It’s Here! Field Guide No. 5: Sequences

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
November 17, 2017

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  • Wow! A chance to be introduced to Sequence Knitting and Freia yarns! Both have been just under the surface, piquing my curiosity for a while, now. Throw in the Addi Turbo Rockets, and the early “Christmas gift to myself” of my dreams is on the way!

  • Wow. Merry Christmas to me, just what I wanted and paired yarns are perfect. Congratulations on an inspired offering.

  • As I looked through the ebook, I was thinking, “Yes, I want to do that; I want to do that; yes, yes,” and it was wonderful, but when I got to Ann’s sequence log cabin blanket, I forgot to breathe. Wow!!

    • There’s a sequence log cabin blanket? Is it a surprise? It’s not listed as one of the four projects. I do so hope there is one—I’m a little log cabin crazy at the moment.

      • It’s totally improvised but I believe it’s Ann’s plan for the Fringe and Friends Log Cabin Knitalong (the Logalong!) that starts on January 1. When you know sequence knitting basics + log cabin basics, it’s a wingable improv project.

  • Good morning! All of it, yes! I love waking up to MDK everyday.

  • Oh, you two are killing me! I’ve dabbled in sequence knitting – made my Lightdove’s Sequences just a few months ago – but the yarns I chose, though gorgeous, and the shape of the shawl/scarf weren’t nearly as perfect as your pairings. (You, Cecilia, the patterns, the yarns! Wow!)
    How fortuitous that I just finished my Log Cabin Runner. Now I can run to your virtual shop, and get myself a second early birthday present. ( The first one was also yarn.)
    When will I ever have time to knit up my Rifton?

    In other knitting news chez moi, I did pick up my Granito. The straight knitting down from the pocket openings is good for busy week with grandkids and their parents coming up.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • tempting, so very tempting. That corrugated shawl is wonderful!

  • Congrats to all, on Book the Fifth! It always gives me a little thrill when I see one of the MDK Field Guides “in the wild.”

  • Thank you! Thank you! This is exactly the perfect field guide! My math-geeky-knitter-self is swooning with delight at every page (I’ve already downloaded it).

  • What a lovely little book. Can’t wait to get my print version!

  • Dear MDK, I was lying in bed this morning, thinking about the rich and surprising source of inspiration you all provide, and wondering how I can support what you’re doing without buying yarn (cause I’m sort of up to my ears, you see). What you guys are doing is better than the best knitting magazine imho. I’m so excited and delighted to order this installment of the field guides, but if there’s anything else I can do, give a holler. You guys make my day on a very regular basis. Thanks for bringing the good.

    • Meredith! {{{{{{{hugs you too tightly around the neck}}}}}} this means the world to us. We are trying to live up to your generous description, and grateful for your much needed, more appreciated, support.

    • I’ll second that! My feelings exactly!! Thank you, MDK

  • Oh, thank you so much for putting together the bundle! I am way late on the Field Guide train and now I can be caught up in one fell swoop!

    can’t wait to get my freak flag flyin’

  • I’ve purchased the Field Guides as they’ve appeared, but your offer of all five in a bundle got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be perfect if there was a little slipcase just the right size to hold all the volumes? That way they would stand up straight all together on the bookshelf, not to mention making a statement. What do you think? I’d pre-order one.

  • ETA: I have Cecelia’s book and I took a class, but I love the idea of approaching her techniques in smaller bites – like in a Field Guide.

  • I am very sorry you are unable to ship to Brazil…

  • I was just thinking of exploring the sequence aspect of knitting when you two drop it right into my lap all neat and tidy and intriguing. I love the bite-size approach. Irresistible! Thanks for all you do for us knitters.

  • The Field Guide bundle says it’s available “for a limited time” — perchance would that time include the upcoming Holiday Gift Giving Season™? I’d love to put it at the top of my (very short) wishlist, but my family tend to do their shopping pretty late in the game, and I’d hate to ask for something that’s no longer available by the time well-meaning relatives are frantically on the hunt.

    • Hi Julia,

      We’ve got family like that! We’re planning on running the bundle offer through the holiday shopping season. (We think we have enough bundles set aside, but we can’t guarantee it, of course. But we think we do!)

      Thanks for putting us on your wishlist!

  • Have you considered offering these as a subscription? I want each one of them, doesn’t matter the topic.

    • That’s so kind of you, Melanie! Thanks for the idea, and for the sentiment behind it. We really appreciate the support of what we’re doing. Stay tuned!

  • Wonderful! I wanted to buy the book when it came out but couldn’t quite work it into my budget. $9 for the ebook is much more doable!

  • I just took Cecelia’s Sequences class at VK Live Seattle and loved it! This Field Guide could give sequence knitting a little push and get it to the head of my queue. I’m thinking I might buy the bundle and use the duplicates as gifts! Oh! And Sincere Sheep Cormo—love it!

  • Loving that first shawl. I have the book but haven’t dived in yet.

  • OMG! I love everything in this! I just bought it AND yarn for the Parallelogram Scarf and the Freak Flags! Also, I second the suggestion of a subscription option for the Field Guides – I’d totally subscribe.

  • Thinking of ordering the Hadley kit along with the field guide bundle, but sizes above XL are not available? It does make sense to spend $200 to avoid $9 shipping, right?!

    • Love your math, Nancy Jo! And re sizes for Hadley—the product page has a drop-down menu for the kit size options, so if you click on that menu, you should see kits for XXL AND XXXL as well. Please let us know if that’s not showing up properly.

  • Wow! Congratulations (again)!

  • I’ve just bought the e-book version and it’s come at an opportune moment – only have one WIP which should be out of my hair by Xmas….the Swirl Hat looks just what I was after. Added bonus – I probably have just the right amount of yarn for it in my stash, hooray! Great job once again MDK.
    PS – any chance you could extend your shipping Down Under slightly east to include New Zealand?

  • I see this today, and they’re already out of stock. Makes me sad.

  • Is there a tutorial for how to do the parallelogram shawl changing colors?