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  • This is the perfect new word – procrastiknitting! So much of my knitting falls into that category. “I’ll just knit a little, and then I’ll…” except it ends up being all knitting, and none of the other stuff, more often then I’d like to admit. And the mosaic dishcloths are great. And you guys are great!

  • That wedding dress…….WOWZA! Love the dishcloths and tea towels, too. Now, back to my procrastiknitting.

  • I love procrastinating! I made a Ship to Shore shawl with one skein of Sylph. It’s a good pattern for extending that one special skein.

    • Meant procrastiknitting, darn autocorrect!

  • That dress! I am gobsmacked.

  • Amy Marie, I love your dishrags!! Thank you for giving me a New Thing to do when I replenish my dishrag/dishtowel drawer, which is looking quite sad and will (hopefully) be revitalized by my first attempts at mosaic knitting this winter. Mosaic by the woodstove! Mosaic quite possibly by candlelight when the power goes out! Thank you so much for letting Kay borrow your own dishrags, just to inspire us!

    (And Kay, someday you may have an urge to send for some cashmere goats. I’m working on their luggage tags, just in case.)

    • This would be fun if only for the reaction of the neighbors. We have a pet clause in the proprietary lease that restricts goat, I mean dog weight to 50 pounds. I’m ready to sue!

    • Thank you so much! I am overwhelmed by the fiber community here at MDK, and all of the love and support at Ravelry! Happy knitting! 🙂

  • Gobsmacked is an understatement on that wedding dress. How do you even do that? Her pattern page has even better pics.

    • Thanks Helen, I updated the link so it goes to the pattern page and people can see all THREE of these dresses. I can’t believe the confidence these knitters have, it’s inspiring. Just do it!

  • What’s really gobsmacking me is that there are two other FOs for that wedding dress pattern, too (both gorge). The knitting of these is impressive enough (seems like maybe 2-3 shawls’ worth?), but goodness the fitting, the finishing, and holy wow talk about your deadline knitting! I’m also curious to know whether people are sewing a custom underdress to go with the knitted layer, or wearing something off the rack, or what. Knitters never cease to amaze me!

    Oh and I heartily agree that mosaic picture dish towels are superior to the knit-purl variety!

  • My ruche making brings all the boys to the yard….

    • Gale.

  • Dear Kay,

    Thank you so much for featuring these wonderful patterns! I love mosaic knitting and I just purchased a bunch of them!

    • Let’s make these patterns A Thing!

  • Much too difficult for this knitter! I love doing dish clothes as they are quick and easy! Not fond of picture ones! Only simple ones. I don’t think anyone would use them if I gave them as gifts!

  • Love that Lattice Have Pie dishcloth. I showed it to my partner, the good home baker, without any explanation and she said, “Pie! I like pie!” So, it looks as if that one may be going in to my queue. Thanks to you, I have already begun to replenish my supply of knitted dishcloths. First (of course!) a log cabin one, and then a half-linen stitch one. Can a Ballband dishcloth be far in the future? I think not! Oh, and I showed the clever construction of the log cabin cloth to an arty friend, and she said, “You’re going to use that on dishes, and not put it on the wall as art?” I tried to tell her some version of what you said, “I actually use these things, no matter how pretty they are.” It’s one of my favorite things about knitting: it can simultaneously be beautiful and useful!

  • “…Kaffe Fassett has a lot to answer for…”. Does this mean the Big Floral Damask Slipcover might be headed for the frog pond — especially if it doesn’t quit growling at Olive? (The dishcloths are gorgeous, and that wedding gown is stupendous!)

    • I think that frogging that coat would be far more difficult and tedious than the actual knitting of it. Especially with all of the work that has gone into its creation. Oh the humanity!

  • Brilliant!

    There are so many things that I love in this post. Especially the Paris dishcloth. Ooo la la! Le cloth Francaise!

    Well, off to choose my color for the Sylph Cowl.

    Knit on.

  • OMG! The dishrags! My mom loves hand-knit dishrags, and I even tried to teach her to knit her own, but that didnt really work. And as much as I love the Ballband, I’ve knit way too many…. I see Picture Dishrags in my (and Mom’s) future!

  • Procrastiknitting! Perfect. I always turn to the Linoleum when I need some car or vacation knitting and don’t want to deal with Swatching or Taking My Measurements. The Linoleum has also inspired hats and a Welcome Blanket.
    Love the pies and hope to make some of those soon…

  • Thank you! I love that you include the humble dishcloth in your lexicon. They are how I practiced almost everything from lace, to reading charts, to center-out shapes on dpns. One senses some knitters look down on them. I have made more than I can ever give away or sell, and your silly post, years ago, about trying to give away all the ballband cloths has resonated to this day.

  • OK, so I’m a couple of weeks late reading this entry. I love your love/hate (?) relationship with dishrags. More important, I love the creativity of the ones you have knitted and posted.