Color: A Cheerful Guide for Knitters, Part IV

July 7, 2017

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  • Purple and yellow always makes me happy.

  • Interesting. The mitts are pretty.

  • Okay, now I want to know why yarn lines commonly skip orange. Is it just unpopular, or is it Science?

    Personally I find “pure” orange unpleasant unless it is either paired with black or sandwiched between its red-and-yellow primaries. The hues can be lovely though.

    • Such a good question—I love orange hues, too. We have a pumpkin color yarn coming in soon that really is delicious.

    • I agree – I often want to use a tint or shade based on a pretty straightforward orange hue for colorwork but it’s frustrating to find it in the weight and fiber I’m looking for. I guess whoever makes these choices at the yarn companies must have in mind whether customers would want to make a whole sweater or shawl out of their colors and wouldn’t want plain old orange (or yellow, which I’ve also had trouble finding in a straightforward hue).

    • A lot of people find pure orange unpleasant–it’s a slow seller, which is why many yarn lines don’t have a true orange. If people buy orange, they tend to buy only one skein rather than a sweater’s worth (even I have only two sweaters in which pure orange is the main color, and I’m an advocate for orange)!

      • I knit myself a sweater in a saturated orange shade last year (Spud and Chloe Sweater ‘Firecracker’), and I get all kinds of comments on the colour when I’m out and about. Seems like it’s a colour that really polarises people.

  • My favorite colors are in the red to red-orange range: pinks and corals. It wasn’t until I really looked into color theory that I realized why I like aqua and turquoise so much – they’re complements of red to red-orange. And then I also understood why I like turquoise and brown together- brown is in the red-orange range.

    • Hey, me too. Thanks!

  • I love this series by Ann. Science is so fascinating when applied to (my) life. And also when it’s not. 😉

  • Fascinating. I always say, “I love red and green together, and not just at Christmas!” I’m odd, so I wonder if it pleases me because of the “scientific” lack of true contrast. I also love most colors, and complementary color combinations in general, so the “picking out colors” portion of a knitting product is something that I greatly enjoy.

    • It cheers me to hear that knitters appreciate red and green together. Although red and green do not have the light/dark contrast that purple and yellow and blue and orange have, their complimentary contrast still draws the eye. And I think a lot of people LIKE red and green together but just can’t get past the Christmas association!

  • Please re-subscribe me to daily briefings. My finger twitched, and that quickly, I became unsubscribed. Sad face.

  • I love complementary colors. Ann Weaver’s guides always leave me wanting to play with combinations. Just realized I am sitting on my back porch with 3 red vintage leather chairs and lots of red accessories. On three sides I m surrounded by windows with green grass, wild currant bushes, pines, spruce, and maples. It will not feel like Christmas til winter when snow comes.

  • I REALLY want to know something about that mural!

    • I saw the artists creating the mural, but instead of stopping and asking them about it, I just yelled out, “Awesome work!” and kept walking. I am an idiot.

  • Nice explanation!

  • Now I’m thinking maybe this partially explains the popularity of Christmas. Red and green just feel good. (At least to me!)