The Geometry of Hand-Sewing: A New Classic from Alabama Chanin

By Kay Gardiner
November 10, 2017

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  • This book is so beautiful, too. Its elegance and clarity are lovely and empowering. And when I got to the grids in the back? Well, there may have been a squee of delight!

  • Wondering if I shall be stitching my way through it from first to last like I am doing with a very different beloved tome from another one of my sheroes!!! Will let you know!!! Happy day … my copy is already on the way!

  • Showing the wrong side of the stitches — yes yes yes! Would somebody please do that in a book of knitting stitches? Please?

  • Can’t wait to see this. Moreso than knitting, handsewing is an art form that is in decline, especially in this culture of “fast, throw away fashion”. I only wish the Alabama Chanin kits, etc. were more affordable. And yes, I am a sewist as well as a knitter.

  • As someone who can’t even figure out running stitch or backstitch, I applaud this!

  • Going on my Chanukah list. Now.

  • This looks wonderful. A Christmas/Birthday list must.

    I’ve been researching women’s stitchery for a few months, and samplers are so interesting in what they express about their makers. Everyone had their own special stitches…ones at which they excelled, and the sampler was a way to record them as reference. They rolled them up and put them in a drawer to pull out as needed, for a reminder, or to add a stitch. We have one that was stitched in 1763, framed and hung with pride. I often thank about the maker, Ann Neal, and how she might feel about the fact that her simple sampler has lasted to 2017 is now one of our treasures.

  • It’s going on my Christmas list. Thanks for telling us about this!

  • This is ONE OF THE BEST!! Love this book — beautiful, practical, and so very informative.

  • I’m currently working my way through the book and creating my own sample book.
    It is absolutely delightful and challenging working through the stitches.
    The best book on stitchery.