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  • Making pom poms can be seriously addicting! I bought a Loome tool after reading Melanie Falick’s piece earlier this summer. Starting small – a gift decoration here, a hair ornament for my granddaughter there, a pom pom that looks like a bloodshot eyeball for my grandson – but I can totally see making pom pom jewelry and clothes!

    • If you are up to “bloodshot eyeball” level of pom poms, I’d say you are getting somewhere! I once saw a Japanese craft book filled with incredible shaped and illustrative pom poms like that, with very detailed instructions.

      • Lovely Belinda gave me the most incredible Japanese pompon craft book. I’ve made a few ladybirds and the like. I must get the book out again. It’s the perfect school holiday activity!

  • Which one of the Loomes in your shop would you recommend? I love pom poms too, but would also love to weave some bracelets.

    • I like the robot, which is the one I have, but I think for weavings the larger one might be best, and the pom poms are a bit bigger also.

      • Thanks for the advice! You guys are the best enablers!

  • (Runs to the online shop, orders a Pom Pom maker. Envisions becoming an artiste of epic tassel and Pom Pom creations.)

    • So far the pom pom urge has only hit me in fits and starts, so I’ve just made a few, but I now have a stash of yarn remnants in a box labeled “pom poms” so I think it might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I think what would really seal it for me is finding the application for pom poms that speaks to me. I’ve started having fantasies of a birthday dinner decorated with hanging pom poms, like if someone was going to have a milestone birthday in 2018….

      • Do it.

  • That shrug is awesome. Who knew pom-poms could be so beautiful.

  • Wow, and here I thought that I was hardcore, having purchased a Clover pom pom maker, (Size large). This was only after realizing that I rarely have enough sturdy enough card stock and sharp enough scissors on hand to make them as needed! Anyway, I see now that I am the rankest amateur, as in addition, after looking at Lizzy’s site, I thought, “Wow. She’s a pompomologist!” I reveled in the cleverness of that for about 2 seconds, and then I saw this: “Eunita Laffimore has a Pinterest board called ‘PomPomology:The Study of PomPom Culture.'” I’m definitely out of my league!

  • Thanks for finding a pompom shop! My sister will now be receiving a pair of Lizzie’s orange pompom earrings for her birthday.

  • I am not much of a gadget girl, but I love my clover pom pom makers. This is intriguing. Plus flat for easy carrying. I may succumb.