The magic of fingering-weight sweaters: a little more knitting, but a lot more flattering.

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  • Inkling and local honey would be stunning.

  • Birkin is on top of my to-do list followed by about 100 other patterned yoke sweaters. (What has happened to me – I used to be such a shawl knitter, and now it is sweaters, sweaters, sweaters all the time! Many of which are fingering weight ones, no less!)

    Whatever you decide to choose – it will be lovely!

    • There must be a name for this syndrome, the same thing has happened to me! Birkin has gone to the top of my long list of beautiful yokes.

  • I thought I read somewhere that the yoke was inspired by flower crowns Jane Birkin wore. Also, I love Wine stark Sea with One Thin Dime – and I want to make this sweater too! Hmmmm.

    • The model photo suggests tha connection as well.

    • Just came by to offer that combo!

  • There is always Inkling and Pumpkin if you want to break out of the neutrals. You can’t go wrong with any of these colors, each looks so vibrant. I have been pondering a pattern for the yarn, you have got me thinking.

    • Love Inkling and Pumpkin!

  • Be like Ann and make TWO—–one in Inkling and one in Wine Dark Sea:)

    • My thoughts exactly! Why not both?

  • I shopped for Birkin at Sheep&Wool! I chose Harrisville Shetland in colors matching the original. Can’t wait to get started.
    Check out my friend’s version @encyknits on IG. Also thank you the shout out and flattering pic of me on your Rhinebeck roundup post. xx

    • Ooops @encyaustinknits on IG

  • I came home from Rhinebeck on Monday afternoon and a half hour later owned the pattern! I too fell in love with it after seeing it on several people. What a gorgeous, flattring sweater!

  • Oh my! This pattern! Happy that it is finally cooling off here in Western Massachusetts. It gives me the desire to make and wear that sweater. Love that Wine color.

  • Thank you, Kay, for featuring my pullover and for being so kind! My head is swelling as we speak… x

    • Your knitting is beautiful as is your art! Is it for sale somewhere?

      • I meant are your paintings for sale, not your knitting. 🙂

        • Thank you, Susan! My artwork: not currently for sale, though this may change at some point. I need to be a bit more prolific, I think!

  • I think you need one in inkling and one in wine.

  • ohhh this is so good. I was also blown away by the looks-good-on-everyone quality of Birkin at Rhinebeck . The 4 color leaf & flower yoke is just a little sweeter than what I like to wear–but with a monochrome yoke? YES!!!! thanks for the link.
    I’m saying the Wine Dark Sea with One Thin Dime. Although you can’t go wrong with any of her yarn…..

    • Hey, whats the difficulty level (asked the woman who only seems to finish hats, scarves, afghan collaborations, or 1 sweater every 3-6 years.) O- and a mash up vote, dark wine with local honey-its a fall leaf saturated color thing.

  • Ooooh…. Wine Dark Sea and Pumpkin! I would probably never have gotten to that combination myself, but now that you’ve put it out there, I love it!

  • Pumpkin is where its at!

  • There were a lot of yoke sweaters (in that heat!), but even more asymmetrical shawls, ranging from skinny scarves to the full fade.

  • My vote is for wine dark see with one thin dime as the yoke color. Whichever you choose it will be lovely I’m sure.

  • I love both of those sweaters and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to have to make one or both after I get through the Christmas list.

  • I have not heard of this method to make A line. Is there a rule of thumb or does it change with the pattern?

    • I think it’s just to go 1 or 2 needle sizes up. If you went up more than that, the fabric would change noticeably, although of course that could also be a desired effect.

      • Thanks. Will have to try it sometime. Love the blog. Read it everyday!

  • I’m so glad you featured Clare’s Monochrome Birkin. She’s one of my Ravelry friends, and indeed all her work is admirable. The Birkin pattern didn’t stand out for me, among the myriad of beautiful yoke sweaters out there, until I saw her version.

  • I’ll further your confusion: try Wine Dark Sea with Local Honey as the contrasting color. While you think that over, the Big Floral Damask Thing is growling again…I think it’s hungry.

  • I absolutely love the reds and oranges!

  • You just keep teasing me…every single day. I STILL have not finished my Granito…what am I to do? I love this sweater so much!!! But I CAN NOT start another project until I’ve finished that other sweater, and all the other things on my needles.

  • Inkling, local honey, jamberry

  • Now I want to knit a Birkin. Inkling and local honey would stun I think. And I think dark wine sea with pumpkin would really be a great combo.

  • Good grief, that rav page was humbling, inspiring, encouraging. My wingeing over too much knitting going on around here is now banished and I hope I can drink in the gestalt of it all as guidance and inspiration. O! Folie du doute! Be gone!

  • I am still a big fan of the Wine Dark Sea color. Like you, my top two are Inkling and Wine Dark Sea. That being said, of all the possible combinations you posted, I think that Wine Dark Sea and Jamberry would be exquisite together, as I love “close harmony” color play! I can’t wait to see what colors you end up with!

  • That’s interesting, I don’t feel like I saw a single Birkin at Rhinebeck but a ton of Sunrise Highways.

  • Be like Ann. Knit 3 or 4 of them in different colors.

  • I love the Birkin, too. Clare’s version is stunning. But if we’re talking Caitlin Hunter and Backyard Fiberworks, let’s talk about Tegna in Wine Dark Sea. Swoon. 🙂

  • Inkling and local honey. So regal!

  • After seeing how your lovely stripe Kaffe Fassett suits you in the photo on the blog, I’m going wineberry. You wear reds very well.

  • Not that you even mentioned this combination, but Local Honey with Pepper Sprout…like leaves pressed on parchment.

    • My Thoughts Exactly!

  • This is a fabulous sweater! Think it would be a good beginner to colorwork sweater for a novice to colorwork?

  • why not wine dark sea base and Inkling contrast?