Virtual Shetland Wool Week

By Kay Gardiner
September 24, 2017

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  • The SWW Facebook page will be streaming the opening ceremony live at 7-9pm British Summer Time tonight. If you click on the first link in the post and then on the Facebook “f” at the left then it takes you through.

  • My husband has always referred to the show Shetland as “the one with the sweaters”, as in :”when is the one with the sweaters coming back?”. The Boosta Beanie will probably be his surprise Birthday hat this winter.

  • I love the series Shetland, but in my opinion, there isn’t enough good knitting after the first season!

  • Shetland is a great series. I think I’m actually caught up on it. I am woefully behind on Dr. Blake Mysteries and Orphan Black though. I will watch for sweaters in Season 4, and am going to check out the Bousta Beanie pattern.

  • I watched all of Shetland last month. What a great show and such a treat to see Kate’s designs in the first season! I think I better cast on a Bousta beanie this week to celebrate virtual SWW.

  • I’ve been watching Hinterland – the Welsh need to step up their knitting game.

  • ❤️

  • I love that Bousta beanie! It can be subtle or striking. Yum.

  • I dumped my TV after the election and haven’t missed it @ all. Netflix fills my needs and now I have another series to look forward to ! Many Thanks

  • I have started rationing my Shetland watching, but busting it on Anne Cleeves books. Can’t wait to knit the official hat for the fest. I especially like Shetland because it reminds me of the seaside in N.Cal. lots of thundering waves and fog and if you head toward Mendocino you just might be stopped by a herd of sheep crossing the road. From my residence in S.fl. I got nothing like it. Going to turn down my a.c. put on my Aran sweater bought from the isle and knit.

  • Does anyone know why Shetland knitting evolved as the stranded colors but in the Aran Islands knitting evolved as cables? Why were the knitting styles so different?

    • My understanding is that Aran Islands knitting was developed for the tourist trade, and inspired by Austrian/Tyrolian style knitting. All the stuff about family patterns to identify fishermen’s bodies was just to add to the allure.

  • I’m here and it is AMAZING! I’ve never seen so many shops selling wool in one place before. The classes and events are wonderful, and the scenery beyond compare. It’s well worth the trip to get here.

  • Pro Tip: If you want to follow the story and not get hopelessly lost in the atmosphere, turn your closed-captioning on – the accents are thick and unfamiliar. (But delicious nevertheless!)

  • SWW is on my bucket list.

  • I read all the Shetland books and loved every one of them!!! I wish could get the series in the US. Of course I read and watched all the Outlander books and series.