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  • Happy birthday, Diana!

  • Such loving, caring friends

  • What a great joining technique! Happy birthday Diana. Birthdays are just an excuse to celebrate, they have nothing to do with your real age.

  • Friends add such depth to life. What a beautiful blanket.

  • Beautiful, touching, heart-warming. Well done, all of you!

  • What a great group gift. I’m sure she is thrilled!

  • Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. Made my day!

  • This is a beautiful story; what love and care for and from each participant. Kay, that was such a hard secret to keep…

  • What a treasure! Wonderful blanket, came out just beautiful!

  • But when you get to the end of your bind off, don’t you have a little one inch loop of yarn? Seems like you should snug the two ends closer. Or does that loop Magically Disappear somehow?

    • It magically disappears! I’ve tried to get it shorter but there is always a little bit of slack there at the beginning.

      • I put a photo of two of the joined-up squares on the MDK Instagram that shows how that little loop/length of yarn disappears into the bindoff.

  • What a wonderful story, and the resulting blanket is outstanding! What a lovely project to be a part of.

    My current Log Cabin, A Buncha Squares, is resting now, as other projects with time deadlines leap to the fore, but I have a nice little pile of 11 squares sitting there to remind me how much fun it is.

  • I did one for my granddaughter’s wedding, but I love the idea of using sock yarn, so much softer and not so heavy. Thank you Kay!

  • Beautiful blanket, beautiful story.

  • That is epic and amazing! I clearly need a Klatch so I can get in on such shenanigans!

  • Lovely friends! That blanket is beautiful. The 3-needle bind off really does a number on my wrists so I crochet my blocks/rows together. Knitters find a way!

  • Love this. My RI group of friends is The Claque. Only a cu couple of us knit but we are solidly knit together. Maybe it’s a Rhode Island thing.

  • this was one of the best posts ever on this site.. its nice to learn new things and other parts of life but to have this kind of knitting friendship is rare and to be treasured.. I hope the klatch understands that and wouldn’t it be great to have a knitting community klatch among friends!! loved this, thanks for sharing

    • Thank you, Debbie, for such kind words. I like being a Visiting Klatch member a lot.

  • That’s a great looking blanket and I do love the idea of the three needle bind off. Sounds speedy. But I am wondering about that little inch of yarn between the two needles. Does it disappear? Do you have to have it? Why not just snug up the two needles?

    • I’ve tried it to snug them as close as possible and this is the best I can manage. The good news is that the yarn gap/loop disappears by the time you get back to that end. Magic!

      • There is a photo on the MDK Instagram showing that the loop disappears. When you think about it, that’s the nature of knitting, to absorb and distribute slack among the stitches. Think of what happens if you have made a stitch in error and you drop it on the next row. At first there is an extra little “ladder” of yarn there that looks very gappy, and then it adjusts itself into the line of stitches. As if by magic!

        • Kay, you are a wonderful story teller. I was a bit confused about “not cutting the yarn” because I found myself thinking that picking up stitches was just sliding the needle into a stitch; BUT you are actually knitting the picked up stitch—is that right? Thank you! Michelle

  • I love this so much!

  • Oh, how wonderful!! Happy Birthday, Diana!

  • What a wonderful group of friends. What a wonderful, charming story.
    Happy birthday, Diana!

  • Lovely blanket, lovely friendship. Thanks for sharing this story (and keeping it a secret for 6 weeks!)

  • Kay and Klatch!

    Thanks so much for my cozy blanket and most of all for your friendship. And Kay — what can I say — you’re the bestest friend a gal could have. Can’t wait for March . . .

    Love, Diana

  • I wanna join the Klatch!

  • Happy birthday, Diana! This story has been the first thing that makes me want to try a log cabin blanket! And, I can’t wait wait to hear what will be cooked up for Kay’s Special Birthday

  • Beautiful blanket, wonderful friends.

  • Gorgeous!

  • What a beautiful, happy sight of a log-cabin blanket of love!

  • You have a generous heart to help with their project. Love your story. And thanks for the inspiration. I am 13 of 20 squares into a log cabin blanket, and in need of inspiration to keep going. Thank you for that!

  • A helluva story/blanket/group/inspiration! As a RIer I love Knit One Quilt Too and am desperately in need of a Klatch of some kind. (Aren’t we all?)

  • This is such a great story! And a wonderful gift. I’ve been blessed with a similar group of friends who all knit a bunch of squares for my hen night for my sister to sew together. I ended up doing that bit, but it was such a joy to see each of my friends’s personalities in their squares. It now sits in my son’s bedroom where we sometimes snuggle under it for stories……

    • “I ended up doing that bit.” Maybe for my birthday I will just ask for the squares!

