A Knitter’s Halloween in Salem

October 13, 2017

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  • Thank you for such a wonderful tour of Salem!

  • You guys know knitters in the best places!

  • I enjoyed this tour of Salem but I have to admit I am a little put off by the fact that Salem is making money and entertainment out of a time when women were being tormented, tortured even, and killed.

    • Kayt, the author didn’t mention it in this piece, but there is a recognition and growing acknowledgment of this throughout the town. Much like areas of the South that have also exploited its grisly history for economic gain, Salem is slowly incorporating more accurate and sensitive models into their host of monuments and tours.

      • Very true! Now Age Travel + Healing does a GREAT job of this.

    • There always has to be someone with a negative comment, I guess that’s you.

      • or you

    • Not only women don’t forget dogs children and men as well also it was women who accused women of being a witch out of jealousy and or anger and the hysteria from the girl’s who pointed fingers acted in the manner they did probably because of son drug they used in the bread it was an herb type

    • J.W. Ocker wrote an entire book on the subject of the Salem witch trials and present-day Salem. It’s called A Season With the Witch: The Magic and Mayhem of Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts. It’s fascinating, and among many other topics (past and present), he addresses your concern.

  • The Peabody Museum will also host that wonderful Georgia O’Keeffe clothing exhibit starting in January 2018.

    • I strongly recommend the Peabody Essex Museum for its traveling exhibits. It’s a lovely museum, just the right size, and they have a good lunchroom in a breezy atrium filled with light. Also I saw the Georgia O’Keefe clothing exhibit in Brooklyn, and it’s terrific!

  • This post wss so well written, that it brought back great memories of being a tourist in some quaint New England towns. In those days, I was more interested in quilting cotton fabric than yarn. Now that the opposite is true, a whole new reason to return! One thing, I thought the name Salem was short for Jerusalem.
    Thanks for the inspiration and great memories!

  • I enjoyed this SO much. Thank You.

  • Thanks, Max. I am ready for a trip to Salem now.

  • Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

  • What a beautifully enchanting place! My baby bro is in MA & I’ve really got to make an effort to visit him & Salem soon.

  • Thank you for the tour! Sounds like a very interesting town to visit.

  • It made me think of Practical Magic. (Book by Alice Hoffman and movie starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.) Except instead of just one shop, it’s many!

  • WONDERFUL ARTICLE. THANKS. I can’t visit salem however, you made me feel lije packing a bag and take the broom straight over to Salem.

  • Went to Salem many years ago with DH for a Halloween/anniversary trip – we loved it! Lots of history and art and architecture to enjoy along with a good helping of hokiness. Halloween is the crazy time, though.

  • Wonderful article! Thank you!
    I’m a new reader of yours, and I wonder why it took me so long! So glad I get your stuff!

  • And when you stop by Marblehead, say hi to Kate at Marblehead Knits! I spent my spring vacation knitting with the locals – a friendly, welcoming bunch – in this gorgeous town.

  • Thank you for writing a great piece, both about my favorite town in America AND about my favorite New Englander, Ana. Definitely go visit her shop if you’re there, it’s right in the water!

  • Salem is in my veins– descendant of Roger Conant, right here!

  • so much fun Max, thank you for this delightful virtual experience , can’t wait to discover in person

  • Love this city, the history, the witch trial memorial and my favorite yarn shop, Circle of Stitches!

  • I live in Chorley, birthplace of Miles Standish, and we have a road and an area of the town named after him. We are also about 30 miles south of Pendle Hill, also an area notorious for witch trials, although on a much smaller scale.

    It is, as they say, a very small world.

    Although I must note that Salem is prettier than Chorley with much better yarn and coffee opportunities!