ties to Nashville, Jan. Please let me know next time you’re headed this way!

  • If you find yourself in need of fixtures again, I learned (trial by fire) how to make $100 outfit an entire stall in 30 min from stuff at Bed Bath & Beyond a couple of years ago. Pop-up canvas bins turned on their side can do wonders I tell you!
    Such fun to swish the handknits – my favorite part of this season.

    • Such a good idea—weight is an issue, for sure.

      • Weight is always an issue , Ann!
        Got my order when we returned from Thanksgiving with the kids and their kids! Wash book just makes me happier; please, never stop printing them

        • Oh Lordy! wash book EACH . I meant EACH BOOK! Maybe I am predicting the future…..Book #432, the Warsh Book
          Hugs all around

        • I actually just scrolled back up thinking, “wash book? I missed that. What is she talking about? I must see!” LOL

  • So happy to be there for your virgin voyage! I would just like to apologize for the stack of plywood in the corner of the nook that I didn’t realize was there until after you’d gone.

    • It was evocative. It was all about building, and the creative process.

  • Sounds like my kind of knitalong! haha

  • Well, how fun does that sound? I read parts of your letter out loud to my partner, and she–a proud scion of Clarksville, TN–said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if they could come here to the Oregon coast?” I also loved the photos, especially the one with the Euroflax mini-skeins glowing in the light.

    • At first I thought they were Christmas lights!

  • I wanted to be there so much! Sorry I missed the fun. I guess I’ll have to force myself to shop online 🙂

  • Where might I find the pattern for the lovely yarn garland hung in the windows as shown in the first photo?