It’s a Book! A Year of Techniques

By Ann Shayne
September 29, 2017

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  • The book is a treasure to inspire and instruct for many years to come. I ordered mine when this “year” began. I now have a dedicated box in my yarn closet for all things Year of Techniques.

  • Dear Husband,
    I do not need another pretty necklace. I just put new brakes and tires on my truck and dropped my sewing machine off for a tune up. There is no room in the kitchen for any more cool tools or gadgets. I do, however, NEED A Year of Techniques from the MDK shop. I will be happy to order it, wrap it and attach a gift tag with your name prominently displayed next to the from, place it under the tree and act completely surprised and delighted when I open it. (I’m sure no one will notice if some of the pages already look a bit well fondled!) My knit buddies will be amazed by your thoughtfulness.
    Your Wife
    PS- the Field Guides will make great stocking stuffers or small gifts to scatter under the tree (you can tell the kids to get them), and I’m sure a couple pairs of new handknit socks will find their way into your sock drawer once A Year of Techniques takes up residence in my knitting bag.

    • Yes. This my Christmas list too!

  • I’ve been sitting on the fence about A Year of Techniques, but the book has put me over the edge. I look forward to receiving it!

  • I bought this last weekend at Yarndale in Skipton (a must-visit event for any yarn-a-holic). Already it’s proven it’s worth (garter stitch graft) and, in my opinion, stands alongside Elizabeth Zimmerman’s “Knitting Without Tears”& “The Opininated Knitter” as well as Montse Stanley’s “Knitter’s Handbook” and you gals at MDK!

  • I’ve been part of the patterns since the second month. Will be get any kind of discount on the physical copy?

  • How wonderful to have a hard reference for when we need to have some screenless knitting time. OR, when our screen is how we watch Father Brown WHILE knitting.

  • I ordered the book when I signed up for the Year. The book is well thought out with clear pictures and instructions in a readable font. This book has become a treasured reference book.