      • Well, I didn’t want to say that it was one of the highlights of the wedding festivities but. Well. You know. Mattress stitch.

  • Great story. Well told.

  • I could not love this more. You re-enticed me with your talk (and book!) of log cabins into knitting a desperately-needed log cabin kitchen towel. As the towel came together so quickly and beautifully, I thought, “Now I remember how fun this is! I should probably knit a log cabin blanket.” And now, this wonderful post, with its easy-to-follow instructions! I love Diana’s blanket, and the audacity of its sock yarns, but I happen to have many skeins of handspun in worsted weight around. (Partner is a spinner.) That blanket would be heavier, but go faster for a single knitter than this sock yarn extravaganza. So…maybe a blanket for us for [insert Winter holiday of your choice]? Thank you!

  • Lovely storey

  • Such a happy joyful knitting/ birthday story!! And, I think I gotta start my own Klatch… 🙂

  • From the newbie Klatch knitter who contributed ghost-knit squares: It was such a joy (with the happy collaboration of friends and birthday surprise in store for dear Diana) – and I learned (through my one magical square!) to love knitting so much that I just can’t stop! Thank you, Kay and Diana, for inspiring the creation and the gift of the love of a beautiful craft. XXX

  • You are a genuinely good egg!
    Love the technique as well.

  • ❤️ I have no words.

  • Again with the making me cry!
    Everything about this story – Every,Single.Thing. – is just so joyous and wonderful and charming and adventurous and perfect. And at the end there is a handknit blanket filled with love.
    Gah! Blurred up again.

    • It is lovely–a treasure for generations!

  • What a lovely present for her from all of you!

  • 10:58 P.M. and I just finished reading this post! I started it this morning, fell back asleep, then had to get ready and run out to work (work sure cuts into your free time). Off and on throughout the day I tried to finish it, but the Universe kept interrupting me with different stuff. The upshot of all of this? I got to savor a wonderful, wonderful story about friendship, caring, knitting, team spirit and the suspence of a log cabin blanket (most beloved pattern) finished with hours to spare. Truly MDK, truly amazing!

    Thanks for such a fun ride!

    Happy Birthday Diana!

  • So many things to love about this (oh, the colors!), but as a beginning log cabin knitter (two blocks in), I’m thrilled to see that even the most “perfect” blocks aren’t actually perfect. I’ve been stressing about getting all my joins and edges to come out evenly, and (although my technique IS improving) this inspires me to just keep knitting, and to see that the results are wonderful even when they’re not “perfect.” Next up: stripes!

    • The healing power of garter stitch!

  • Di- you and your milestone birthday are famous! What a beautiful expression of love.

  • The colors remind of those candies you can get in a bag in the UK. Are they called liquorice all sorts?

    • Yes! We also think they are reminiscent of Lilly Pulitzer fabrics with the pink, green and white all over the place.

  • Truly lovely story.

  • I love this story! And I love the blanket – such great colors!

  • Wonderful blanket. Knitting friends are the best.
    When you picked up stitches for the bind off, do you pick up the bumps or the valleys?

    • I used to pick up in the valleys, but now I pick up in the bumps because it’s so much easier to pick up the correct number that way.

  • Such great stuff! What a tremendous hug that blanket is from your friends! Happy birthday Diana!

  • When you helped pick out the yarn for this, had you by any chance been to the gorgeous, hilarious Florine Stettheimer show at the Jewish Museum? I’d finally caught it on the last day, right before you posted the blanket, and all I could think of was: Florine would have loved these colors. She was certainly the Maira Kalman of her day.

  • Very sweet and instructional at the same time!

  • Happy birthday, Diana! Did you cry, just a little? What a great gift!

    And Kay, did you have any gauge issues? We did a baby blanket project. I learned that you can always block a square bigger, but if the sqare is too big…you can’t really make it smaller.

  • PS: They played into your hands, or you played into theirs? I think there’s some mutual playing going on!

  • What a wonderful gift! I love a story with a happy ending – and beginning, and middle…..

  • A lovely story about a wonderful group of girlfriends! Happy Birthday, Diana! And Congratulations, Klatch & Kay!

  • OH thank you for sharing this lovely story and making my dreary,rainy Saturday morning so sweet. Sending this on to a non knitting friend to spread the joy!

  • I learned by watching you tube videos. Change the play setting to a slower speed and it’s much easier to follow.