How to Log Cabin: Things Get Interesting

By Kay Gardiner
September 8, 2017
Once you know how to log cabin, you want to log cabin everything in sight. We've got the goods.

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  • Nice to have Olive to picture the scale!

  • “All the Alpacaz Is belong to Me.” – Thanks for the morning chuckle!

  • This is so very inspiring – and we are the boss of our knitting. Good Morning Olive!

  • Gorgeous!

  • Beautiful colors, beautiful pattern, stunning dog, and clever quote! You rock!
    (My first color project was duplicate-stitching “all your base are belong to us” on a scarf. I like Olive’s version better.)

  • Yay! Olive looks good on those nine-patch squares. The other half of those squares should be arriving any day now along with plenty of Ultra Alpaca leftovers for finishing. You’ll have more than enough yarn to knit a mini version for Olive! Can’t wait to see it finished.

  • So beautiful. Oh, and the blanket is pretty, too. Looking forward to playing with those mitered corners. The Field Guide is living in my knitting bag as I take peeks at it, trying to wait until I finish my current deadline project.

    Oh! And your expanded log cabin instructions tell me I’m doing it wrong! I’ve been picking up between the garter bumps, not in the garter bumps. For years. But I’m not unhappy with how it looks, and they’re consistent.

    Knit on!

    • Having tried both, I prefer the space between the bumps as well, plus its easier to get there. As Kay says. You are the commander of your own project

  • Loved your post. I’m not knitting right now–too busy making things out of the old family quilts, laces etc. The last thing was a felted draw-string handbag from great grands sweater. The next will be a felted GGdads Bulky yarn sweater pillow. The fact that so much of your teachings are in wool your people could have a family heirloom by doing the same—’cause moth holes don’t matter when you felt. Keep up the good work.

  • MDK Log Cabins and Olive the terrier. What more could anyone want?

  • You’ve inspired me to log cabin…and actually break down and buy the Field Guide #4 !! Love Olive, she really made it all so much the cuter.

  • I wonder what it would look like if a person knitted a doll-house-scale log cabin in sock yarn on tiny needles.

    • It would be amazing! (I think about stuff like that, too.) 😉

  • I have decided to knit my name as a series of log cabin dishcloths. (You’ve given me the U and the L, and I reckon I can work out the J, I, and E. Such nice angular letters!)

    “Once you know how to log cabin, you want to log cabin everything in sight.” No kidding! 🙂

  • I used three needle bind-off on my Log Cabin blanket, it’s very sturdy!