Katie Couric and Sheryl Sandberg

By Kay Gardiner
May 13, 2017

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  • It’s 5:55am. I’m up way to early but you ladies beat me everyday. First because you manage to publish something interesting EVERYDAY but have it up and ready before the crack of dawn. AMAZING WOMEN! Now get some sleep
    Thank you too. Cathy aka Paula’s friend

  • Dear Kay, I am so sorry.

  • Thanks for both podcast suggestions. I like my podcast listening to reflect life: the bitter and the sweet. You make my knitting time so much more interesting.

  • Hi Kay — not so sure how I feel about it either – and just wanted to say hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day. Given the rain here in the ‘tri state area” it is a good day to sit and watch some good British tv and knit …

  • It’s such a huge, terrible topic, but I get you wanting to hear how others have coped. Many of us will be where you are, where they are, but in our own individual way. It’s good to hear others reframe our own experiences when we’re ready. I cannot imagine the upheaval. Thanks for the recommendation. I am also an Ina (and Jeffrey) fan:).

  • Not everything can be put in a neat little box.