Slow Cooker Odyssey: Roundup!

By Ann Shayne
August 16, 2017

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  • You haven’t owned flour since 1997?? But how do you create that white sauce that we learned to make in junior high school home ec class? You know, that sauce that was the basic for all those meals we were going to serve our future families in our suburban homes with 2.5 kids and 1 dog?

  • That picture!!!

  • I recently bought some bison on sale (<— words you never expected to write) and put it in the freezer for an eventual oven casserole. But I haven't been cooking lately, because just barely below my conscious-thought level I'm expecting the world to combust at any moment and it would be irresponsible to Run Away Quick while leaving the oven on. This reminder of crockpotting is just what I needed – thanks!

  • So good! One for every night of the week. I know which one I’ll want on Mondays…

  • If you need flour, I’ve got at least six kinds in my pantry: unbleached, whole wheat, rye, almond, barley, and whole grain pastry. Just let me know what you need.

  • Say more about not owning flour since 1997. Real or poetic license? Gluten free?