Get Ready: Cables without a Cable Needle

By Ann Shayne
October 31, 2017

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  • I look forward to seeing this, but perhaps people who have never cabled might want to try it with the needle first.

    I think where people get tripped up is that they try to knit the cable-needle stitches off the cable needle, which becomes an all-thumbs proposition. I have always slipped them back to the left needle before knitting, and it’s a lot easier. Some videos I have seen of the no-cable-needle process are essentially doing the same thing. So my recommendation is, whatever you do, don’t try to knit the stitches off the cable needle!

    • Cool idea! For me, I did knit from the cable needle, often fiddling as you describe. Also: lost cable needle in sofa cushion = constant problem!

      Patience is definitely key when embarking on cables—it’s a cool puzzle to play with.

  • Can’t wait till tomorrow!

  • Try a DPN instead of cable needle. Works lije a charm.

    • I’ve tried that and I don’t like it. There are still too many needles poking about. With the straight cable needle it always falls out before I am ready to knit the stitches. I actually usually use one of those large safety pin stitch holders as a cable needle, even on a bulkier yarn. It does not affect the gauge. Then I can pin it to the knitting when not in use and I don’t lose it.

  • I’ve tried cabling without a cable needle (or dpn serving as) but with tiny little sock needles, as soon as I take the stitches off the needle, the hole disappears. No matter how quickly or insistently I try to pinch them. One moment they are there, and then they are gone and I am muttering bad words. I’m glad this is a technique-of-the-month, because it gives me a reason to try it again – with bigger needles and yarn! 🙂

  • Oh, Goodness, I’ve done Basket-weave cables and all sorts of other cables so I’m not too intimidated by them. The tricky part, I’ve found, is COUNTING. Mess that up and, Boy OH Boy, you have a mess on your hands….

  • Cabling without a cable needle is awesome. I am knitting Starsky now and having to faff about with a cable needle every few stitches would be extremely annoying.