Song Exploder

By Ann Shayne
May 20, 2017

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  • You never disappoint. You constantly givie me entertainment and information that sucks me in! Please note Ann that my man, Andrew Bird, is on Episode 77. My 15 year old and I saw him at Carnegie Hall where he performed with Chris Thiele last December, coming home at 2 am on a school night. Good or bad parenting, you decide. (Her 16th birthday is this week and her sister kept her out late to see May Day Parade and Good Charlotte, nothing like Andrew Bird, but apparently Amazing according to them). I’ll be sharing this podcast series with them!

    • EXCELLENT parenting! Off to listen to Andrew Bird. And May Day Parade. And Good Charlotte. So many musicsssss!

  • I’ve heard of at least a half-dozen of these acts, and I now know how I’m going to be spending my weekend! If only he had Adele on there…

    BTW, I didn’t know Kermit is a musician. What does he play? Glockenspiel?

    • Kermit is more of a producer than musician, honestly. If he had thumbs he’d play mandolin, I’m pretty sure.

  • It blows 21 mph? That sounds a little kinky.

  • So many musics is right, but sadly I was not very familiar with Chris Cornell. We’ve been listening on our trips to school in the morning. I know Marissa will love this podcast series, it’s right up her alley.