A Summery Knitalong: Granito!

By Ann Shayne
June 19, 2017

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  • I’M SO IN. I’ve had my first skein wound for 2 weeks; just waiting for a magic moment of fortitude to do the bit at the top where you get the neck all organized. After that, Granito is going to be my knitting-bag drag-along pal all summer. Please save me a few yards of your Potosi so that I can have contrasting pocket liners for my dark gray (Manchester) Granito.

  • How did I never notice the yarn ideas tab? That is fabulous!

  • I love this sweater and would love to join. Is there a rule about not starting a second KAL before you’ve finished the first? I would think those sorts of rules don’t apply in M-D Land.

    • You get us, Amy. My only rule is just keep knitting.

  • I love this sweater so much. And it would be great for anyone doing #summerofbasics, too, btw!

    • Oh, brilliant, Karen. Totally making this my #summerofbasics effort.

  • I like the sweater but was wondering what is our feeling on this sweater for, umm, busty women? I’m worried that with 6-8″ of positive ease it might look a little too tent-like on me.

    • It’s a good question, MJ. I’m no stylist, so I’m not sure how this shape would work. Anybody out there have a thought about this?

      • I think the key would be to make sure that it fits perfectly in the vertical proportions, sleeve circumference and shoulders (though I see it’s drop sleeve, there’s “tailored” drop sleeve and then there’s huge…) As a short, small person with a proportionately large, projected bust (I wear a US 6/small with a bust of 32 FF/G – or 31 inch underbust and 39″ full bust), I can make most any sweater “fit well” by ensuring that my gauge is spot on (post blocking, of course) and I don’t believe in 6 inches of ease under any circumstances. 2-3 inches will suffice – generally, I go with no ease, even in a sweater of this shape, because fit in the bust will undercut the tentness of the rest of the shape. I often re-work the pattern stitch counts to meet my needs. Alas, sweater knitting with my shape – narrow but busty – takes a lot of math. But it’s worth it in the end.

        Another way you could go about it is to knit the sweater a couple of sizes smaller than your full bust size – but that’s a dangerous game unless you’re really familiar with fitting and knitting. I can do this because I’m pretty small everywhere other than the bust. I don’t know that this would work on a broader frame.

        • Thanks, K-Line for your advice. I will ponder it some more. I think I need a large in the bust but a medium everywhere else. Math. Well, math and I are not the best friends. More like frenemies.

        • Thanks K Line excellent summary for the larger busted and there is possible for a few short rows st the full bust section

    • Sometimes I look through projects on ravelry to see if anyone with my body shape has made the garment, or to read through the modifications people have made to a particular pattern. There are 307 Granitos listed…maybe you can find something helpful. Can I leave a link here? I will try:
      Good luck!

      • Thanks, Quinn. I’m off to look through all the projects and see what it looks like on people.

      • I do this too – it’s quite useful! On balance, MJ, if you don’t love math, this may not be the sweater to invest a lot of stockinette time in. It’s a lovely garment but I don’t think it’s a slam dunk for those of us with boobs. FYI – Jane suggests short rows (which are a great idea – if yet another fussy thing to mathematically sort out). I find, given that I am small everywhere but in my boobs, that short rows are rarely necessary. I just add an inch or 2 of length in the bust area (and I generally remove an inch or 2 below the bust and above the hip, given my torso length). Because I’m short waisted, it all ends up working out. But again, my shape facilitates this. I don’t think it would work as well on a broad frame with a long waist.

  • Ok, I’m in too! I have yarn at home already. I had been thinking about knitting Boxy, but wasn’t 100% sold on it. Granito looks like a great alternative! Slouchy, but not as oversized!

    • Kay is all about the Boxy, too, and thinks this is a good cousin to that pattern.

      • That sounds perfect then!

  • I’m in, too. But! I am a 34 B bust, I’m small ( took me almost 70 years to realize that), so do I do small or medium? I am making it a little longer .

  • I can’t wait to start this one! I’m in too…looks like a lot of fun to knit and great when you need just a relaxing knit to turn to when you have some challenging ones also going on.

  • Hi. I’m new to knit alongs and am looking forward to making this sweater. I have an allergy to wool (all animal fibres) and I’m having difficulty finding a non-wool yarn to use. I have checked the yarn idea tab on Ravelry but all the yarns seem to have some wool in them. Does anyone have a suggestion of a yarn to use?

    • Caroll,

      If you can’t use any animal fibers at all, you’re probably already familiar with some of the options available. You might look at Quince & Co’s Willet (cotton) or one of their linen yarns. Others that come to mind are Elsabeth Lavold’s Hempathy and Knitpicks Lindy Chain. I think you’re going to want a yarn with some drape, which suggests linen or silk content.

      Another option might be a cotton / acrylic. I’m currently finishing a sweater out of Debbie Bliss “Juliet” which is a sportweight cotton / acrylic blend that has a tweedy appearance. After careful steam blocking to “kill” the acrylic, the sweater has a really nice drape. Unfortunately, the yarn is discontinued but there are similar ones out there. Jean

  • Yarn arrived today – Milo in colorway Potosi (nice color choice, Ann). Softer than I thought it would be considering the linen content. I am going to swatch tomorrow AFTER I finish the last half of the second sleeve on my Fine Sand…which I am knitting furiously on to finish so I can start Granito for car knitting on an upcoming road trip.

  • Hope all you experienced knitters can help! I have just started this and am a little confused. Once the first lot of “short rows” (four, I think; sorry, don’t have the pattern with me), do you just do plain stockinette from side to side until the garment measures 19cm or 6″. Your advice would be appreciated. Thanks