Sommerfeld Shawl: Casting On

By Ann Shayne
August 29, 2017

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  • Be Still My Heart…. mohair silk yarn in those colours!

  • Those colors are so lovely…like the ocean on a tender summer day.

  • This is so gorgeous!!! I absolutely love it! Those colors…remind me of Lake Superior on a bright sunny day!

  • I like the idea of this. The yarn is lovely. But I would really love to see a picture of the entire shawl stretched out or draped across shoulders or a bed. I feel like I’m only getting half the story. My visualization skills are not that great so this is a bit of a mystery KAL.

  • This shawl is just absolutely utterly gorgeous! And – a reminder of my greatest textile tragedy (ok, tragedy *may* be a little strong – but hear me out and then decide): I can’t wear (or knit with) mohair as it makes me incredibly itchy, and I LOVE THE LOOK OF IT SO MUCH. 🙁 🙁 🙁 Here’s hoping many will make this gorgeous shawl and post their lovely pictures, I still love to look at it!

    • Wanda, we understand about the tragedy of mohair itchiness. It’s just a fact of life, like some people despising cilantro. We get it. The good news (and please keep this to yourself) is that we have another yarn for this project in the works, one that will make all your non-mohair dreams come true. Stay tuned–I think you will love it.

      • Uh oh!

      • Oh, this is very exciting!! Seriously, you are making my day. Well, I’m slogging through a difficult workday, so granted – it doesn’t take much right now to make my day. But still – you can take total credit for doing so, if you provide me with a pretty alternative!! 🙂

    • I totally agree about the mohair. I think I want mine in handspun Cormo or, at minimum, Merino. I can stash bust – just need the pattern!

  • So Loft looks like Kidsilk Haze with the color genius of Karida Collins – oh yes please.

    • You nailed it Mary Lou!

  • So beautiful!

  • This is lovely , such pretty colours

  • That first tip is a keeper! I wonder if someone would be willing to knit the first half of socks, so I could START at the heel! LOL!

  • Glorious. I spent yesterday in La Jolla and those are the colors of the ocean at the cove mid-day. Breathtaking.

  • Ha! Great tip 😉 But I would prefer if someone could knit the /second/ half of my projects – casting on is my favorite part!