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I’m back on the cotton jersey bandwagon, this time with an Alabama Chanin swing skirt that features a stencil called June’s Spring.

When I glimpsed a swatch of this pattern at a Craft South trunk show, I was a goner.


It was encrusted with beads and appliqué and embroidery. Madness. I ordered a swing skirt kit, stowed it away for the right moment, and cracked it open to celebrate the arrival of summer (and yet another long-haul project). (Which I’ll argue I really need.)


My strategy is to do this thing in layers. Get the bubbles stitched and cut on all four panels, make it a skirt, then add more to it as time allows. In years to come, I’ll get on a phone call, pick up the hem of my skirt, and add more junk to it. It’ll keep growing excrescences over time. Like barnacles.


YES! That’s what these bubbles remind me of: barnacles.


I still don’t know why this is so addicting. It just is.


  • Did blog conversion eat all the old comments? How it is possible there are no comments? On an Alabama Chanin tear now. There’s something about late spring that brings forth the seeing urge. (warmer weather, maybe, duh)

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