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  • India! Always in my heart and soul. Believe me when I say India belongs on everyone’s bucket list. I’m looking forward to the book.

    • I agree! Even my one visit stays with me every day.

  • There is nothing like India. When I made my first trip there 30 years ago, I was almost reluctant. It had not been on the top of my list of destinations. But India, as many well know, takes hold of your heart and senses like no place I have been since. (except maybe Tibet ;-)) I love it, and it’s people. I can close my eyes and the images, colors, tastes, smells, and beautiful smiles, are all there….tempting me back.

    • I would love to return!

  • Oh wow.

  • Our family recently returned from living in Mumbai for a year, and one of the highlights of our time there for me was a couple days we spent in Jaipur, especially the Amber Fort. The stone and mosaic work was so incredibly beautiful! Indian textiles, long-haul trucks and autorickshaws are vibrantly and extravagantly decorated – the U.S. is so boring visually in comparison.

    • Heidi, I have a artist friend who works on canvas, mixed media. She is in love with color also, and wears it beautifully. I on the other hand wear none, the interior of my home looks like a black and white television. I can only ask myself why?

  • These colors are thrilling! I can’t wait to see how you use them in the Field Guides.

  • Thank you, Melanie! Sometimes you gaze at photos and they transport you… also, make you want to pack your suitcase. Lovely, luminous, every-day beauty.

    • So glad you have enjoyed them. Looking at them makes me want to pack my bags too.

  • Photos of inspirational India were super. National geo has nothing on them. Thanks for sharing.