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  • I must be “City Folk” because I love Salty!

  • I loooooove the Spicy set. Flamboyant city girl?

  • More pattern suggestions, please!

  • I would have a hard time choosing between Salty and Spicy, but Sweet gave me a happy flashback to the Salt Water Taffy shop at the beach 🙂

  • Oh my…I want them ALL!!!! They are so beautiful! Thank you!

  • Yummy! When you cite a set for miters, would the ratio of Hudson to background color be 1:2? I think the cotton blanket I completed in 2006 used close to 2000 yards… Of course the most fun would be to use all three sets! XXO

  • Spicy!

  • Dang. I love all three!

  • Love them all!!