Reluctant Dog Sweater Models of New York

By Kay Gardiner
August 10, 2017

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  • I’m at work on a cowl, though not of leftovers. It’s the main event.

    The top picture of Olive says so much: “She cornered me, shoved this collar of pointy things over my head, and didn’t even bother to comb my ear hairs into submission, but I look at her and sigh and know she loves me.”

    • You nailed it from Olive’s point of view!

  • And Kay, have a wonderful trip… hopefully with no more major knitting frustrations!

  • That photo of Olive is fantastic. I still have plans to bang out a dog sweater with my stopover leftovers. Thanks for reminding me!

  • OMG. Olive has been practicing her model looks

  • Oh, the look of reproach on Olive’s face in that last picture… priceless.

  • Olive’s expression is priceless. Maybe the pattern is too much of a PITA? Write you own. In the interest of anxiety reduction, the precious left overs are not going anywhere, and it won’t be cold enough for Olive to wear a sweater for some months to come.
    And yes, poor Madeline, going around naked like that. These pictures made me laugh out loud, thanks for a fun morning moment – I have just adopted a new dog who is having a terrible time adjusting, poor soul.

  • My dog, who resembles Olive in temperament, has a few hand knit, from leftovers, sweaters. I would love to know how the armhole was made, it looks so neat. Any ideas?

  • Oh, Olive! Your sweet face is just what I needed to see this morning. <3
    Kay, have a fantastic time.
    Daisy now needs a sweater too….

    • I believe Daisy would agree with you there, Nell!

  • Olive is such a cutie!

  • Oh my! The look on Olive’s face rivals that of any teenager-face I’ve ever seen!

  • Olive, you will be very glad of this sweater in just a few months. Kay, I love the look on her face! Happy Knitting.

  • There should be more pictures of dear Olive on the blog—she is always like sunshine on a cloudy day.

  • As a denizen of Northern California, I am delighted to know you are floating around somewhere in my (very general) vicinity, and I hope you have a fabulous time, “Soaking up the sun while shivering from the cold” — pretty much! (at least, averaged over a given 24h period) The land where no matter how sunny and hot it is at 2pm, it’s always wise to have a sweater with you. 😉

  • You better let me know if you are in our neck of the woods. 😉 In any case, hope it’s a great vacay.


  • “Slays” is the right word. And I don’t even have a dog.

  • Oh, dear. Olive does not look too happy. In the second photo, she looks as if she’s thinking: “I knew I should have taken that modeling job with Dior…or maybe that one working for Italian Vogue…”!

  • Is Olive showing her teeth? Adventures in knitting!

  • I didn’t realize that in addition to the odd colors, the odd colored parts are also of different lengths.

  • Either mitts or coffee cup cozies for the dogless I think.

  • Love this , no yarn leftover , very stash friendly , Olive looks like it’s not the first time she had had to endure knitting modelling

  • Olive’s expressions cracked me up. She is clearly Not Pleased.

  • Those photos are very amazing

  • Dear Olive! I have to wipe my computer screen down before the coffee I spat onto it drips into my keyboard.

  • This post was great! It had everything: the Agony of so.many.lost.stitches. and the Ecstasy of the Mother and Dog easel sweaters. Finally, Olive’s expression in the last photo made me laugh out loud. “Reluctant” doesn’t even begin to describe it. And yes, this part of the left coast remains blessedly cool. Bring a sweater…or two! (It is currently foggy and 56 degrees in Newport, Oregon.)

  • What kind of dog is Olive? She looks a lot like my granddogger Rosie.

  • Poor Olive. You’d think she was wearing the cone of shame from the look on her face.

  • Olive does not look pleased.

  • Brilliant!
    Olive is such a cutie, too. Such whimsy!

    Have fun in California. Hope you get a chance to visit AVFKW. If so, let us know what it’s like.

  • Daisy is a huge fan of this post! Olive will look so stylish!

  • Olive: Best. Side-eye. Ever.

  • Olive is Rowan-ready in that top photograph!
    I’m catching up on blog-reading and am a few days behind – plus if you’re on the west coast you have 3 extra hours – so by now maybe Olive has TWO new sweaters, one with sleeves, and one with detachable hood? Lucky Olive 🙂 And Madeline!! Oh my gosh, the cute.

  • Catching up — all I can say is poor Olive! (But I’m sure the finished product will be her favorite!)