The Big Lemon

By Kay Gardiner
September 28, 2017

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  • That yarn! Swoooooon.
    I’d knit a Short Beach Shawl in it, fringe and all. It’d be stunning.

  • Trying not to press buy. Seaweed Stole #166 by Theresa Gaffey was designed for KidLin, the long discontinued linen animal blend. This would be a luscious replacement.

    • I remember KidLin! A sense memory blast from the past. It was so silky and fuzzy, with the linen at the core, kind of shiny the way kid mohair is. One wonders if there are 165 other Seaweed Stoles? Here’s the link:

  • The mention of Sylph on cones during production got me to thinking about weaving with it.

    Impressed that this would be subway knitting. I knit a Citron, trying to right myself after my mom’s death. Somewhere, I over did the increases for the ruching. Looked like a small animal sitting on my shoulders with all the extra fabric. The frog took care of it!

    Love the color!

    • I’m not saying I won’t mess it up! I will try to do rows 9 and 19 at home. Sorry your Citron went astray but glad you had something to knit during a shattering time.

  • My Citron Grande2000TM remains one of my all-time favorite finished objects. I did all ten repeats, too—it’s such a gorgeously simple idea, the ruching, and so pretty when repeated ten times across the wrap. I can’t wait to see how your Sylph one turns out. Perfect yarn, perfect pattern.

    • You’re going to see a lot of it next month. I will carry it around with me like a cashmere-linen baby.

  • Ruching in the middle sounds fun.

  • Sylph ( auto-corrected to sulphate! Couldn’t be farther from the truth!) will be wonderful as a Citron. I made a giant ( self- enlarged) one out of very drapey Seduce. My Lime Slice.
    But back to Sylph: I picked some up back in early summer (great minds and all that…) from Annie &Co, and I’m making an Ellen scarf-y thing, striped and color-blocked in an off white and the palest lavender. It’s my purse-knitting – much smaller than yours! Maybe I need one of those felt bags…..

  • And I thought I had crush on Milo…I think this is also gonna be a problem!

  • It is fantastic yarn! When I picked up the needles this year after a few years’ absence one of the long-forgotten project bags I unearthed, to my delight, contained four skeins of Sylph in Rustle destined to be a simple stockinette scarf (with long hot-pink fringe) from the Purl Bee. (Pattern here: The kit was irresistible to me back then, and it’s a great project to have on the go now … it’s waited patiently so far and doesn’t mind being put down and picked back up again as other things in the queue overtake it from time to time! Must admit I can’t wait for the finished object …